December 31, 2020

Happy New Year, 2021.......


Lol, these are pretty good ~ if I could find wine labeled that way, I would buy a few for friends. :-)

So, here we are, on day 3 following the vaccine.  I did have a headache (not a bad one) off and on yesterday.  Today my arm is still a tiny bit sore, but mostly I don't notice. 

I have no idea why, but this soundtrack is the epitomization of 2020 to me.  It is sad, soulful, beautiful.   And if you've never watched 1917, you should.  The story of a simple soldier during WWI.  It is not factual, but was inspired by stories of the "runners" during that war. 

(It starts off very slowly and quietly, you'll need to give it a minute)

I can't help but grieve for all those that have died this year ~ the doctors, nurses, grandmothers and grandfathers......our parents and our children.......our neighbors, friends, co-workers.  I will remember you always.

Love, 365

December 30, 2020

Day 1 following the vaccine....and other stuff because the former is boring.......


It has been roughly 24 hours since I received the first shot.  The only thing I've noticed is that my arm is sore.  There's a bit of swelling surrounding the injection site, and some muscle soreness.  I've been working it out to reduce the soreness, but it is still there.  I experience the same issue with the flu vaccine, so ~ so far, there is nothing.  No headache, no fever.  I'm relieved!  This is my employer paid vacation and I really didn't want to spend even a day feeling like crap.

For more info, go here....

Turkey feather blankets were commonly found in New Mexico, Arizone, Colorado and Utah.  I don't know what I expected them to look like (feathers tied to a cord?  sort of flapping in the breeze) but the above photo gives you an idea.....

If you would like to read this article, click on this link ......

 The woman pictured here is an anthropologist with the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.  She had to teach herself how to make the yucca cording, and how to weave the feathers into the cord.  It took her 18 months to complete it.  Not too bad considering we do not have the daily lives of the Puebloan Indians during 700AD to around 1200AD.  The turkeys were not killed to harvest their feathers, they were "harvested" during their natural moulting period.  I remember being rather surprised when my professor mentioned they didn't eat the turkeys, although they did eat their eggs.   Ms. Weahkee is now working on a turkey feather raincoat that uses the wing fletch feathers for it, given that they repel water.  Ok, thanks for indulging me!  I just love this kind of stuff.....

Lol, this is supposed to be a funny meme, but for Romeo and I, it's more of a testimonial. 😁  Do we drink and party? no  Do we go out to other people's parties? no  Do we hit the sack around 10-10:30. yes

So there ya go, our plans for New Years Eve.....

Love, 365


December 28, 2020

Ending 2020 in the best way.....


The Child (photo from

 Our youngest son ~ who is as obsessed with science fiction as we are ~ recommended we subscribe to Disney+ for a month or two to watch The Mandalorian.  This is a Star Wars series, so if you hate Star Wars, you can scuttle off to another blog, haha.  It is really very good.  We've been glued to it the past few days, but are trying to pace ourselves to watch one or two episodes every evening.  We will finish it in a day or two, but I will re-watch while doing my daily treadmill workout.  

I swear there are times I feel like Penny on The Big Bang've no idea how many times I've come home and there he is watching one of the many Star Wars movies AGAIN.  I usually immerse myself in a book or a game and try to ignore it, or go to my office and watch something else.  Seriously, how many times will my nerdy husband re-watch these things?

As I said in an earlier post, I baked like mad and gave away cookies, fudge, and cranberry nut bread.  My neighbor reciprocated with the most unusual item.......

 An amaryllis bulb, covered in wax that is guaranteed to bloom ~ without watering.  Curious, no?  I'd never seen anything like it, but I haven't been shopping in a long time.  Mostly I just run in and out with the item I needed.  Have you every seen one of these?  It will be cool to see it bloom.

This is the week off our employers gave us.  There's no one at the office....the dentists are alternating being on call for emergencies.  And they paid us ~ unprecedented.  And according to our office manager, never to be repeated, haha.  I think we are all hoping that they (the dentists) enjoy the time off as much as we do.  Perhaps it will happen again!  We'll see.

