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December 16, 2014


It's ok, I had a good scream and a coupla shots of tequila......

Yesterday I decided I needed to go to the unemployment office...because I had called & waited an hour with no luck three different times.  Guess...nah, you'll never....they don't have a physical office, only a call center.  This is what the interesting lady at the "workforce solutions" office I went to told me yesterday.  (Interesting because she was so loud ~ "CAN I HELP YOU?")

Problem: only have cell phone, with 700 calling minutes per month.

Solution: spend $10 more a month for unlimited minutes.

Situation: Spending 2 1/2 hours on the phone, listening to the recording that says "thank you for your patience, a customer service representative will be with you shortly", and assorted other noises (music?).  I had my phone on speaker, and the volume turned down low so that I could still hear it, but not loud enough to make me want to tear out my hair.  When the rep finally did come on the phone, she repeated her name and id#, and said she couldn't hear anything.....
AND SHE HUNG UP as I was yelling "Please don't hang up!!!".  

Later: I figured I had my phone volume down low enough that she couldn't hear me.  
Spent 3 to 4 minutes screaming at the top of my lungs.
Heard a siren a few minutes later, and wondered if the neighbors figured I was being murdered over here, but no.  That would have been an interesting conversation.

Cried a little.

Then, resigned myself to calling another day.  
Good news tho, I have an interview today.  Patty told me about a job opportunity with someone she knows.  I called, sent ye ol' resume, and will be there at 10am.  I can't lie and say that it makes me hopeful.  We'll see!

OK, gotta go & shower & get dressed for said interview.  
Love, 365

^^^^^^^Later on:
The interview went well (I think).  I was there for 1 1/2 hours, and I hope she invested that amount of time because she was interested.  Good: I think I could be happy working for them.  Bad: The pay kinda sucks.  But she did mention that I would be eligible for a raise after a few months.  I plan to send her a thank you note for her time, and remind her of my attributes.  Some web sites don't recommend a thank you and some do.  So I figure I'll cover my bases.  Plus, she'll be reminded.  I should have mentioned that I'm an awsome baker & because we don't always want to be tempted with all these baked goods, you can bet I'll bring some in.  Well, maybe not.

I am really disappointed in the job availability these days.  I know it's the holiday season, but wow.  How am I supposed to keep up on my applications?  Of course I still haven't received any benefit payments.  S H I T.  I plan to call tomorrow & see if I can discover why.  Hopefully no 2 1/2 hours again....please.
Love, 365


  1. The way people keep you hanging on the phone really sucks. But much more when precious minutes are dwindling away. I hope you get the job, AND a raise!

  2. Ugh. I hate that I was a part of the business that supplied phone on-hold messages for over 20 years. Ever since I lost my job in that business, I've been getting payback from karmic sources. When I called for unemployment, I got one of MY OWN RECORDINGS. How's that for irony?

    1. You know what? In this case, irony really sucks the big one......
      Luckily I called early Wednesday morning, and only had to wait 15 minutes, and God sent me Leticia, who is one of those rare government employees that cares enough to go the extra mile. And it's rare for me to get that lucky!

  3. So did you get the job? I'm sorry that you have to hunt for one! Thst takes So much work! Glad you're well though!

    1. No, I did not hear from her ~ it's a blessing really, because the more I thought about it, the less thrilled I was at having to drive to the east side of the mountains everyday during the winter months. She was also interviewing someone after me that had construction experience. The search continues......


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