February 23, 2014

Online class blues....

My Sis used to have just these plastic chickens, but now they have real ones!  That lay actual eggs!

In reference to the above photo, I have no idea why my Sis and her husband would put plastic chickens in their yard.  They do live in the country....and have cows......but plastic chickens?  The logic escapes me ~ but there is an ironic humor here that I do appreciate!

If you read yesterdays blog post, you know that I didn't do well on my stats test.  However, I've been doing swimmingly in my forensic anthropology class.  We've had 3 quizzes and I've made A's on all of those.  But, there's a little trouble in paradise.  It appears that our instructor is missing.
I've read no less than 5 posts by classmates that mention they have sent an e-mail or two and even after 4 to 5 days haven't heard anything from her.   Yesterday I decided to send an e-mail as well, because I have been unable to view the quizzes.  Which means that in the future when we have our mid-term, I won't have those to help me study.
I've taken a lot of online classes.  They are convenient, I can work on the classwork when it suits me, I don't have to drive to a class (I actually miss the UNM campus, which is really nice, but there weren't any classes that fit my schedule).  In the past classes, we were always allowed to view the quiz ~ at least for awhile, and I take exception to the fact that she says we can "view" the quiz and then when I attempt it, I can't.  Hence the e-mail.  Only I decided to send them to the "teacher assistant".
Now, that was a shocker, because there are no less than 3!  For an online class?  One of my friends is a history teacher at CNM, and when we discussed online classes, she complained bitterly that they were much more work than an actual classroom, which makes no sense to me.  The computer automatically grades the quizzes.  The powerpoint's and pdf's must be set up in advance.  I'm not even sure they need to formulate new questions for the quizzes every semester, although perhaps they would on the mid-term and final.  Really, except for answering e-mail questions, or checking on discussion questions, the entire course could conceivably run without an instructor.

~I recently sent an e-mail to the Dean of Students, letting them know that firstly I'm really not happy paying a higher price per credit hour simply because I'm a part time student, and that CNM discontinued the practice of charging extra $ just because you're taking an online class, but UNM is still doing so.   A few days later I received an e-mail encouraging me to apply for financial aid.  Coincidence?  I think not.
~Why am I paying more for an instructor that isn't available to answer questions?  Maybe those teacher's assistant's are really expensive....(not!)

I did get started on painting the bathroom, a really lovely light blue.  Unfortunately, the spot I painted is probably 1' by 1'.  So, not much of a start, but I plan to do more tomorrow on my day off.  
I'm having key lime pie for breakfast.
Love, 365

February 22, 2014

Ahhh, it's the weekend!

Couldn't get rid of the reflections, but a cool poster

First the sad news (my sad news, anyway) ~ I really blew my test, and ended up with a 72.  On the plus side, it's passing, but I had hoped for a B.  Waaahhhh....
Ami, I guess it's not possible to bribe yourself, although I did my best.  Unfortunately my best in statistics isn't very good.

We have been having wonderful weather, all sunny and warm.  Feels like spring, and we haven't had a lot of wind (yet).  I'm considering getting a pedicure and wearing my sandals this weekend.  I feel for you guys who are experiencing the record breaking snowfall and cold, icy weather.  It is horribly dry and dusty out west, and many of us are having allergy issues.  At work it sounds like a TB ward with all the coughing & whatnot.

On tap for the weekend: painting!  I am (at last) going to start on the master bath remodel project. I am sort of starting with the easiest change - paint.  I still need to find a new sink, figure out if I'm going to refinish the existing crappy cabinets or consider replacing them, and find a new counter top.  I just don't want tile, and granite is too expensive, although I haven't had a quote yet.  I might go with a nice laminate.  At least there won't be grout lines to clean.  I do also hope to replace the door with a pocket door.  That bathroom is so small, having a pocket door would actually make the room seem more spacious....a friend of mine does small remodel projects, so I'm going to get an estimate on what it would cost.  

Our local news reports are filled with fire danger alerts, and we've already had a few, mostly in the bosque (a group of trees near a river ~ in this case the Rio Grande, which isn't so grande these days).  We don't live in a wooded area, but we do live in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, which is filled with dead trees and pines.  There hasn't been a fire near us since we've lived here, but this year it seems like it's a ticking bomb, waiting to go off.  We are all hoping for some rain......

Love, 365

February 16, 2014

Winter Olympics & my 4 year anniversary.....

