May 31, 2020


I'm not even sure y'all can read this.  Every time I want to read one of your blogs, I get this stupid redirect notice.  Would I click on your blog if I didn't want to read it?  Common sense is dead and lying in the gutter, my friends. 

I have been tempted to text my co-worker that was sick but didn't get a test, but I figure I'll see her on Tuesday.  I haven't heard anything about the hygienist yet.  I sent her a text this morning, but I haven't heard anything yet.

And what the heck is up with people?  George Floyd killed by police.  Amy Cooper calling the cops on Franklin Templeton just because he asked her to leash her dog.  I am both saddened and disgusted. 

I also haven't heard anything about our church opening.  We've been "attending" via you tube since March 15th.  We missed Pascha (Orthodox Easter) and so much more during the lock down.  No telling how it will look when we return, with the limit to the number of people allowed in the building.  Today I decided not to watch ~ sort of like deciding not to go on a particular Sunday.....

It is enough to go back to bed and pull the covers over your head.  I already avoid most news!  Should I sell my house and live in a cave?  Hmmmmmm

Good news, Amazon has unlocked my account.  I saw the charges to my bank account this morning, and thought "eureka!".  I don't want to go through that again.  It took almost a week, approximately 30 emails, and creating a second account to finally solve a problem that could have been resolved in 10 minutes on the phone.  But I won't go into it all again, I think I covered it yesterday 😐

Love to you all ~ 365


  1. Our churches are open again and there's a one way system inside, an external loudspeaker and chairs out on the road. There doesn't seem to a rush to attend just yet. They held the Easter service again so Christ could be truly risen.
    This new blogger is a darn nuisance. Your example shows the stupidity of it. Downloading photos has become tiresome too. I'm not changing till the last minute.

    1. Yeah, I figured that if I changed now it would give me time to figure it out. But yes, downloading photos is tiresome as you say.
      I received a notice that our church council is working on a "system" to get us back into church. We don't have a large enough parking lot ~ nor do I think our priest would be amenable to the suggestion, hahaha. But I am becoming rather impatient.....something I have to work on.

  2. Avoid the news. It's not getting any better and I think we are just warming as people are so fed up with everything that we are past the point of no return. Glad you got everything squared away with Amazon.

    1. I do avoid most news, but it might be a better idea to cut it out completely! The world will keep on spinning whether or not I know what's going on.

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