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June 24, 2017

I called in sick.....

Here I am at Quarai ruins....the beautiful church show here was built by the women of the Pueblo.  The community was in existence for over 200-300 years before the Spanish came.  

The Quarai ruins are remarkable, but not for the ruins.  Nope, it's remarkable for it's gardens.  It is estimated that they grew enough food to feed around 500-800 people who lived there.  That's quite remarkable considering the climate, which has been described as either bone chilling cold (10 degrees) or broiling hot.  It was very hot yesterday, which is why you see me with the item that looks like a wet it and it cools you down.  It worked very well yesterday, keeping me much more comfortable.  But all of this sun and heat wave we have had for the past week has left me feeling a little crummy.  I decided to skip the trip to Santo Domingo today, which pisses me off.  I think it would have been a fun trip to watch the horse races and view the Pueblo plaza and church.  Oh, well.  

I really need to catch up on my reading today anyway.

Guest lecturer and some of my class mates...

There were beautiful trees, and it was cool in the small valley...evaporative cooling from the stream that is just below the surface in some areas, and above in others.  
My favorite photo of the ruins.....

Well, I'm off to do some reading and relaxing.  Have a great weekend!
Love, 365


  1. Fascinating. I had no idea of its existence.

    1. I didn't either.....inside the park's office is an amazing model of what the pueblo looked like. I didn't get a photo because when the ranger took people out on a tour, she had to lock the building. I would recommend visiting earlier or later in the year.


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