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April 30, 2017

From snow to sunny skies...nature "takes it back", ha ha

It's been a rather crazy weekend...snow and cold temperatures one day, sunny skies and temp's in the 60's the next.  One of my gardening friends who plays racquetball said her garden was unaffected by the weather, as it didn't dip below freezing at her house.  Because Albuquerque has a valley running through the middle of it, it was most likely the valley areas that experienced the coldest temp's, so I'll find out from our OM at the office who lives by the river if her garden is OK.  She likely covered the most tender plants.  I haven't planted anything yet, but plan on doing that next weekend.  Ahhh, procrastination as a plus.  Doesn't happen very often.

I only have about 8 more days of class left.  I need to finish writing an assignment due tomorrow, and so far have about half of it done.  I can tell I am ready for the semester to be over, as I kept finding things to do instead of write....I washed the sheets and made the bed, took recycling trash out to the bin, restocked the bathroom, and fiddled with the damnable "sleep iq" technology on our new bed.  Which, by the way, I finally got working.  Last weekend they replaced the unit, and I didn't get around to working on it until today...which allowed a half hour of NOT WRITING.  This week's subject is menopause, and how odd it is that we women experience a complete shut down of our reproductive system and yet still live for decades after the fact.  The only other mammals that experience the same are two species of toothed whales ~ killer whales and the long-finned pilot whale.  So, from an anthropological point of view, it's an oddity.  Funny, I consider most humans odd anyway.

So, the sun is setting on another Sunday.....and you know what that means.  Monday.  Ugh.


Happy Monday tomorrow........
Love, 365


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