June 26, 2016

And.......here we go.......

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Week in review:
~I am (once again) accepted into the anthropology honors program at UNM.
~I have (once again) discovered that I can't take the class ~ that would make me eligible to graduate suma cum laude ~ because of the time of day the class is held.  My coworkers were unable to help me make it happen.  I understand - it's a lot to ask.  But I won't say I'm not disappointed.

Now I have to decide if I want to wage a campaign to "encourage" the powers that be that honors classes should be available to everyone.  I am planning on writing to the head of the department, but really, that's probably as far as I will go.  I'm not a big fan of banging my head on a wall repeatedly.  

Then I had to explain to one of my coworkers why it's not financially feasible to quit UNM and go to an online college for my degree.  (Long story short, you must have a certain amount of credit hours with the college before they will issue you a degree.  For example, it's 92 hours at UNM.  Typical # of credit hours for a typical class ~ 3.  That's around 10 classes.  Cost of a typical 3 credit hour class is over $800)  I still don't know if she gets it.

Ha ha...

Otherwise, all is going well, Romeo is working on his class and will begin teaching in August, when the charter school begins the school year.  
It's summer, and I can happily run around in tee shirts, shorts and flip flops all I want.
I have a few vacation days coming up next week, and Romeo and I are planning a few days in Santa Fe, including spending the night at La Fonda ~ a really nice hotel that I've always wanted to stay in.
Did I mention it's summer?

Have a wonderful week...
Love, 365

June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

For all you Dad's....

Romeo, oh Romeo......Such a great Dad, Husband and Best Friend....

In other news, the Dogs Head fire is only 9% contained and has burned over 16,000 acres.

This is south of where we live.
This is 5 hours ago....note that the bottom one is magnified.

Not sure when this photo was taken.  

Apparently the fire was not started by lightening, but probably man made.  One of my coworkers might be impacted if the fire is not brought under control.  Shelters have been designated for people to bring their animals in case they need to evacuate.  I was so happy to hear they had done this....when you have to go, what would you do with your horse, cow, llama?  I'm sure it's a relief to people who are being impacted by this fire.  Luckily we don't have big wind right now, but the heat is not helping.  

Well, gotta run!  Have a great week ahead....
Love, 365

June 17, 2016

Good news comes our way.......

New Mexico sunset

Romeo has accepted a teaching position with a charter school teaching 9th grade algebra!  On Monday he meets with HR to complete the details.  I assume the pay/benefits will begin in July, when they begin their training twoard the end of July.  Although there may be a 30 day wait period.  

In other news.....

Holy crap, it's gonna get really hot around here......I'm really glad I don't live in Arizona.


We had a retirement party for one of our hygienists at work, who has been working with our Doc for over 20 years.  She's always upbeat and fun, and we're going to miss her!  Her last day of work is next Friday, so I'm going to have to figure out what to make for snacks that day.  

Well, gotta run....enjoy your weekend!
Love, 365

June 12, 2016

Research brings out my ADD......

Thanks, Albert....

I suppose Einstein got it because.......wait for it.........he was one smart cookie.  

Oh, did you guess that I'm on summer research?  ha ha   This will be my last individual study course with Prof. Stewart, so I gotta pull some rabbits out.  I've already found a few.  But if you think for one stinking minute that I want to rewrite that damn paper and stick in some new data, you're mistaken.  I really really don't want to rewrite the paper.  Two is relatively reasonable, going past that is just plain cockamamie.

However, I will have to.  Which means that I must again go through and re-organize and polish up some of the stuff I currently have in there.  Prof. Stewart is a writer (he has written 3 or 4 books already) so he is rather stiff with praise and generous with criticism.  I suppose I should be glad that he's a stickler, so he doesn't let me off with some stupid piece of crap that a later Prof. will look at and think "what the hell".  

Romeo has been complaining about the homework/study workload in his ONE class.....so I snicker about it behind his back.  

