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July 15, 2016

It's a go!!!


It is a done deal.....I will be able to take the honors class this fall.  As with everything that is fine and good, some sacrifices will be made, but I have no doubt this is the right thing for me.  My co-worker will work my Mondays and I will work her Fridays, so the only day of the week I will be gone for a bit is Wed.  Truthfully it was a bit odd to have four other people to intimately involved in something so important to me, but I think the glass is half full....

I have been thinking of my paper all week, while reading The Black Death and the Transformation of the West by David Hearlihy...which I finished this morning.  It's not a large book, but really packed with a lot of information and statistics.  It's rather old (1997) but obviously good or the powers that be wouldn't have put it in the recommended list, I suppose.  So I sat down at the computer an hour ago intending to start it, but instead started reading blogs to catch up, and obviously this isn't part of the paper, which is to write on how the AIDS epidemic has effected Africa.  Mr. Herlihy mentined AIDS a number of times in the book, comparing the societal, economic and culture issues compare.  Fun, fun.

I have to say, I was really shocked hearing about the suicide truck driver in France.  I continue to be baffled as to why someone would be willing to die killing others that don't believe the way they do.  And since I've been reading about Malthusian theory, but I don't think that terrorist bombings, shootings or using a truck to kill people counts.  If you are curious go here for a definition - explanation of what the Malthusian theory is.  Oh, and by the way, it's rather scary.

Well, I really am get started on my paper, so I ought to get going.  Enjoy your weekend!
Love, 365


  1. It's good that you're able to take the class. Nice to work with people who actually care. :)

    I don't understand a great deal of the weird and horrible things that people do to each other out of craziness/religion... which are really the same thing in my book.

    I have decided that taking care of my family and doing the best I can to help other people and let them know I care is all I can do.
    I can't affect the outcome of elections, not when a person can cheat their way into the election in the first place, not when five minutes after the polls close they're announcing national results... no point anymore in voting. Except against tax measures.

    1. Yes, this workplace (although not perfect) is a huge improvement over my last one. I'm still enjoying the fact that there's no one waiting to stab you in the back the minute you let your guard down.
      **I agree re: taking care of family/friends & the opportunities to help others when I can. I broke my rule about giving $ to someone asking me....I don't know. I only gave him 4 bucks, and declined keeping the roses he was "selling". I think I look like a sucker...that's all I can figure.
      I don't even want to think about elections. Already noted that I shall find something else to do on Monday when the convention will be all over the TV.


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