November 12, 2022

Catching up....


View from our backyard a few nights ago......lovely sunset!

Los Poblamos decorating for fall...if you're ever in Albuquerque, stop in and check it out.  It's an organic lavender farm, restaurant, historic buildings....I love going there.

Look who's growing!  It's sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating.  No regrets, although as I mentioned before, Romeo said "no more puppies", haha.  It had been so long, there is a lot we forgot about!  I did purchase this: 


I thought about hanging a few bells from the door knob, but knew this little terrorist terrier would snatch those bells off and eat them, resulting in an expensive emergency vet visit.  So, he needs to press the one on the left side (see above) and the plug in has several different chimes you can choose.  Some of those chimes are super annoying.  Luckily one is a regular "doorbell" sound.  At first I couldn't get him to press on the button hard enough to make it go off.  Finally I had to take his paw and show him how to do it....he got it after a few training sessions.  As I've said he is a smart little buggar.  Of course, sometimes he uses it for attention, and he goes on streaks where he'll ring it often.  He's figuring out that if he sets it off, it's outside he goes ~ even if he doesn't want to.  

House training is pretty much complete.  Every now and then he will pee in the house, but we just do the usual take him to it and say no and put him outside.  The last week he's not had any mistakes, so I think he's got it.  It's been a long haul.  Yesterday he rang it and immediately went to his fav pee spot and peed.  It was so good to see.  

It's probably not so much that he is smart, but he's very independent and stubborn.  Hmmm, sort of like me :-)

After a few months break, we are back to baking for holiday sales at church.  We offer spanikopita, tiropita, and new this year, Thula will show us how to make melomakarona cookies ~ a traditional Christmas honey cookie.  I've never had them, but everyone says they melt in your mouth.  Yum....

I've been baking lots of bread....some we enjoy, some I give away.  Nothing warms up the house like having the oven at 450f.  Haha

It's a beautiful morning here, but rather chilly at 29.  Think we'll wait a bit before taking Demitri out for a walk!

Have a great weekend!

Love, 365

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