March 24, 2020

Oh, New Mexico......

This photo, and the next few are pics of New Mexico's beauty, posted on Memories and Photos in New Mexico....I apologize that I don't have their names, nor did I write down where they were taken.  But their beauty is undeniable....

I am still having trouble with the unemployment web site, and cannot get through.  

My office is having a virtual meeting today at 10 am.....I assume we will be informed that we will be closed for another week or two.  New Mexico has over 83 confirmed cases ~ a testament to our low population, lack of big cities, a large rural community.  The weird part was that on Bing (who has a daily corona virus update) it listed 83 and then (+26).  Are they expecting there will be 26 more confirmed cases?  No explanation.  

Yesterday I went for a hike with a friend ~ we are lucky in that the Sandia Mountain foothills are right up the street from me, tons of open space ~ 5 miles later I was exhausted but felt better.  However, our impending meeting has made me anxious and nervous.  I hate watching the news, but feel if I don't watch at least some of it, I won't be aware of what's happening.  

I hope all of you are well, and taking care of each other......don't forget to check on your neighbors!

Love, 365

P.S. I was finally able to get in to the unemployment web's a miracle!


  1. Hurray for miracles. Hope the meeting goes well. We are doing the best we can to try to maintain some sense of normalcy. There are times when I want to scream and other times cry but I need to hold it together for my kids.

    1. Yes, screaming and crying are the norm these days! I have not screamed, but I have shed a tear or two lately. Our kids are grown and live in another state, so I call, text ~ and pray for them. So, we have no anchor other than each other to try to hold it together. But I was surprised that I finally was able to get through to the unemployment web site!

    2. Keep fighting the good fight. =)


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