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June 4, 2017

Mikey! I think she likes it!

One of the many pics I took yesterday at Acoma Pueblo ~ "Sky City"

IF you read my blog with any regularity, you might recall the debacle of the 8 week history class.....I ended up dropping it after asking myself to list the pros and cons of it, and could only come up with one pro and a whole list of cons.  And yet......I did it again.  I registered for "Arch of New Mexico" (erroneously thinking it mean archaeology of NM, instead of architecture of NM).....this is the class that I had to stay up until midnight to get.  It's weird, that this class was listed under art history, architecture, geology, history, and a few others.  Truth is, I could have registered under some other designation than history and likely had my advisor change it to history ~ which is what one of the students in the class has done.  What's done is done though, and I still would rather stay up late to sign up under the class I need (history) rather than go through the trouble of having to beg the advisor to change it.......and as stupid as that is, perhaps not be successful.  Now, wouldn't that suck the big one.

Admittedly I liked this one because of the sun rays that seem to bless Acoma....

At any rate, I became a bit irritated before the class began, as suddenly we received e-mail notice that the class would start on 6/2 instead of 6/9.  Why irritated, you ask?  Well, because I had already taken off the Friday's I thought I would need.  So, that's one.  Secondly, I received a notice on Wed that the "course packet" would be available at the copy center on UNM campus after 3pm.  Just as I was getting ready to leave work to pick it up I checked it's location and discovered that the copy center closes at 4:45.  I would have been so pissed if I had driven down there to discover it was closed.  My only option then was to spend my lunch hour on Thurs to go pick it up.  The problem was that I had to read the 3 articles and write a one page paper to turn in on Friday.  I was also noticing that they extended the class by one more Friday because the professor is out of town on 6/9.  I didn't ask for that Friday off.  I'm likely not going to be able to attend the last class.  I guess I'll have to make arrangements to turn in my final paper by e-mail or something.  I doubt seriously that I'll be able to take that day off.  I decided to attend one class and see how I felt about it.

The Acoma people began building on the mesa top in the mid 1100s

I unhappily set my alarm for Friday at 5:30am, and left with my backpack in tow at 7:25 ~ not as early as I'd hoped because I thought I might get caught up in the Friday morning traffic.  As it turned out I arrived just in time.  Only to find that all of the doors to the building the class was being held at were all locked.  I could see a room with a few people in it....I wondered how they got in.....and shortly after that I noticed a man walking from one door to another, and finally got in.  I don't know what I expected, but certainly more than the 10 people who wandered in.  Apparently some of the students could not rearrange their schedule to attend a week early, although the professor said she would hold a make up class on Sunday.  Now that caught my attention.  Not many would do that.  

I liked that you could see the adobe bricks under the stucco....

Well, I love the class.....the instructor isn't a completely unadulterated nut bag who wants you to do nothing but her class for the next four weeks.  Sure, we have assignments.  But they are REASONABLE.  Wow.  Realism.  Not a concept I often experience in college classes.  Anyway, we went to Acoma yesterday, and it was great.  We're going to discuss our experiences and observations. She actually wants our observations, not a prescribed reiteration of what she expects.  Refreshing.

Here we are.....our instructor is the one in the straw hat.

Our next field trip will be to Santo Domingo Pueblo, where we are apparently going to get a very inclusive tour.  I've been there, but only for an art sale, which they have every October.  Can't wait!

Love, 365


  1. Well I'm glad it's turning out better than you expected. And hey, field trips!!

    1. The Prof. is from New Mexico, teaches both here and at Princeton, and has been offered to teach at Yale. I'm impressed not with those (although admittedly it is impressive) but with her down to earth demeanor.
      I hope they let us take photos at Santo Domingo....if they do I will post a few good ones!


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