February 25, 2024

It's about time....

This isn't my photo (wish it was!) but it's just outside of Santa Fe.  Beautiful pastel clouds, snow on the ground...so pretty.

That was the great photo.  The rest?  Not so much.

I really don't like politics.  I don't like to engage with people about politicians, or political races, and most certainly not the upcoming presidential race.  But I'm going to go out on a limb here, and rant a little bit about Trump.

How can he be the front runner of the republican party?  How can people look at him or listen to him, and not feel sick?  He's a liar most of all.  A manipulator.  A scammer.  He has been convicted ~ convicted! ~ of sexual assault.  People know this, right?  They don't think that all of that is lies, do they?  I just don't get it.  On top of all that, he comes across as stupid.  Uneducated.  Power hungry.  Ugh.  

When there's a story on the news or a replay of a speech he's making, I mute the tv or go to a different channel.  Avoiding him will become increasingly difficult as the year goes on.  

Now for the funny, but not so pretty photos:

Wrong finger.....right word though.

Y'all have a great week.

Love, 365

February 1, 2024

Winter is taking a little break.......


This week the weather has moved to spring.....in the high 50s and low 60s.  We'll have a little dip for a few days and then it goes up again.  This is what we in New Mexico call "fool's spring".  Because we all know that there will be another storm with snow before winter is all over.  Maybe even two!  Who knows?  I sure do need to get my act together in regards to gardening.  I am anxious to start, so I'm going to start planning.

We've been busy, trimming down the wisteria, treating the yard for dog pee, looking at paint colors, and deciding the details of updating the bathrooms.  I've been planning on doing the shower first, but I've decided to start with the vanity ~ which we will do ourselves.  I need a new sink and countertop.  The idea of picking out colors and styles is a little daunting, because I probably won't do it again. 

On the home front, my sister was just diagnosed with cancer.  It was found early, so the outlook is very positive, but it has floored us all.  I am very close to my sis.....she is my only sibling as well.  The next step is coming up in a little less than 2 weeks.  This one of those things that she won't know how well the treatments are doing for almost a year.  I want to go and spend a week, and will figure out when to go.  (Romeo is already pressing me to fly, but I don't want to, sheesh)  They aren't doing chemo, it's an immunotherapy treatment.  At least she won't have the side effects of chemo.  

I have slacked off on baking sourdough.  I was making two loaves a week, and now I'm doing one every 10-14 days.  Sometimes ya just need a break!

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!

Love, 365

January 10, 2024

A rare morning alone.....


It's a rarity alright ~ Romeo went to a church service this morning, so I have a few hours to myself.  With the dogs of course, haha.  I hardly ever have the house to myself!  

Did I mention recently that we bought a new washer?  We had the 15 year old washer checked out for a leak, and it was going to cost nearly $500 to fix it.  I said no.  It's becoming a money pit as we had it repaired last spring.  I bought an Electrolux washer that was on sale at Lowes.  I didn't even know they produced anything other than vacuum cleaners.  It's not here yet, it's supposed to be delivered on Saturday.  I cannot believe how much trouble we've had with appliances since I retired.  I should have known, since the washer and dryer are both 15+ years old.  The dryer is fine, we did have to have it repaired in 2022 because a mouse had made it's way all through the ducting and into a fan assembly.  But otherwise, it's drying the clothes and that's all we need!

We did have some snow this past weekend, and Zoē loved it.  Romeo took a video of her playing in it, but it's not that good of a video, since he was in the house.  She hopped like a rabbit through it ~ her first experience with snow ~ and wasn't quite sure what it was.  She is doing good, she's getting the hang of ringing the doggy door bell to go out to do her business.  She still makes mistakes, especially upstairs.  But as long as she was recently out, I  know I have a 30-40 min window of safety, lol.

I never realized how much easier it is to house train when there's an experienced dog in the house already.  This photo was the day before the snow....it was sunny and nice, in the low 40s.  We're in for some wind tomorrow, so we're getting them out today for some much needed exercise.  

In the Greatest Baker competition, I am officially out of the running.  I never expected to win,  but had remained in 1st place for so long, I was getting my hopes up!  The last couple of days someone else surpassed me in votes.  I wish them luck!  

Well, I need to get some chores done, so I wish you a happy Wednesday!

Love, 365

December 29, 2023

Help me......

I have reached the top 5, and asking you to vote for me for the Group Finalist, which ends Thursday, January 4th at 7pm PST.  Click here to go to the link to vote!