I am being vaccinated tomorrow with the Moderna vaccine.  I will let you all know how it goes, although as with the yearly flu vaccine, some folks don't feel well for a day or two, where others suffer from no more than a sore arm.  I really don't want to feel sick during my time off, so here's hoping!

Love, 365

December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas everyone!


                                                        Image from Legacy Icons

Well!  Here we are at Christmas Eve!  We are attending a service today ~ tomorrow ~ and Saturday.  Yep, that is, as I've heard from one of my Orthodox friends "a lot of church", lol.  Old calendar Orthodox will celebrate the nativity on January 7th.  New calendar Orthodox like myself will stick with the 25th of December.  It is both humorous and confusing, at least to me.  Gregorian calendar (which is the one most of the world uses) was established by Pope Gregory in 1582, to modify and correct errors in the Julian calendar (yep, named for Julius Caesar).  I love history, but I thought it best not to subject you to more than this, unless you are interested, go here.   

We did not buy each other gifts this year.  This was a relief to Romeo, who unfortunately really sucks at picking out gifts.  No matter how many hints I give!  Some years I've bought the gift, let him wrap it, etc.....   He never wants gifts, every year he says there's nothing he wants.  For all I know I may suck at gift giving too, so there's that!

It has been very cold.  Nights in the teens, highs in the 30s or 40s.  No snow, which surprised me when we first moved here.  I thought we would more often than not have a white Christmas, but in the last 25 years, it's only happened a couple of times.  When living in San Antonio (Texas) we sometimes had temps in the 70s at Christmas.   

I have stopped baking.  It is not very fun anymore!  I have given away 85% of it, and still need to finish baking the cookies I started on Sunday.  I'll get to those eventually, and will give those away too, but the recipient won't get them until after Christmas.  I just didn't have time.  

Today marks the first of 11 days I have off until Jan. 4th.  Our dental office has given us a week off, paid.  We were all so excited, and ready.  This has been an exhausting year, and very stressful.  We got the word that we will soon be able to get the vaccine if we want it ~ they aren't making it mandatory.   We have a few that aren't going for it, because they believe it's been developed too quickly.  We also have a couple of folks that believe all the conspiracy theories that it will be "the mark of the beast" and all that nonsense.  I don't know when we will be scheduled, but perhaps soon?  Even though I am not a hygienist or assistant, I do come in to contact with 20-30 patients a day.  I take their temperature which it close contact, although only for 1/2 a minute or so, then we distance for the screening questions (fever-cough-difficulty breathing-loss of sense of taste or smell-exposure to anyone positive-pending Covid test-travel outside the state in the past 14 days).  We still have people who will come in without a mask, or wearing it under their nose.  And people still give us "the look" when we ask them to put one on (we supply if they don't have one) or to wear it over their nose.  What the heck?  It's been nearly 10 months!  One young guy grumbled how we are going to clean his teeth with his mask on.....the educational system isn't really doing it's job in our state. 

                                And now.....

Merry Christmas to you all!

Love, 365

December 15, 2020

Time for a few decorations..........


Merry Christmas from Sioux, and all of us to you......

I did not put up the tree, but after a monumental effort of hauling out the decor boxes ~ because they are way back in the closet in my office ~ I scrounged through and picked out some things to put up.  Then once I had put up the items I had to put the storage boxes back, because I wouldn't even be able to walk without stepping over it all.  What a giant pain in the arse.  Next weekend I will look and see if any of the tree lots have fresh garland.  If not, well, that's OK.

Romeo wants Louisiana gumbo for New Years, and now I want it today :-D  I probably ought to get lunch after I finish this!  

It has been quite cold, and we did have a few snow flurries this morning, but I think the snow is done.  The high today is supposed to be 35 ~ it's 30 right now ~ I doubt we will hit 35 unless the sun comes out, which it hasn't done yet.  The perfect day to do a few chores, and curl up in my chair with my book.  I don't have much else planned except baking bread for a friend.  Oh, and I had planned on cleaning the stove top, but that may end up waiting until tomorrow.

