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December 13, 2014


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I finished!  With 2 hours and 15 minutes to spare! Yeah me!

I would love to say it was easy, and I'm certain it was totally brilliant.  It wasn't easy, and probably isn't "brilliant" material.  But I was happy with it, and I'm certainly glad I'm now done with the semester and ready to enjoy a break from classes.  So far I'm the only person signed up for the spring class I mentioned in previous posts, but it's all cool as Prof. Stuart will hold the "class" off campus and I will still get 3 credit hours for it.  He is such a wonderful person.  It's too bad all of the students he's helped over the years couldn't get together and hold him a fun party to thank him for the generosity of him time and trouble.

Well, got stuff to do...have a wonderful day.

Love, 365

P.S. Dee, why r you following me?  You don't even like this stuff.  


  1. Congratulations on finishing! Now you can enjoy the holidays.

    1. Well....only after I figure out why I haven't received any of my unemployment benefits! Stupid, (**@#^& governmental websites.


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