So lets say I make it to the finals.  I will have to bake something for judging.  I have some really amazing recipes of desserts I've made in the past.  Why don't you vote for one of them?  


Blueberry Lemon Meringue Pie...

Outrageous Coconut-Cream Meringue Cake

This is a terrible photo, I guess I didn't take one of my own.  Lemon Lavender Sandwich Cookies, which were so popular, I had a handful of people who wanted these every year at Christmas.  Don't be turned off by the lavender, it's very subtle and only in the sugar that you roll them in before baking.

 And of course!  Sourdough.  I like them all, but the lemon-blueberry is really dreamy.  

So, please comment and let me know what you think!

Love, 365

December 28, 2023

Not quite done with Christmas......


Christmas is not done yet.....Orthodox Christians have 12 days of Christmas that will be over on January 6th.  When I have a tree ~ which we didn't put up this year because of Zoē ~ I don't take it down until 1/6.  Next year we'll have a tree, with hopes that both dogs will, for the most part, leave it alone.  Haha

I found a copycat recipe for the Honey Baked Ham, which have become seriously expensive!  The last time I bought one it was around $60, now it's around $80+.  Nope.  But it turned out pretty darn good, and it was not that hard to do.  Just google it if you are interested in trying it.

The doggies had a little taste, which was a mistake, because they begged until we put it away.  We also have lots of left overs.  For some reason, I don't mind left over ham, but I really can't eat turkey after 2 dinners.  Ugh.

Zoē has decided that snoozing right below my chair in the breakfast area.  There's a sunbeam with her name on it, apparently.  She is doing well, doing better in house training, but still having "accidents".  Only really they aren't accidents so much as "I have to pee and this looks like a fabulous spot!".  We have a whole basket of supplies to clean up with.  All she does with the pee pads is rip them up, but they make great cleanup supplies because they're so absorbent.  So, they won't go to waste.  

Not much else going on around here, thankfully!  May you all have a wonderful New Years, and of course we hope 2024 will bring prosperity, health & happiness, and an end to the wars going on in the world.

Love, 365


December 21, 2023

World's Greatest Baker competition....


I subscribe to Bake From Scratch...it's a really fun magazine if you enjoy baking bread and desserts.  One day I received an invitation to fill out an application for The Greatest Baker competition.  For some crazy reason I filled it out, thinking "no way".  But it doesn't hurt to try, right?  Right. 

To my surprise they accepted my application.  And then the voting began ~ winners are 90% chosen by your friends, family....basically anyone you can convince to vote for you.  I have made it through to the top 10...that was today....and now the voting starts for the top 5.  I really doubt I will win this thing, but so far so good.  If you feel so inclined to vote for me go here....

Now for some cute photos of Zoē:

One of her favorite sleeping positions.  I call this one little-slut-bunny  :-)


Sunbeams make a wonderful snoozing place...

Zoē and Demitri do like napping together.  They keep each other company, but not in the morning.  Demitri is very grumpy in the morning, and is prone to snapping and growling.  Once he's up and around, he is ok for the rest of the day.  😀

I have been baking for the last week, and I'm glad I'm done with it.  Cookies, breads.....it's been quite exhausting!  Other than my Grandkids, everyone else is getting stuff I've baked.  My sourdough starter really liked all the attention, haha.

Enjoy your holiday!  I'm still cooking but it will be easy ~ ham, salad, etc.  I can't wait!

Love, 365

November 29, 2023

Heaven and hell........


Youngest grandson
Son #1
My beautiful daughter-in-law
 We drove to Texas and enjoyed Thanksgiving with the family, and it was great!  What was not great?  Well, they adopted a dog 4 days before we came, and surprisingly Demitri hated that dog.  The kids we always loud.  Especially the 4 year old and 7 year old.  Holy cow, I was wishing for ear plugs. Does that make me sound like an old codger?  I suppose it does, and I suppose I am!  Haha

We had a nice hotel, Tru by Hilton.  They don't put storage in these new hotels though.  They supposedly had storage under the bed, but we couldn't get it to open.  So all our crap was stacked around the room like some kind of Jackson Pollock painting.  It was cold too, windy and with some sprinkles on Thanksgiving.  The next day was pretty nice, so we went for a hike with the younger son...
                                                                          Son #2

All of this part was Heaven, to be with family during my favorite holiday!  

