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December 5, 2014

Foci ~ or, in english, focus. Tip of the iceberg, Ma.

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Maybe its just me, you know?  I'm reading the required papers for class, and from the very first to (very nearly) the last, I have words underlined with little arrows -> for the definition I had to look up. Like loci.  Now, it means focus, which I kind of figured.  However, you never know what word might be a key one in a sentence, so you look it up to make sure.  Here's a short list for one paper.
conspecific - animals or plants belonging to the same species.
phylogeny - evolutionary development of a species or group of organisms.
helminthes - a parasite, like a hookworm, whip worm, etc.
~~not too bad, right?  Then, I run across this one:  UATHROS.  I drive myself crazy.  I look up in the dictionary, and online.  I finally figured out, it's a freaking misspell of the word authors.  I'm gonna send a little "thank you" e-mail to my professor for providing comic relief while writing my discussion post on said paper.  
Just goes to show you that even academics occasionally fail to use spell check.

Love, 365

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