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January 8, 2017

Are you happy with our healthcare system?

How I feel when looking at insurance options.....

I for one will be keeping a close eye on healthcare options in the coming year.  I don't think that P.E. Trump will be able to make any appreciable changes right away.  But, out of curiosity, I checked to see what I could get.  Pictured below are my LEAST expensive options.  

Notice the deductible?
And the very top one is Medicaid.  Yep.  Good luck finding a Dr who is accepting new patients.

So, this is what it would cost me to get insurance.  Admittedly it would be cheaper if I were in my 30's.  And people wonder why I chose to go without before Romeo found work?  We were barely getting by.  We'd have to cut out food and gas $$ to afford for me to have insurance ~ with a $7,000 deductible.  The Presbyterian plan is an HMO..again, good luck with finding a Dr who is accepting new patients.  Especially in New Mexico, where primary care physicians leave more often than not.  Before Romeo was laid off from a job he had for 12 years, we had Presbyterian, and now through the school system we have it again.  During that time we have had 4 primary care physicians with Presbyterian leave the system.  

I have been "catching" up with Dr appointments, like ye ol' pap smear, oncology, bone scan, mammogram, etc. since we've been insured.  Since I don't know if Romeo will be able to find a position teaching for the fall before this school year ends, I need to keep it going and schedule the rest of my preventive care appointments done before the end of May.  I suppose that older American's are expected to just simply pay through the nose because we are more likely to need care.  And I've had breast cancer in the past, so I suppose they consider me at a higher risk, although I don't know if it would be much cheaper if I'd never had it.  

We will be paying a penalty for my lack of insurance.  I don't really know how much it will be, but I've heard that the penalty is $695 for a year....Perhaps it will be less for us since I did finally have coverage by Sept. 1.  Still, if you calculate it, it'll be nearly $500 for the penalty if they figure it monthly.  

All I hear on talk radio is how many people will lose their insurance if Obamacare is dismantled.  I don't want that to happen....but something needs to change.  

Love, 365


  1. Oh boy could I leave you a message of info but I won't.
    I have the affordable care act and while I pay about what you are showing above, I would be paying double otherwise and my husband wouldn't be able to get insurance due to doctor mistake on his record that was FALSE and it won't be taken off so insurers call it a preexisting condition -FOR A CONDITION OF WHICH HE HAS NEVER EVER HAD!! We are the only country in the civilized world that does not take care of their people. Makes me

  2. Omg - he can't get the error off of his records? I'm afraid I would camp out at that guys office until it was corrected.
    I'm sorry you have to pay so much for so little coverage. In my opinion 7,000 is a bit much for a deductible.

  3. I can only offer this: 59 million US voters voted to repeal your health care. 2.6 million more voted to let you keep your insurance. That's the way it works out.
    The republicans will cancel the ACA, then, some time later, offer an option, that you will pay more for, and get less.
    59 million Americans voted for this to happen. Here you have it, folks, I think it'll be something different than you imagined.

    1. Who ever said that the majority of American's vote intelligently? I have no real clue how to solve the health care dilemma, but I don't feel badly about it, since no one else does either. I prefer to focus my energies on the positive, and let the chips fall where they may.


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