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June 19, 2017


Old Albuqeurque Airport, home to the TSA

Romeo and I took a quick trip to the old Albuquerque airport building, which I understood has been renovated.  We could only look around the main concourse of the building, as the remaining rooms now house the TSA offices.  It's pretty cool ~ literally it was cool inside, as we are experiencing more triple digit temp's (or close to it).  The thick adobe walls are likely 18 inches thick, and are typically thicker at the base and thins somewhat as it rises.
Interior...note the beautiful beams and vigas on the ceiling.

As we were driving home ~ omg is it hot, thank god for a/c ~ we discussed again our earlier thoughts on moving back to Texas upon retirement.  Which granted, isn't for another 5 to 8 years.  This came about earlier in the year right before I traveled to Austin to visit the boys, Mom, and my sister.  Once I was there, and recalled the absolutely horrible traffic (Austin has become notorious for it), and the sheer number of people (San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the U.S.), I began to have my doubts right about the time Romeo was beginning to warm up to the idea.  

I had a discussion with a friend, and mentioned the reasons I wanted to move back, which is mainly for family.  And I would like to be closer to them.  And I realized that I was assuming that my sister and I would engage in a wonderful re-creation of my visits.....and just how unrealistic that thought is. She has two grandchildren from her husband's kids, and my nephew and his wife are expecting in August.  She has a lot going on.  And when we did live in the same city ~ at one point we lived less than a mile from each other ~ we didn't really see each other that often.  Family get togethers, sure, but otherwise, not so much.  Perhaps once we are both retired (she's already semi-retired) I suppose we would spend more time together.  

But, then I looked around me.  The mountains, the turquoise sky, the urban/suburban feel of Albuquerque.  The beauty of the countryside around us.  The smell of the desert.  And I began to have misgivings about the very idea.  Romeo and I decided to put the decision on the back burner for the moment.  I think it's kind of funny how a place can get into your soul, and before you know it, you feel as though you belong.  You are home.

Love, 365


  1. You know, I have had that feeling, too. I found my forever home when we lived in Montrose, Colorado. And wherever I go, no matter how long I stay, a very large piece of my heart is there. Of course home is where my family is, my husband and my children. And I will probably end up staying where I am. But my heart... well, yeah.

    I'm glad you're really considering all the aspects. I have a relative who wants to retire and live in a 5th Wheel forever. I can't imagine doing that, too crowded. Even with only two of us, where would I put all my crap? :-D

    1. We've talked about retirees that sell their home and travel around in an RV.....I could do it but Romero needs roots. Besides what about when you can no longer drive? I'm with you, the space is to small, and we like having access to our crap, lol.

  2. New Mexico is one of the few states I have not been to. I am not a fan of the desert but you make it sound so lovely. I may have to change my mind. Liking where you live and feeling comfortable there is so important. I have lived in places that were horrible for me. Seattle being in the top 2. I cried a lot. Talk about just the opposite of the desert. :-) I have yet to find my forever home. If only money were no option I know where I'd go.

    1. Where? Now you have sparked my curiosity!
      You ought to visit sometime....October is a great month!


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