Unfortunately, there is the hell part.  We had a long travel day to Joplin on Sunday, and we were really worried that going through Dallas would be awful, but it wasn't too bad at all.  I hate driving through Dallas.....it's a lot easier with gps instead of a paper map though!  

I always thought Demitri enjoyed car rides, but the longer rides made him so anxious.  He panted and whined and couldn't figure out that if he would just sleep it would be better.  He wandered and tried to jump in the front, but couldn't because he was leashed into the back seat.  Thankfully!  It drove me nuts.

The next day we drove for 12 hours.  Oh, wait I drove 12 hours.  Romeo prefers I drive because sometimes I will get car sick.  But I can't do 12 hours like I did 5 years ago.  My entire body ached.  My back, my neck, even my hands from gripping the steering wheel.  I sort of screwed up that leg of the trip.  

Making matters worse, Demitri had become a bit constipated ~ gee so it's not just people, lol ~ and he took a crap on the dog bed we had in the back seat (and smeared it around a bit, like frosting).  That got tossed.  I cleaned up as well as I could with baby wipes, and we went on.  The next day was the beginning of the 12 hour drive, and I insisted we put Demitri in the crate, which was much better.  We picked up Zòi and began the long 10 hour drive to Amarillo.  Poor things, I think she was a little car sick and threw up two or three times.  

So, the scent of dog poop, the scent of dog vomit, and everything else.  Ugh.  

We did get home from Amarillo about 10:30 am, and Romeo did unpack and washed his clothes.  I just took care of the dog and took some ibuprophen and hoped my back would feel better soon.  I slept like the dead.  But my back is still a little sore.  And I have  UTI on top of everything else.  

It was great to pick up the puppy though!  Of course, like all puppies, she is so cute.  

Well, I better go see what she"s doing now!

Love, 365

November 16, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!.....

Bad time to be a tasty bird, indeed  :-)

I am posting this a little early, as we will be having Thanksgiving with quite a bit of family...we are excited to all be together.  It has been many years since we've all gathered for this ~ my favorite holiday, mostly because it's about eating together and games played.  Dominoes and cards and yahtzee and scrabble.  The football game will be going on for those that don't like games, and Demitri will be in heaven with all the scents and treats.

Of course, lots to do in preparation.  Luckily I only need to do bread, and the rest have divided up the bird and the sides.  

This is the time of year I really miss my Mom, she loved Thanksgiving...although she would have probably enjoyed more help in the kitchen, haha.

Our Priest's wife came over this morning for a lesson in sourdough baking.  She is a really wonderful person.  A wee bit frazzled over having to manage 5 kids in the morning though ~ and no wonder.  The youngest are twin girls, and I think that's where most of the drama comes from :-)  We went through all the steps of making the dough, and since I had dough in the fridge ready to bake, she took home a loaf of still very warm sourdough.  Luckily, we had great oven spring and esthetics (which I was quick to point out is not the end all and be all, since in the end will be eaten anyway, haha).  It was fun.  

We've had lovely weather, in the 60s and sunny.  Although I would like something more around the low 70s, it's still nice outside.  I wish I still had my garden going, but my herbs are still going ok except for the basil.  Basil just doesn't like cooler weather.

I have been experimenting with water bath canning which I find pleasurable.   So far I've made the basil jelly, spiced jelly (with strawberries and cranberries), the prickly pear jelly and the newest was roasted pear-garlic preserves.  It can be an addicting hobby.  But I'm no end of the world prepper.  If the world comes apart (which it seems to be on it's way) I'll just quietly die with most everyone else.  People are mean.  If they know you have a huge stash of something, I have no doubt they would happily kill to have it.  I know The Walking Dead was just a tv series, but I think humans would act very much like they did on that show.  


Roasted pear-garlic preserves...

Spiced Christmas jelly.......

Basil jelly, which is what started it all.  I had a huge amount of basil and I didn't want to make a lot of pesto, so I made the jelly too.

It's time to do some laundry, I still have a lot to do!  I hope you find plenty of things to feel thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Love, 365

November 2, 2023

Why can't we talk to people anymore?....


3 years ago, we switched from Verizon to Xfinity for our cell service.  It was so great, we were paying about $25-30 a month.  My last bill was $86 ~ they recently changed the way the service works.  In the meantime, Verizon offers an unlimited plan for $25 per month.  So, I still need to figure out if I want to switch, which is such a pain.  

