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December 18, 2014

Replacing something rarely used requires self education....

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I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  On the west side of the mountains (which is an important distinction because the east side gets a lot more snow and rain, it's much greener, etc).  We really don't get much moisture.  We average 9" of rain and about 9" of snow yearly.  Windshield wipers are not something I use very often.  When I do get new ones, the main replacement reason is the sun, not the rain.  A month ago while using the self service car wash, I noticed that my wipers were shot, and I peeled off the "tail" on both of them, which meant that I basically didn't have any wipers left.  A few weeks ago, it was raining while I was out driving, but I couldn't use my wipers because the remains of the ones I had might scratch my windshield.  It wasn't raining very hard (it usually never does here), so I handled it OK, but it was funny how hard it was to resist the urge to turn them on.  I found some at Costco for $7.99 each, and bought some for me, and for Romeo.  I had to watch the installation video, because there were 3 different types of connectors depending on what type of vehicle you have.  
Yes, really.  I suppose I should be thankful that they provide a video instead of just written instructions (which were also in the box).  Yeah, you know how written instructions are.  They never quite give you that one key piece of info that you need to either get started or finish up.  So, thanks, Goodyear, for making it possible even for dummies like myself.  Now when it rains or snows, I can safely use my wipers.  Whew!

Good news, folks: I have a final grade in evolutionary medicine of A+.  I ain't never had no A+ before!  Kinda exciting. 

Other good news: I should receive 3 weeks of benefits payments this Friday (unemployment insurance).  I was amazed that Leticia spoke to her supervisor and then helped me finish out with the info they wanted.  Turns out that Sunday & Monday are the only days you have to give them your qualifying info.  Something that I didn't find on the website anywhere.  Nor did I find the "workbook" link to explain how to do all of this unemployment benefits stuff.  I cried in frustration, which probably went a little way to garner her sympathies.  

Just news: I have been thinking a lot about the interview I went to on Monday, and think that she is not offering me a decent hourly wage.  I would probably not even get what I'm getting in unemployment benefits, although of course, doesn't last forever....I think it lasts six months, and I've already used up one of them.  So, still not sure what I want to do, other than continue to mull it over.  It is possible she won't even offer me the job!  I don't really have any experience in construction, other than to hold the wrench Romeo wants when he's doing household repair....and somehow I don't think that qualifies as experience, lol.

Love, 365

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  1. Don't know if this still applies, but...

    I've always been of the mind that if you have unemployment benefits - and they are doing the job of supporting you in a decent manner - then just enjoy them while you do a job search for something really good. Don't settle for something you're not sure of early in the process. You paid for those benefits via payroll taxes, so you're entitled. And sometimes waiting just a bit longer will allow you to find something wonderful. Just my two cents (worth about one cent at current rates of inflation.)


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