Courtesy of Bing Images

4 years ago, I was recuperating from breast cancer surgery & watching the Winter Olympics, high on pain meds, enjoying the time off from work (crazy to be happy about having surgery just to get a day off from work, lol).  So far, I'm doing OK ~ I am still cancer free.  I have one more year of hormone blockers, then I'm free of those & the oncologist (unless there's a once a year visit they haven't mentioned).  At my last visit, the Dr mentioned that studies suggest a 10 year regimen on the hormone blockers might be recommended...what ever it takes to prevent the return, I'm willing to do. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Last Tuesday I took my first statistics test.....and may I say "ARGHHH!".  It was tough.  I studied hard, and did the best I could.  I thought I would have the results on Thursday, but the first thing the teacher told us was that he wouldn't have them ready to return until next Tuesday.  I felt very let down.  I had spent the whole day steeling myself to accept whatever grade I earned on the test, and now I have to wait for 5 more days.....although I haven't been thinking about it too much.  I'm spending my time crossing my fingers that I did better than I think I did.......sigh.

We have been having record breaking warm weather down here in the Southwest.  Yesterday our temps were in the 70's!  In February!  The local weather people are still believing that winter weather will return, and I agree....the trees will start budding out and then they'll be frozen.  Stupid trees.

Have a wonderful week!
Love, 365

February 9, 2014

Today I'm just....me

Chaco Canyon, NM  

Speaking of crap (OK, we weren't), my boss has a small sticky notepad that has CRAP right on the top.  Then, so that you might further refine the crap there are six boxes for you to check that say things like, boring crap, useless crap, crappy crap and so on, well here's a picture.  (especially love the "cut the crap" at the bottom)

Then there's this one....

You can find these at:Knock Knock

They even have one that gives the ol one finger salute (although I think it would be exceedingly bad to use that one at work), and the usual OMG, WTF, and another fav of mine: Seriously?.  

I am studying for my Statistics test (or exam, but I like test better - exam sounds so horribly ominous) which is on Tuesday.  I promised myself that if I can make an A on the exam, I will go out over the weekend and purchase a new purse.  I've been looking for awhile (a year, but in my defense, I'm extremely picky), and the deal is that I will buy it even if it costs more than I want to spend. It's a treat, a reward for work done well.....and a little bit of a bribe.  Can you bribe yourself?  I guess I'll find out.....

We have had some really weird weather.  50's one day, then snow for the next two, and then mid 50's again.  Of course, we are horribly dry, and we always celebrate when there is rain or snow.  How about you?  

Have a great week...Love, 365    

February 3, 2014

I know what I should be doing...but I'm doing this instead....

Flying above the clouds....

Actually I'm studying for my test on Thursday....

I've been studying for an hour, and then, I decided to check out everyone's blogs from the weekend.  I was reading Lime's blog, and she has this wonderful entry about women and beauty and her poem was truly moving and wonderful.  You should go there and watch the video and read it.  

When I reach a point of maximum stress, I play games on my phone, read blogs and write on my own, or watch TV.  The latter is when I'm really out of ideas, lol.

It helps that I scored 100 on my quiz in my Anthropology class (which is the gruesome Forensic Anthropology, bones, murder, death and all that).  The quiz was on the skeleton, which thankfully I have been somewhat knowledgeable seeing that I have one.  Skeleton that is.  Still, it boosts my confidence somewhat.  In a little while I will shower and fix my hair (which is frightful right now) and go to the tutoring lab for help studying Statistics, chapters 2 - 4.  

Have a wonderful week!  Love, 365

February 2, 2014

7 things about me......

The road less well traveled.......

1) I am not a morning person.  This is not to say that I sleep all morning.  I get up fairly early on the weekend (6:30 ~ 7:30 or so).  Actually when I think about it I guess I would put myself in the category of "mid-afternoon person" when I'm really hitting my stride....ha ha

2) I'm a "seat of the pants" kind of girl.  I have abandoned my previous uptight, organizer & planner personality with glee.   And I love it, although it horrifies many of my friends.

3) I find myself avoiding contact with angry, confrontational, (and irritating) people.  Life is just too short, ya know?  

4) I enjoy all types of music except: opera and twangy country music.

5) Although I enjoy both cats and dogs, I prefer dogs.  They're happy and goofy and require that I get off my ass and take them for walks.

6) I wish I could speak/read another language, but so far can only say a few things in Spanish, like "Hola (hello), adios (good by), & la mierda del toro (bull shit).  Ok, I actually know a few more, but I didn't want to bore you with it.

7) I love my family!  They are supportive and funny and frustratiting at times....but they're mine, and I am theirs.  

I get it......

  My face when I realize my 23 year old replacement at work believes I'm a washed up old has-been, haha. Me, thinking, that in 3 days I&...