March 26, 2022

Let's see how it goes........


On April 1st, our state will start selling.  I drove past an old gas station that has been boarded up for years, and noticed it will be a dispensary in less than a week.  I'm not sure how this will all go, especially in a state known for it's drunk drivers.  Although it may not make too much of a difference, as I'm sure those that drive while high have already been doing that.  

I am planning on going to one of these dispensaries, perhaps purchase a little.  It's been many years since I've smoked any ~ and I quit back then because it made me so paranoid.  Perhaps age has mellowed me somewhat.  I'll write a little report on the experience, lol.

The atmosphere at work has been evolving, partly due to our new front desk person (who is only 25, and loves to remind me how young she is at every available moment).  *Alissa (not really her name, and not the new front desk person) has taken over much of the office manager duties.  *Betty (who is our accountant) has taken over some of those duties too.  I find it funny to see how she is doing her best to be super helpful to the docs, all smiley and cheerful.  She (Betty) is an interesting person.  Her husband is a now retired pastor.  Being very nearly 70 (I think that birthday is this year), I am surprised she wants to continue working, but hey, maybe she doesn't want to be with him 24/7 yet.  And although I don't feel that way, I've seen it before!  

The new girl is very sweet, but also has some backbone, which is an admirable quality in the workplace.  I have asked her a few times to learn something new, and I discovered that asking is not the right approach:  you just have to give her the job and tell her to ask if she has questions.  It's weird, right?  I always wanted to at least appear to have interest in learning something new, but not her.  Lol.  Hey, in two months she'll be all up in it, and I'll be sipping coffee and watching the news in the morning.  

After having snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, it's going to be 70 degrees today....spring.  Have an enjoyable weekend!

Love, 365

March 20, 2022

Come on, spring....go away wind :-)


Our spring winds haven't really started up yet.  One day we have an inch or so of snow, and the next day it's 55-60 degrees.  I was always surprised at people wearing shorts and tee shirts in New Mexico even in 50 degree weather, but I guess after 27 years her I've acclimated.  Today I wore a skirt (bare legs, no hose or tights) and tee shirt to church, but to be fair, I did wear a jacket :-)  This mornings temps were around 47 or so.

This coming Tuesday I will be 10 weeks out from retirement!  Time somehow seems to be speeding up ~ but I believe that was helped by the "spring forward" we experienced a week ago.

Romeo has been working on our taxes, but he hasn't been grumpy......yet.  It's all very strange, because usually he's stressed over it.  Good ol' Turbo Tax.

Putin is continuing his crazy war, and innocent people are dying and being displaced.  It's a horror every day on the news.  And did you hear this?

From the New York Post, dated March 15th, 2022   Ben Kesslen writes:

Matveychev then said he wants “the return of all Russian properties, those of the Russian empire, the Soviet Union and current Russia, which has been seized in the United States, and so on.”

That includes Alaska and even Fort Ross, California, a small area in Sonoma County that was at one point the Russian Empire’s southernmost outpost in North America and was sold off in 1841.

This is apparently to compensate Russia for the economic sanctions imposed due to the invasion of Ukraine.   He is deranged. 

Let us all pray for the innocent.

Love, 365

March 13, 2022

Frickity frackity........


For Pete's sake, right?  Why Saturday night?  At least we would have a two day jump on adjusting to one of the most absurd propositions ever.  It's been proven over and over that none of the "advantages" ever bore any fruit.  It has been proven to reduce productivity.....and make most people cranky and tired.  We don't even have the excuse that we forgot to set our clocks, since everything changes without effort.  Ugh.  

I am praying for Ukraine.......

Love, 365

March 5, 2022

It's getting real...............


I chose this spiral staircase, not because I'm heading down, but going up!!  

On March 8th, I will have 12 weeks left.  6 more paychecks.  😮

We all survived the retirement of our previous office manager.  She is still somewhat involved, as she's putting the open house party together on 4/22 for the incoming doctor ~ which we met last Monday.  One thing that struck me, is the resemblance of the doc that's staying and the new one.  It's really rather uncanny.  I told them they look a bit like brothers 😛  I think it's weird, but hey.  

I did get a raise, which went into effect on my last paycheck, which was nice since we had a short month and we are paid hourly.  

Otherwise, it's been busy busy both at work and at home.  And I put aside an hour to go and get a pedicure, which I haven't had since the first part of November.  Since we've had warm temperatures, I've been tempted to wear sandals, until I have a look at the state of my toes, haha.  Of course, the temp's have plummeted (70 a day or two ago, and the high tomorrow of 46 ~ typical early spring weather).  So, probably won't wear sandals to church on Sunday.  I am not sure if I will continue to go to a salon to have them done.  The price was more than last year ~ so what's new, everything has gone up ~ so I'll have to "polish" my skills.  Sorry for the pun!  There were only two people working in the salon, the owner and one technician.  She told me they just can't find help.  Maybe they went back to school so they could get higher paid jobs?  I assume that the pay is likely around minimum wage for technicians.  You could not pay me enough to work on people's gnarly feet!  But I can manage my own, lol.

I spent much of yesterday doing laundry, as I didn't do any the weekend before, so I had two loads worth.  Cleaned the bathroom.  Dusted.  Put stuff away.  My office is still in need of tidying though.  Today is bread baking day ~ I've baked three loaves already and have two more to go.  The first three are for church (bread for communion), and the other two are sourdough loaves.  I finally figured out it's better to bake 2 smaller loaves and give one away.  Romeo and I could not finish a full loaf in a week!  Probably a good thing!

I am right on track as far as my financial goals.  But I admit that it's a tad bit nerve wracking, saying goodbye to a bi-monthly paycheck ~ especially since I just had a raise!!  Sigh.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, 365

I am tired.......

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