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April 14, 2017

Why it's such a drag to read scientific papers. And the universe.....

Gee, thanks Google search...

I recently saw a post on FB that poses the question of why scientific papers are so blasted hard to read.  Since I happen to be reading one, and felt the need to take a break, I thought I would add my 2 cents....while complaining about it.
~using words like "ecological radiations", frugivory, folivory (which the computer keeps attempting to correct to flavory, ha ha), epiphenomenal, etc.
~using graphs that require 30 minutes (sometimes) of review before you finally get the gist of what the information is attempting to convey.

Truthfully, I spend so much time looking up words so that I can understand the content that it takes twice as long to read and absorb.  It's really too bad I didn't use one of my small notebooks solely to words I had to look up.  I would likely have filled up an 80 page notebook by this time.  I probably didn't do this because I would have to do it with the words as I come upon them, because doing it alphabetically would be logistically difficult.  How much space for words that start with A, or W??

I get that they feel they have to create a paper with so many complicated words so that they won't be laughed at.  I have come across papers that are soooo full of them that the content is over shadowed by all of the obscure words they use.  Perhaps there is some sort of unacknowledged contest we don't know about.  For me, I would appreciate a paper that is written in such a way that anyone could pick it up, read it, and then be able to inteliigently discuss it.  Ugh.

Son #2 leaves for Round Rock, Texas tomorrow morning ~ probably 2am, as he wants to get to his destination before the sun goes down.  The u haul is packed, and his truck is on the trailer.  Smart enough to wait until just before he leaves to put his guns inside, lol.  

I know we aren't the only parents of adult children who have come back home and stayed for economic (and other) reasons.  Most of the time it seems that those parents are pitied by friends.  But I've loved it.  He's a great kid.  I'm really going to miss him, although I think he's anxious to move on (which is how it should be).  I wouldn't take back the past few years for hitting the lottery....we have all grown close, and have been able to learn a lot more about each other as adults.  So, we are becoming empty nesters again, and the second time around doesn't make the loss feel any less.  =sigh=
If you've read any of my recent posts, you know we purchased a new sleep number bed not long ago. I had a devil of a time getting the "sleep iq" going again after an app update.  It happened again mid week, so I went through the process again (which is really irritating), and now, it's offline again.  I'm thinking I will pull out the processor and take it back for a refund.  It's certainly not worth it to have to constantly reboot the damn thing.  I'd rather have the $$ than the aggravation.  I don't know if it's because our internet has been off and on lately, or if it's the processor.  No matter, it's still pissing me off.  

And, on that cheery note, I guess I better get back to reading!
Love, 365

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