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September 11, 2016

Another chapter down.....

The subject of the most recent chapter on the Italian Renaissance was not very eye opening.  As usual, women were used and abused.  Even among the wealthy, you were expected to produce children, and since there wasn't any type of birth control, they continued to do so until they died in childbirth, or weren't able to produce children any more.  If a woman survived all of her pregnancies and childbirth's, she might see two or three children survive, as the mortality rate was 25 to 50%.    Or, perhaps none of the children survived.  It was pretty rough.

You give your husband a dowry, which he is allowed to "manage" ~ and I would think that often this means he pisses it away, and then if he dies, you're on your own.

I wouldn't want to have been alive during the Renaissance, unless I could have been a man.  Typical.

The movie was great ~ but there were moments when the camera would spin around, and I had to look away.  It reminded me of being on a roller coaster.....which makes me sick.  Otherwise, it was really nice to get out!  I don't even remember the last movie we went to see, and in fact we discussed it and neither of us could recall.  I think we need to get out more.   Once I'm done with the Renaissance, I should have a bit more free time.  I just need to keep hurrying along.  Still no freakin' grade on my mid-term, although I didn't really expect to see it show up on Sat or Sun.  That's just stupid.

We've been on the receiving end of rain, that elusive weather phenomena that makes living in the high desert so wonderful.  I've never lived anywhere that smells so wonderful after a rain.  It should be really nice tomorrow morning.

Well, gotta go read some of the book for the honors class.  I'm actually looking forward to it, as it's about the life of Darwin.

Love, 365


  1. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have wanted to live at any time in history where people didn't bathe regularly. As in every day.

    We don't go to theaters, it's too frustrating to deal with the complete lack of consideration/manners. Cell phones, candy wrappers, conversations, texting, people climbing over you two or three times to go to the bathroom... oh and the horrendous prices on a drink and some popcorn.

    Netflix. DVDs and streaming... and we can sit there in our underwear and no one annoys us. And we can pause the movie or rewind if we are interrupted.

    I'm a curmudgeon.

    1. Well, although there weren't many people in the theater, I must admit that listening to people eat popcorn with their mouths open, and the constant crinkling of paper/plastic was pretty damn annoying. However, the sound was sooooo loud that after the movie started, I didn't notice. :-) We always take our own snacks. Movie popcorn is extremely salty ~~ to make you thirsty, right? So that you need that huge soda, then you've gotta go, and oh! excuse me as they step on your feet on the way out.
      Admittedly there's lots to not like at the theater, but there are some movies that simply must be seen on the big screen. Which is why we went at 1:30 on a Saturday just before the movie left the big screen for a DVD.


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