I am really trying my best to find some Christmas cheer ~ it's quite a struggle.  I hope all of you are doing a better job than I am!  

Off for lunch ~ have a great week!

Love, 365

December 14, 2020

Didn't I do that yesterday?.......


Lol, I love Dachshunds.  This popped up on my Facebook feed as a memory from a couple of years ago.  Aren't they the cutest?

As I sat down to my aging and slow (like slug slow) computer, reading everyone's new posts I then turned to my own and was surprised that I hadn't written anything in over a week.  I could have sworn I wrote a few days ago......I guess I did it in my head while baking.   :-D

And I have been doing a lot of baking, because there just isn't enough $$ for purchasing gifts.  I'm making sourdough, cranberry nut bread, and cookies cookies cookies.  I did spring for some plastic bins to give them away in with little reindeer and ornaments ~ they were a little over a dollar each.  I would like to go to Home Goods for a birthday gift, but they are closed.  New Mexico has decided to give us a color coded Covid rating and right now we are "red", meaning the highest restrictions.  Sigh.

Lol, agreed....
I'm happy to be off until Thursday, I took a few days off with the thought of baking, but after today I think I'm done!  So, unless Romeo asks for more cookies........... (which is likely).  

I do have a haircut this afternoon, so I will be delivering cookies and cranberry bread, and I'm planning to give some to the neighbors.  

And how about those phishing emails?  I've had two in the past week that really freaked me out.  I am still working on removing an old email address from stuff I subscribe to.  I had no idea I had used it in so many places.  The plan is to delete the email as soon as that's done.  I guess I've had that particular email for over 20 years, and it has been hacked a few times (despite the stupidly long and random passwords I use).  

Woo hoo!  I am off to bake some cookies, and then go outside!  Exciting....
Love, 365

December 5, 2020

The short weekend......


Apparently my Grandson's new fascination is with cookies, lol.  And it's his new favorite word 😊

So it's a good thing I've made some to send to them with a family yard game, Yardzee....a funny play on the Yahtzee I guess.  I still have one more batch of cookies to bake, and hope to send it all out next week.

Even though the holiday season has begun, I just don't feel it yet.  Maybe I won't.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to put up the tree.  Or maybe I'll just do decorations.  I just don't know!  Romeo leaves all that stuff up to me, which tells me he doesn't care one way or the other ~ he'll be happy either way.  It's just the two of us, after all, so I guess I'll go with what I feel like doing!  

Work is still going on, nothing new is going on other than patients cancelling because they've got Covid, or been exposed to it.  It's happening a bit more regularly these days ~ not really surprising.  Patients also cancel if they aren't feeling well, which is fantastic really.  It's tough to keep the schedule full, but we do the best we can, and from the news on the dental grapevine, this is true across the board.  

I spent yesterday after work helping my friend make spanikopita for our church bake sale.  I am happy to report I know how to make it now, haha!  Wow, there's a lot of butter in it.  It's not a diet kind of dish, but we baked one to see if it was alright (although I pointed out that there's nothing we can do about all of the trays of it she and I put together) but wow, it was delicious.  The phyllo is crispy and browned, the filling is so good!  We will be eating ours sometime between Christmas and New Years.  

Have any of you watched The Crown, the most recent season?  This is the one that deals both with Thatcher and Charles and Diana's marriage.  What a disaster.  Of course we are feeling sad for Diana.  She was so horribly unhappy.  And why not, with your husband continuing his affair with Camilla.  The royal family never embraced her, or helped her adjust.  And I never had any idea of how driven Thatcher was, and that drive made her many enemies.  Although I watched the entire season, I must say it didn't really bring me any joy ~ although it was very entertaining.

Last weekend we watched "Away" which I loved.  How disappointing that it won't have a second season.  Recently started watching "The Queens Gambit".   I so enjoyed the first few episodes, it's quite different from what you see on tv.  It will be interesting to see where they take the story.

Well, I best get on with cookie baking!  

Enjoy your weekend!  Love, 265

I am tired.......

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