September 23, 2021

Did too........did not........


On our way back home from Texas we stopped in Las Cruces to spend the night before continuing on.  Tired and hungry, I went online to order some food close to us and found this charming restaurant.  I ordered online, but something happened while ordering...they charged my card, but said the order wasn't completed.  Oh, and that they would refund me the 25.78 in a few days.  But that didn't happen.  I figured I would hear from them in a few days.  But I did not. 5 days later my Mom passed away, and all of this went to the back burner.

Well, recently I looked into it and I still haven't been refunded. So I called the restaurant, and the person who answered said that he saw the order, but that I had never been charged.  I disagreed.  "It's on my bank statement, two charges on the same day".  Still, he argued with me.  Now I'm getting mad.  And he's no longer listening, so I hang up.  And called my bank to dispute the charge.

If he hadn't been such a but head, I probably would have just let it's only about $26.  But he had to be a jerk, and that riles me up.  I did enjoy the food, but it wasn't worth $50.  Ugh.  I really don't need this kind of frustration right now.  

None of us know why a particular co-worker is having some sort of personal crisis, but she is not doing her job (meaning, leaving me to handle everything up front, which is more than a one person job).  I asked her yesterday "Is something wrong?", but all I got was a "no".  Today was a repeat of yesterday afternoon.  The OM helped me quite a bit.  Truthfully I was a bit bugged that she just let her do what she was doing (haha, which was not assisting at the front desk).  So, I guess what I'm learning from this is that if I'm in a crappy mood because of something, it's OK for me to not help anyone else.  There are normally 4 people at the front desk, but the last day and a half there have only been the two of us.

Maybe I'm just letting things get to me.  '

I'm too sensitive.  I've been told that many times.  I take things too personally.  I don't stand up for myself, etc.  I wish I didn't have to go in tomorrow.  Blech.  Retirement is sitting off in the distance waving me forward.

Love, 365

September 20, 2021

Monday, Monday......


I don't recall if I mentioned that I finally broke down and bought a new sewing machine.  I had never heard of Elna, which is a Swiss brand, which is manufactured in Taiwan.  Go figure.  Anyway, I previously had a really ancient Singer, that was once my Mom's.  And that machine was made from 1985-1988.  Translation: old, but the darn thing still works fairly well.  It does need a tune up, but that would probably cost $150 or so.  My sister, who is an accomplished sewer, suggested it was time for a new machine.  Romeo thought so too.  So, now I have a new machine and an old one that I need to give away.  I want to give it to someone who doesn't have one, and would like to have it for minor sewing projects.  It'll take a bit of investigation to find someone to give the old one to.  I  have it all, the bobbins, instruction booklet, accessories.  Oh, yeah, I need to look for those and package them up.

The funny part of all this was me trying to figure out how to do simple things, like fill a bobbin and use the fancy self-threading device, and how you're supposed to change the sewing foot.  I failed at all three before I took my basics class today.  Although I did finally get the sewing foot on successfully once.  :D  Now I have been instructed.  Hopefully I will remember how to do it next weekend.  Things have changed a lot in 33-35 years. 

I also had an ultrasound of my upper abdomen.  My doc wants to see if there's some issue with my kidneys that is causing the constant uti's.  I had also asked her if she thought my liver was enlarged, so they scanned it too.  I should hear something in 3-4 days.  Hopefully all is minor or negative.   Once you've had a cancer diagnosis, everything is possibly cancer.  Better not, dang it.  Better not.  As far as the liver is concerned, I can't blame it on drinking....I only have a driink a few times a year.  Romeo doesn't like to drink (alcoholic Mom), so I just don't, even though there are times when I'd like to have a little something after work.  I am not really a wine drinker, but I do like beer, margaritas, the occasional martini.  So, send those good vibes my way, would ya?

I hope y'all have a great week!

Love, 365

September 17, 2021

Happy Friday to you all!............


Yesterday morning the sky was just beautiful.  I took this photo while walking to the office door before work.  

Well, friends!  It has been an interesting summer, no?  Full of all sorts of challenges ~ I would say ups and downs, but there really haven't been very many "ups".  Mostly it has been great losses, and huge frustrations.  Every time I think we're done with the downs, I discover there's more.  But, hey, I just can't sustain that kind of sadness for too long.  It's my nature to look at the sunny side of life.  I think I annoy people with my "silver lining" way of looking at things.  Could be worse, though, right?  

I have my moments ~ like the last post.  I stand by that too, I guess it is my failing that I cannot fathom why people persist in believing the vaccine is  ~  whatever it is they believe.  And for the reasons that most can't articulate, or maybe I'm too stupid to understand.  Could be both.  But whatever.  I am "over it" as they say, although I still have to deal with it at work.  

36 weeks.  That's what I have left before retirement.  It doesn't sound too long, does it!  There are two of us that will retire at the end of May.  I'm giving a good bit of notice, but the other person says she is only giving them a week.  I bet our OM will retire before I do.....that should make life interesting.

