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January 16, 2017

Waiting for the repair guy.......oh, here he is!

A reasonable faxsimile of my treadmill.....

It cost about what I I'm satisfied.  BUT ~ when he came in and started it
I did try it again, the day after I tried it the first time and it didn't go.  I tested the little magnet thingy that you're supposed to clip to your shirt, so that if you fall off....(go here for a laugh) stops the machine.  Well, I tried any number of things  ~ like hitting the stop button, etc. ~ but I couldn't get it to go.  Ah well, perhaps the universe is trying to tell me that, yes, it needs maintenance.  I've probably had it for 5 years, and it's supposed to have said maintenance once a year.  So....I slacked a bit.  Ha ha........

Tomorrow, class starts, and I suppose I'm ready although I don't have my notebook put together yet.  I suppose I'll do that today, and check that I have enough ink in my printer as I'll probably have to print a bunch of stuff.  There's always a feeling of hope when a new semester starts that your classes will be interesting and engaging instead of just a list of shit you have to read and be tested on.....

Well, hope you all have a lovely day!  I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy.
Love, 365

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  1. Thanks for those 10 treadmill fails. Now I know why I avoid them like the plague! :D


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