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January 28, 2017

The "gift" that keeps on giving......

Gambel's Quail

A few weeks ago, I boasted that I "dodged a bullet" ~ at least as far as catching the cold that everyone seems to have.  I lied.  I've had this damned cold for 2 weeks now.  Coughing, feeling miserable, sore throat, etc.  Just about the time I think I've licked it, it comes back for a day or two, then I feel OK again.  Yesterday I felt fine - still blowing my nose, but otherwise OK.  Today it feels like it never left.  Coughing again, headachy, stuffed up.  When I woke up this morning, my throat felt so sore.  It feels better now, but really?  I'm sick and tired of this bullshit.  I just want to feel well again.  I've heard from others that it will linger on for 3 weeks, so according to gossip, I have one more week to go.  Crap.

Thursday was Judy's last day at work, and considering she quit, I was surprised at her warm send-off. I didn't think they would do anything for her, but we were treated to lunch (at the office), and there were a few stories about her time with us.  I thought I had prepared myself, but found myself becoming teary-eyed after she left.  Of everyone in the office, I feel closer to her than anyone.  We often went to lunch, and did our power walks during lunch (until the weather turned cold anyway).  We promised to stay in touch, and get together.....but truthfully, I would be surprised if it turned into more than once or twice a year.  She has young kids, and lives on the other side of the mountain from me. Our lives would never had intersected if it hadn't been for working in the same place.  Despite all of this, I wish her success.  Sandia Laboratories is an awsome place to work.  She tried to encourage me to apply as well, but I am happy enough where I am, and I know I wouldn't have as much spare time for school....even though she noted they pay for college, I looked through the information and pointed out that anthropology classes wouldn't be considered as integral to a job as an office assistant.  Her classes are in business, which she is well suited for.

So, other than the stupid cold, and Judy's departure, there's not much going on.  It's been very cold was 17 degrees yesterday morning.  I just don't like being cold....or having one, ha ha.

Love, 365


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Eric and Lyssa have both been really sick with a horrible respiratory thing, I was worried about Eric, coughing like that is not good for someone who's carrying around as much extra weight as he is. Bad for his heart etc.

    I had a job about 25 years ago (omg!! Time FLIES!)where the entire office was like a family. There were 33 of us working together and I looked forward to work every day.

    Then we were sold and they fired half the staff. It was sad. We all promised to keep in touch, but... yeah.

    1. I hope I'm feeling better soon too....I feel better today, but then again, DayQuil to the rescue, along with the night time version before bed time. Romeo wants me to go to the Dr, but I honestly don't think they could do anything for me, and I don't want to take antibiotics "just because". So, I will carry on....
      How awful about your old workplace. Often when a business is sold, they first look to making sure of the profit, then which people they want to keep. In dentistry, it's when your boss calls in a consultant, where they evaluate all of the employees and tell the boss who to fire. Ha ha. The only time that happened to me, it was several of my coworkers that were going to be let go, but thankfully the boss decided not to follow that advice.

  2. I know how this cold has been a bugger this year. I hope you are feeling well soon. I'm sorry about your friend at work. It is sad when you feel you've lost a friend and you know deep down you probably won't see much if any of them again. But that's why we're here. :-) Until your next work buddy comes along, you've got your online blogger buddies. :-) Be well.

    1. Thank you...I hope it is gone soon, because I'm seriously getting behind on some chores, and husbands ~ who are great for lots of things ~ aren't so good about chores, ha ha.
      And yes, my blogger buddies are always helpful and encouraging with their advice, but y'all aren't so helpful on lunchtime walks, lol. I'm sure things will work out!


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