I am planning to obtain my passport.  I've never had one.  Truth is, I may get it and never use it.  But I want the opportunity to travel to Europe (no, I've never visited).  I lived in Japan as a child, and visited Canada, but that's pretty much it. 

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!  

Love, 365

September 9, 2021

It's apparently all or none........


**Before I begin, recently one of my coworkers asked me if I ever write about them on my blog.  I said no.  I lied.  I doubt seriously that any of them has any knowledge of blogging (for one), nor has enough interest to search for more than 5 minutes.

This week was interesting.  Ms. Loud had to go out of town because her Uncle was dying, and they are very close.  He sadly passed away two days ago.  Apparently he had terminal liver cancer.  

In the meantime, on Tuesday, one of our dental assistants left abruptly.  We weren't given any information about why.  Was she fired?  Sick?  Did she quit?  No one knew....lots of speculation, gossip, etc.  Later in the day someone discovered that she had a positive Covid test.  Someone said one of our patients called in last week to report they were positive, and she had worked on that patient.  Of course, there is no way to know how she was infected.

We also noticed that about an hour later, there was a mandatory staff meeting on the schedule for the next day.  Still no confirmation or information on why she is gone.   

Yesterday we had the meeting ~ and "to protect the identity of the person" they admitted without the name,  that she/he/it is positive for covid.  I don't know about anyone else, but I thought that statement was stupid.  We all know who it is.  When you have a staff of 17, and one person is out.....only a moron would wonder to themselves, "gee, I wonder who it is?".  They discussed the complaints our office received about staff who weren't wearing their masks or were wearing them incorrectly (yes, we have one person who's nose is hanging out all the time).  The doc's are upset about this, and the view that patients have that our office might not be safe.  Although I agree with them, I think this is all over-blown.  We have been working as we are right now, for 1 1/2 years and this is the first time we've had a staff member test positive.  I've been waiting for this day.  We lean over patients faces all day long for pete's sake.  

Then, they stated that our non-vaccinated staff will, in the near future, be required to be tested every week.  And the fireworks exploded.  One staff member went on and on, and it was obvious she was taking it all very personally.  After hashing it out a bit, they decided our office would buy the test kits for testing instead of asking them to go to a testing center, which does seem fair to me.  I would hate to have to go to one of those places every week. I was shocked to learn that to buy test kits for the number of un-vaccinated to be tested each week for two months would cost the practice over $1,000.  But one person said she refused to be tested every week.  Period.  

While our doc's are trying to figure out where to go from here, there was lots of gossip, complaints, speculation.  I was laying as low as I could, trying not to get dragged into it.  Dreading when Ms. Loud returned to work, which was today.  And I was right to be concerned. 

Apparently she, and a few of the other non-vaccinated staff agreed that they would be ok with testing if everyone is tested.  Ms. Loud was saying that it's discrimination to require testing only from those without the jab.  Then she compared it to Christians and Jews, and then I had to say it's nothing like that, omg, that's a ridiculous comparison.  Then I turned around to my desk and said no more.  

Our OM (office manager) confided that if the doc's fold on their plan she will retire.  Which she is eventually planning on doing anyway, but she's tired of this situation that she knew would come, and has been trying to discuss with them for a year.  I have no idea what will ensue.  If I had all my ducks lined up I would give my notice tomorrow.  I am sick and tired of these non-vaccinated people crying out because they can't go to the state fair (ours is requiring it),   Truthfully they probably wouldn't have gone anyway, but they feel justified to constantly bitch about it.  

I am vaccinated.  I couldn't wait to get vaccinated.  I understand some people don't want to, and support their right to remain unprotected.  But don't expect a lot of sympathy from me when consequences have to be paid.

Love, 365

September 3, 2021

What have I gotten myself into?......

Not long ago, I saw an ad where you make your own towels.  You buy the fabric (shown above).  Cut out the size from the patterns.  Hem each side.  Then wash, and you supposedly get:

these fluffy, waffle weave towels.  The magic apparently happens when you wash and dry them.  I don't know if I'm going to have the same success as is pictured here, but I should.  This is apparently easy. Not so sure yet, because just cutting them out was a giant pain.  Unfortunately the fabric on sale is an off white, which is not the color of towel I ever buy!  We are dirty kids :D

What can I say?  I'm looking for small sewing projects, which I thought this would be, but it's turning out to be a bit larger and more complicated than I thought.  

I am also creating some bookmarks to give away at Christmas to my book reading friends.  Since I have my sewing machine out, I'm going to work on those today and tomorrow too.  

Well, I best get on with it.  Wish me luck!!

Love, 365

Later on........

Cutting the is so large, but I'm following instructions.  


The final product.  It turned out exactly as promised!  I did use it last night, but due to the linen, there were tiny pieces that I felt on my skin.  A few more washings will take care of that.  The color is closer to the top photos, the photo shows it to be more yellow.  Overall I'm really happy with this project, but I am not done yet, I still have to make the hand towels and wash cloths. 

I am tired.......

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