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June 11, 2017

Reminiscing and remembering....

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Once upon a time I had a blog that I loved ~ but I had to erase it.  Delete it from existence.  I was pissed at myself and at the person who found the blog and then mentioned to my (then) boss, who was understandably quite upset ~ not only did I write about him, but other co-workers, and some of them were not ~ shall we say ~ charitable.   This was almost 4 years ago (how time flies! oh my god), but I was thinking about it this morning.  Since then I no longer work for the same person (thank you, god) and I have broken my vow not to write about work, but it's a rare thing and I don't go into much detail.  Besides which, none of my current co-workers would give a shit about my blog.  I'm certain I've never even mentioned it.  

My erstwhile employer, who had been vilified in the newspapers for tax evasion, is quite sensitive to criticism.  I just heard on Friday that he is soon selling his dental practice.  I asume this is likely due to his shoulder issues, and not a desire to spend all of his time with his bitchy and unappreciative wife, who prefers to spend $$ keeping up with the higher echelon of society in NM.  Which is funny, because there's not much society in NM, other than Santa Fe, which has its share of famous people. 

One of my friends, who is a hygienist for the erstwhile and crabby employer, texted me the news, and is now worried that the dentist who purchases the practice may not keep her on.  Which would be stupid, because her patients love her.  I think she has a legitimate concern, who wouldn't feel unsettled in that situation?  But if the new Doc wants to retain the patients currently in the practice, he or she would do well to keep her.  If a patient called and wanted to see her, and couldn't remember her name, they would explain that they want "the singing hygienist".  She has a lovely voice, and likes to softly follow along with the music while working.  I miss working with her.   

Well, I sort of rambled on longer than I intended.  Today I am enjoying the final game in the French Open.  Wawrinka and Nadal are playing....players that I like, and enjoy watching.  I believe Nadal is favored to win, although Stan has been playing well lately.  As I write this, they are neck and neck.....

Thanks for coming by, and have a great week ahead!

Love, 365


  1. I can no longer watch tennis. The grunting this morning made me ill. I honestly thought someone was about to vomit from the sounds coming from my TV. So then I tried muting it. I found myself doing other things and finally just turned it off. Why must they grunt so? I am sure when Aaron Judge hits a ball with the velocity of 121 miles an hour it is pure power and he doesn't grunt. It's so obnoxious to me. Okay sorry, done venting.

    1. You aren't the only person I know who doesn't watch for that reason. I really don't understand it, although I have buddies that make similar noises now and then on the racquetball court. I make noises too, but usually a pffffft when someone hits the ball awkwardly but still manages to get the point :-)
      I love watching tennis, so I put up with it, although I've muted the sound on occassion.
      You will never find me watching golf (boooring) or more than 30 minutes of soccer. It just doesn't keep my attention...

  2. I just came back here and wanted to say "My erstwhile employer, who had been vilified in the newspapers for tax evasion, is quite sensitive to criticism." sounds a lot like our "leader" He too is quite sensitive to criticism and has been vilified in newspapers, protesters, newspapers, TV and any one with a brain will do. :-)

  3. That seems to be an occupational hazard of dentistry, the dentist who dumps his wife to marry his employee or who tries to hide his lucre from the proper tax collectors. My step-daughter ran her own in-home dental lab for over 30 years and had many stories to tell about her clients over the years.


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