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January 15, 2017

Gloomy Sunday morning.......

Yeah, it's a crappy photo, but normally there would be a view of the mountains.

So, this is the weekend for reviews of our out-going and in-coming presidents.  One FB post I read said we should all boycott the inauguration, I was a bit surprised that anyone ever watches it.  I have never watched it.  It's like any of the award has no basis in reality.  Although it might be fun if something silly happened, and I must admit we have a higher chance of that happening with PE Trump.  Maybe his hair will flop over and we'll see just how bald he must be.

Speaking of comb-overs, I was taking in a few of the old Star Trek reruns, and noted that Pavlov Checov (Walter Koenig) had one hell of a comb-over.  Funny that I never noticed it before considering that I used to be an avid fan of the show in the 60's.  

I'm expecting a repair guy to come and work on my treadmill tomorrow....I've been given an "estimate" ~ one hour of repair plus the trip charge (gulp) ~ depending on what they say, I may not have a treadmill anymore.  I don't think it'll be much, because (ha ha) I haven't used it much this past year and probably just needs a bit of maintenance work.  If it's totally gone, I will make arrangements to dismantle and remove, but I won't replace it.  It takes up too much room in my already cramped mom-cave/office/depository of crap.  

Miracle of miracles....I found the cookbook I purchased in New Orleans on Louisiana gumbo and soups.  I have been looking for it for about a year, and I made up my mind that this weekend I would either find it or buy another one.  And there it was in the armoire (which we use as another depository of crap) on the bottom shelf.  It puzzles me that I didn't see it the other 8 times I went looking for it.  It wasn't even hidden (there are 2 rows of books on the bottom shelf).  ??????

My semester break is almost starts on Tuesday.  I'm taking an online class, so I don't have to worry about driving anywhere.  Considering it's winter and the occasional crappy driving conditions, I'm really glad I can sit at home in whatever comfy/ugly/sweatpants or pj's conglomeration I want to wear.

Well, gotta get ready for racquetball.  Last night I wasn't feeling very well, headachy and a sore throat...I thought I might be coming down with the crap that has been going around (the gym sounds like a tubercular ward, and we've had a few people at work that were sick too).  I took some ibuprofen and went to bed and this morning I feel fine.  So it was either nothing, or I dodged a bullet.  

Love, 365


  1. Eric got up in the middle of the night to sleep in his recliner in the living room, he thought it might help if he was sitting up a bit. Barky cough. It sounds HORRIBLE but he doesn't feel too bad. Lyssa had it last week and still has a bit of sniffle/cough. So far, I seem to be doing okay. I'll probably catch it about the time school opens back up.

    I have a lot of cookbooks. The only one I use is the Betty Crocker one I received as a wedding present. Eric is the 'hey, let's try THIS recipe!!' guy. Sometimes with great results.

    I don't watch the inauguration, I also skipped all the debates and almost always skip the news, too.

    I can hate all of the politicians without having to look at them on TV.

    1. I certainly hope that Eric feels better asap, and that you manage to escape getting it ~ although it is very sweet that men (especially husbands) are so sharing. Of their germs, lol. Since my nose has been running like mad, that could have been the reason for the sore throat.

      ~I skipped all of the debates after watching 15 min of the very first one. Hah.

      ~As I've said before, I do love to cook. So, once in awhile I pull them out and pick one that looks good. If it passes the test I put it in my "recipe box" on my i-pad, my quick go to for dinner ideas. It's super old, so storing my recipes is it's retirement duty.

  2. Hmm, interesting. Two people are politically unengaged. My dad taught me that one always listens to the President when he speaks to the nation whether one voted for him or not. I told SWMBO today that this year's inauguration might be interesting because of the conflicting opinions about the new guy. Crazy times.

    1. Crazy indeed. Ami and I share a disdane for politics and politicians. It seems that even if we elect someone who appears without reproach, they dispell us of that notion over time. We shall see.
      Hey, on a positive note, thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment!

  3. My husband goes into peoples homes daily. He gets the creeping crud and brings it home to me. The men in the company are all sick right now and I'm hanging in there. Sore throat but I am refusing this to go any further. (like I have a say in it) So good for you to have dodged that bullet!!


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