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June 15, 2017

Oh, good grief

I have class tomorrow morning at 8am  I've spent the week reading the material, and working on our assignment (there are 2 this week).  Basically, I worked 2 to 3 hours Monday and Tuesday, not including reading stuff during lunch hour.  ~ I though I had already gone through the reading material before I received her e-mail on what to read for this week, which was a little depressing.

Tonight, I planned to put the "finishing touches" on my assignments, print them up, put everything together, and be done.

But no.  Fate, or kismet, or whatever decided to throw in a little fun.  I couldn't print anything.  We've all had that happen....the printer won't connect.  For whatever reason.  I tried all the tricks I knew (which are dismally few).  Nothing.  I spent an hour before I threw my hands up and asked Romeo to help.  He gave me a memory stick, had me put the items on it and printed it on his computer.

Then, about 15 minutes later, mentioned that sometimes the wi-fi will ~ for some ungodly reason ~ chose a different wi-fi, which isn't connected to the printer.  And that was it.

I have bald spots now.....thanks to wi-fi.  And my own stupidity.

Love, 365


  1. I had an issue this week too with my printer. I spent hours on the phone after I spent hours trying to fix on my own. It would scan, copy but not print. Apparently the microsoft update that occurred the night before at shut down did something to my wi-fi and once I got a human to explain it to me it was a quick fix. But everyone had me trying things I had already done or they gave up before me. Frustrating. I am so sorry you too had to do this and for school so added stress. TGIF I say!!

    1. Any snafu with computers nearly instantly takes me to my crazy place, lol.


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