He does have an interview with a charter school on Tuesday.  I am hoping it goes well.  Mama needs some frackin' insurance.  This fall I have some routine tests I will need done, and some other medical appointments I am putting off until I'm covered.  My gynecologist office said I could make payments, but what if they find something?  I might as well wait, although I know that's a really dumb ass statement.  Still.........

Well, gotta go and organize thoughts and data.  Have a great week!

Love, 365

June 11, 2016

The bloom is off the rose.........

Letting go, Facebook style.....

Recently my eldest let me know that he and his wife were having some problems...rather serious ones.  Then he let me know he was moving into an apartment.  Then this past weekend I was scrolling though Facebook and noticed a thinly veiled rant against my son by his wife.  My first thought was how I could respond, but realized quickly that I should stay out of it.  I also didn't want to see anymore of these nasty rants ~ after all, I'm only human, and could be swayed to engage.  Bad, bad idea.  So I texted my son to let him know that I intended to "unfriend" her on Facebook and why.  He understood, and agreed that it was for the best.  

It wasn't an easy thing to do....but I told myself that if they do work things out, I could simply "friend" her again.  I doubt this will happen.  And truthfully she was always throwing out long bible passages to promote whatever message she wanted to spread.  And although I don't have anything against religion, I have always felt that Facebook isn't really the place for that type of rant anyway.  Funny, because based on the crap I see on Facebook, I suppose there is no holding back....people post their workouts, sleep patterns, crazy cat videos, etc.  So, I suppose that religion might as well be in the mix too.

I receive friend requests all the time ~ doesn't mean I accept any of them.  I'm sure anyone who has been on Facebook for awhile would agree that they sometimes have a friend request, and you have no idea where it came from.  I usually investigate a little bit (in case it is the friend of a friend, or perhaps someone I'm related to ~ Mom has a really large family), and if they aren't from a geographic area I live or lived in, or we don't share any friends, I just delete the request.

Last week I had a friend request from a cousin, and I quickly accepted it, which I shouldn't have because it turns out her account was hacked.  This became obvious quickly when I began receiving Messenger requests and that involve money.  Yeah.  So, I just as quickly reported it to Facebook & unfriended them.  So, oddly enough I "unfriended" two people in one week.   Worse, I realized she was already one of my "friends", so I should have checked before accepting it.  What can I say?  I was at work and just goofing off.

Does anyone simply use Facebook to keep in touch and share family photos anymore?  I'm not so sure.  Social media has a lot more power these days.  I just skip the ones I don't want to read....the whole point of choice.

Love, 365

June 6, 2016

Thoughts that roam......

In the news
A piece of cloth from Pope John Paul II, which happened to have 
a drop of his blood on it, was stolen from Cologne Cathedral

I like this photo 'cause of the dove in the foreground
Just a tad bit of propaganda, yeah?


Oh, how graffiti has changed!
These are etched into the stone inside England's Medieval churches...

One of the most common motifs found, these are thought to trap "malevolent spirits". 

These examples of ships are meant to send travelers safely on their way....

I don't know about you, but I figured these would have been the most popular designs,
not only because duh, they're crosses
but also because it could have been done quickly.

However, apparently church officials encouraged it....and apparently they (archaeologists) believe that women were responsible for most of the images.  Admittedly only a theory...the thought is that the etchings were done with this tool:

which women tended to carry in their pockets.  
***If you want to read more, go here.  Because the story is pretty cool.  


Otherwise, I don't have a lot of news, or happenings, or events.......ha ha, life is on the slow and steady these days, although Romeo is stressing out about his class (which he needs in order to obtain his teaching certificate).  Because it is in the summer, it has been condensed, so you rarely get out of class early, and the requirements each week are pretty intense.  

I start my last "individual study" class with Prof. Stuart today...I suppose we will be setting parameters for research.  I already know what I need ~ the problem is finding it.  I am hoping he will give me some ideas today.  

The past 3 weeks have been nice, I've had 3 four day weekends in a row.  The last two weeks I've only worked 3 days a week.....it would be so easy to get used to that!

Enjoy your week!
Love, 365

I am tired.......

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