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January 14, 2017

Unhealthy obsessions......

Over the holidays Roku offered 3 month trial periods for several different Roku apps ~ like Showtime, etc.   We've had HBO (while watching the current season of Game of Thrones), but it becomes quickly apparent that other than their original programing, the movies available are the same as everywhere....we already have Amazon prime, so after Game of Thrones was over, we cancelled the subscription until the new season comes around...
Anyway, I chose Showtime since I haven't had access to their programs for a long time.  And I came across this:

I watched a couple of episodes....repulsed and entranced, I kept watching.  Dexter is the weirdest antihero ever, as a serial killer of serial killers ~ he takes care of the bad guys.  The show is long over ~ I believe the last episode was Sept. 2013.  Apparently the show was nominated for Emmy, Golden Globe, Saturn, Screen Actors Guild awards.  Since I watch what I watch, I had no idea.  Never heard of it until 2 months ago.  It makes me anxious to watch, since it seems that Dexter is always on the verge of being discovered.  I admire the creativity of the show....although it's definately not a prime time material.  Too bloody and violent.  So, until I've run through the series, it's my guilty pleasure to watch and wince.  

Love, 365

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