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April 8, 2017

Spring pushed back winter again.....

The wysteria is coming along....

Just hang in with me while I enjoy a bit of blather.....

A few weeks ago we had temp's near 80, then last week we had snow (in the mountains, not much here in town) and windy, cold conditions again.  Spring is pretty flaky.  You turn off the heater, then kick yourself for having done that.  We didn't do that, but one of the patient's at the office was complaining about it, only to mention all she has to do it switch the thermostat back to heat.  So, why was she complaining?????  Not that complaining about the weather is a rare topic - it seems to be universal.  And safe.

Has anyone else had trouble with blogger?  Yesterday I couldn't get on at all.  And I had better things to say yesterday than today.  :-)

I was hoping for a grade on my mid-term, but it's only been 5 days.  And there are a lot of students in the class, so probably won't hear anything until Tues/Wed.  I do hate waiting.

We have had our new bed for two weeks now, and I had added the Sleep IQ technology.  It worked great for one week.  Then they had an app update and it wouldn't work anymore.  I did all the app suggestions to get it back online with no luck, so I started a "chat" to figure out what the problem was.  The rep said I needed to uplug and replug the processor, which is in the pump housing.  Do you know where that is?  Yep.  Right in the upper third of the bed length (underneath of course) and in the middle of a king size bed.  I had to move it away from the wall, do all the previously mentioned shit while contorted into a pretzel shape, then restart it.  Does this sound familiar?  Same thing with the internet, or the computer.  It wouldn't be so bad except for the pump location.  They need a redesign.  Seriously, why couldn't the pump be in a more accessible location?  Ugh.  If I were handicapped or older, I'd never get to that stupid thing.  I hope this doesn't happen often.

Youngest son is moving back to Austin next fact he will be on the road by this time next Saturday.  We were worried about Sioux (his dog), because he will be in an apartment, but he decided to leave her with us until he moves into a house with a yard.  My "office" is filling up with boxes and stuff.  It will be a bittersweet moment ~ although we've been through this before.  It has been nice having him here.  Romeo and I will be the only family living in New Mexico.  It looks like we'll have to travel more often.  Driving is a drag because it's a 10 hour affair.  Luckily, Allegiant Air is not as expensive as Southwest or any other airlines.   Still, I hate flying, but that 10 hour drive is a killer.

Well, guess I better get busy with my list of stuff I need to do.  We'll see how much of it I get done.
Love, 365

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  1. But you get to go through Lubbock and say hi to Buddy Holly's memory!


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