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January 7, 2017

Ain't it fun?

Icy roads made for a nasty commute on Friday morning....

At least I made it to work safely, these folks weren't so lucky.

Thursday night, we had sleet first, then snow...which was better for ice skating than driving.  Why do people who have 4 wheel drives think that they're ok to drive fast?  4 wheel drive isn't much help with ice.  

Friday morning I was watching the report of how bad the roads are......and waiting for my boss to text me that we can come in later (like 9 or 10).  I continued to get ready for work, but kept watching my phone for the word to come down....but it never did.  I was, truthfully, a little bit surprised.  We have a "snow day/bad day for traffic" policy in our manual.  So, I figured we would receive word.  
The news reporters kept repeating "don't go out if you don't have to".  And truthfully, we only had one patient at 7am, which we certainly could have called and had him come in later on.  And my bosses are really pretty good guys.  Very considerate.  So why?  I guess I'll never know, but I white knuckled my steering wheel the entire drive that morning.  The good part: it was really early (6:20am), so there weren't many people on the road....but omg was it slippery.  The bad part: the aforementioned idiots who think that having 4 wheel drive means they can drive faster than the rest of us that just want to get where we're going in one piece, which means 20-25 mph.  And white knuckles on the steering wheel.  I barely got through my first traffic light...when I gingerly touched my gas pedal, I started sliding sideways.  Stopped & tried again with the same result.  Finally got it going, but is likely the reason I had such a death grip on the wheel....which I know doesn't DO anything, but I couldn't help it.  Neither could I help my irritation that I put myself at risk for one stupid patient.  So, wasn't very cheerful when I arrived.

As is usually the case in Albuquerque, by the time I left work at 3pm, the roads were fine ~ dry, with a few patches of ice here and there.  And at least the boss bought our lunch today.  

Be safe out there!
Love, 365


  1. I remember a lot of driving like that in my native North Dakota. That's why I now live in Arizona!

    1. Well, thankfully we don't have very many days like that here in Albuquerque. And having moved here from San Antonio, I really enjoy having four seasons. Don't blame you for moving someplace warm though!


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