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April 22, 2017

It's amazing the difference an extra day off makes....

Lemon herb mediterranean chicken salad

Yesterday's dinner....if you are interested, this recipe comes from a web site: Cafe Delites.  Tons of great salad recipes, and probably more.  My sister made "fiesta salad" while I was visiting, which is amazing.  I especially liked the homemade dressing, so have been keeping that on hand for other salads.  

So!  I have been doing this and that ~ a bit of study, laundry, house cleaning, dog walking, racquetball (lately my game has been ON!) has been very nice to take a break from the usual hectic workday.    I think I've never realized how much pressure I put on myself at work, because frankly, it doesn't seem like anyone else really cares that much.  That is stopping now.  I will do what I can do, but I'm not going to take everything upon my shoulders in the future.  Wake up call.....And I am feeling much more "normal".  

Today the Sleep Number people are coming to replace the Sleep IQ thingy.  If it works well in the upcoming months, I will keep it.  If not, out it goes, and give me back my $$.  I will not keep crawling underneath the bed to reboot it.  

And now, for my parting thoughts, a little bit of fun from Peggy:


Love, 365

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