I called Xfinity, and the automated service sent me a link to the chat.  Normally I don't mind the chat, but with them the wait is long, and sometimes ~ as with this particular time ~ the first person I was chatting with dropped and I had to wait again for someone else to pick up the ball.  I even posted "can't I just talk to someone?" and that was ignored.  We could have actually spoken to each other and resolved this issue in minutes.  Instead I had to put up with texting each other.  

Remember when you could actually speak to someone?  I guess that's no longer an option.  AI is going to take over all this soon.  I might enjoy that better than being ignored.

After we go to Texas to have Thanksgiving with our boys and grandkids (yay!) we're going to the same breeder we got Demitri from to pick up this cute little girl.  We're naming her Zói (pronounced Zoey).  I never thought Romeo would agree to another dog, but he's as excited as I am.  At least I have a clear picture of puppy hood, because I recall every minute of last year!  I know it's crazy.  But I can't wait.  Demitri will enjoy having a buddy, although he might be a bit confused at first.  We've almost always had two dogs, but with Sioux's heath issues, it just wasn't a good time.  

So get ready for more puppy antics and adorable puppy pictures.

Love, 365

October 28, 2023

Flavors of fall and other useless endeavors......


Before I get into the flavors thing, look at the flowers I scored at the grocery store.  Marked down from 9.99 to 2 bucks.  I bought two and put this together ~ there was only one stem of flowers that I had to throw out.  I have this huge square vase with a wide mouth that I figured I'd never use, but it's great for two bouquets.

I baked some whole wheat bread with sunflowers seeds in the dough and on the top, but those top seeds go flying off when you slice it.  Otherwise it was really good!

I broke the branch when I was installing some supports for the pepper plants, so this teeny bell pepper ended up in our salad.  It was really cute, and perfectly formed.  Unfortunately I have tons of peppers (I didn't realize they are a fall crop, I thought it would be more continuous like tomatoes) and we are due to have a freeze on Sunday night.  So, I guess I'll be inundated with green tomatoes and bell peppers.  

I'm going to miss my garden.  I enjoyed checking on it every morning with my coffee, eating the garden tomatoes, and the delicious stuffed peppers we've had.  One was with beef, the other was vegan with barley and tomatoes.  

While enjoying my pedicure (thank you Devini, the best pedicurist I've ever had!) she was telling me she made her own pumpkin butter in the crock pot, so I tried that yesterday.  It was good, but the next time I'll cut back on the sugar.  It was too sweet for my taste.  Romeo loves it though, he has quite the sweet tooth.

Well, I need to get back to a project I started 4 days ago.  Enjoy your weekend!

Love, 365

October 17, 2023

Where does the time go?????


I traveled to Texas to attend my 50th reunion ~ John Marshall High School ~ Go Rams!  Ha ha  It was fun, but no more of those.  Just look at all that grey hair (me included)!  And I just don't see any reason to go again.  It was great to visit my sister and brother-in-law though.  We did a little hiking... 

We went to (dis)Enchanted Rock and hiked the huge granite dome....Romeo is the one who named it disenchanted, haha.  Oh it was hot.  Mid 90s.  No breeze.  And of course no trees for a brief respite from the heat.  

We also planned to hike at Lost Maples, but it was raining too hard to go.  That didn't stop us from taking a photo by the entrance, haha

We took a different way back, and encountered Stonehenge!

Yes, there is a miniature Stonehenge in Ingram, Texas.  They were setting up to have some kind of party during the eclipse.  That would have been fun!

But wait!  There's more.....

Yes, they also had Easter Island Heads.  Weird, right?  Texas ~ it's a whole 'nother country.

Mr Head had a runny nose, so I asked my sis to help him out.... 😀

I had a good time, but as always it's great to be home.  My garden had really grown in a week.  

On a whim I picked 10 pounds of prickly pear fruit and made jelly..

I never made jelly before, and it turned out really good.   So I went and picked some more for the next batch, which is de-prickled and peeled, hanging out in the freezer.  

The Greek Festival/Balloon Fiesta is done too, so life is slowing down to a more normal pace.

Also had laundry and unpacking, and working 3 days at the Festival.  So, I guess I answered my own question, time flies when you're having fun!

Love, 365

It's about time....

This isn't my photo (wish it was!) but it's just outside of Santa Fe.  Beautiful pastel clouds, snow on the ground...so pretty. That...