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December 11, 2014

What writing is like.....for me

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Good morning, everyone!  The weather is beautiful, I have hot coffee (& a cookie for breakfast, lol), my notebook with class notes is on my left, and a small notebook on my right.  Oh, yeah, and I have a pen too.  For notes.

The evolutionary medicine class ends in less than 48 hours.  I have a 5 page paper due by midnight on Friday ~ I keep reminding myself that Friday is tomorrow.  However, as I am unemployed, I have all freakin day to write it, so no prob, right?  Welllll.....

The hardest part: getting started.  I sit down and immediately write about 4 sentences.  I re-write.  I delete it all and reword the same basic info.  I re-write.  I get up to get something to drink, let the dogs out, look through the freezer to see what I should make for dinner.  I let the dogs back in.  EVENTUALLY I sit back down and look at the mere beginnings, and sigh.

Second hardest part: meeting my own deadlines.  I figure I will write a page every day beginning last Thursday, giving me time to re-write, edit, add, etc.  I don't get anywhere close to a page.  All I manage to do is decide the specifics of what I will write on, as the professor left us an announcement stating that very successful students in past courses have picked a theme.  So I picked the psychology aspect of it, because there's lots of material about it, and since I'm the master of short and sweet, I'm a little intimidated about writing 5 pages, single spaced.  Just typing that down gives me shivers.

Third hardest part: because this particular professor has been so complimentary of my work during the course of this class, I feel only a little bit of pressure to write something that doesn't make me sound like a 5th grader.  It's a reflection paper, so I have to include my feelings and observances and stuff like that too.  Should be easy, right?  So why do I feel like my brain is nothing if not a wad of spitballs floating around in my skull?  Why, God, why?????

Observations about myself: I must love the looming deadline.  I don't know if theres more electrical activity in said skull full of spitballs, but I do work better when I'm under pressure.  I must, because I procrastinate until I have hours left, when I've had weeks to do this.  Shame on me, shame!!!

No matter, because I'm finishing this sucker today, and editing and turning it in tomorrow before noon.  We'll see how I do on that deadline.......

Love, 365

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