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June 9, 2017

This and that and everything between......

View of Mount Taylor from Acoma Pueblo

I have today off.....when I registered for the class I took off the Friday's I have to work (every other one), then the class dates changed and as it turned out I don't have class today.  I pondered whether I should just work today, but decided that if my racquetball peeps were going to play on Friday I would just keep the day off and play, and luckily enough of us were able to make it.  I did not mention any of this to my co-workers, or the's nice to believe that I have some control over my life.  It's just too bad that it's an illusion, ha ha.

Romeo had a rather nasty surprise last week, discovering that because he had a late start to the school year, his "contract" ended on May 24th ~ the last day of school.  Which means he will not be paid for the summer, which we had been discussing just the week before.  The principal of the school sent him an e-mail letting him know, and apologizing for it, and stating that she didn't realize this would happen.   We'll have insurance until the end of June, then a break from coverage until school starts again in early August.  I have my doubts as to whether she understood how his contract worked, but it's all water under the bridge.  As Romeo stated "it's been the year from hell", from his perspective.  It's really not a huge problem, we can survive a couple of months without the extra pay, but I do wish the insurance coverage wouldn't have that gap in it, although 4 to 6 weeks isn't much compared to the 10 months of 2016. 

 I guess the individual(s) who painted this should have spent more time studying....

Have a great Friday, y'all.
Love, 365


  1. Yikes. I find it a bit difficult to believe she was unaware. But....
    As for the School sign. I just drove by a school that has a big sign out front. It was not correct either. I would like to think that a school of all places would know the difference between now and know and your and you're. Crazy.

  2. They ought to have the english teacher review what they want to put up there is a school for heaven's sake!


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