May 31, 2015

Baking and playing.......

A few weeks ago I purchased this bundt pan from Williams-Sonoma...truth is, I've been wanting it for the past 5 years, after purchasing one for my Mom.  (She probably never uses it!  But there it is in case she decides to.....)  It is made in the USA....another nice perk.  When Williams-Sonoma first started carrying it, they had a cinnamon roll mix with instructions on how to make it in this particular pan, and I must say it was great!  They no longer carry the cinnamon roll mix, but there are tons of bundt cake recipes out there.  And if you want to try the cinnamon roll idea, just make them and after you put all the goodies in the dough, just wrap it around the pan for the final rise.  Cream cheese frosting is a must!  They really look great too.....   I just had to look a little harder to find recipes that didn't include cake mixes, because "from scratch" means no premade own rule.  That is conveniently broken if the recipe looks too good to pass up.  Lol.

Ironically, this is the shape of my previous bundt pan....which I passed on to someone who wanted it.  
I made lavendar and lemon bundt cake as a tester for my swirly one.

And OMG, it was wonderful.  I made it for the racquetball ladies night group party yesterday.  It took a little doing to find the dried lavendar flowers, and the flavor is fantastic.  The recipe is on the Williams-Sonoma website.  For free.  They have lots of great recipes, and if you're looking for something new, it's a great place to check out!

Key lime bundt cake.  Yep.....

Got this recipe from another blogger.  If you want to visit her site, just click on the title & it'll take you there.  I didn't make the glaze for this one, but decided to make whipped cream instead, and threw in the left over zest and just a little sugar.  I haven't tried it yet, but Romeo said it was good.  However, he says everything I bake is good.  I have to cut a piece for the Ladies Night group for a birthday.  The person who it running the group is paying me to make a dessert when we have birthdays, which plays right into Romeo's plan...I'll have to bake something, and I only need to take a slice to the party.  We used to bring a whole cake, but hardly anyone wanted to eat any....then she was buying cupcakes.....and that got old.  So, now they get something home made & hopefully delicious.

Other than my baking spree, all is about the same!  I am still enjoying my workplace and although I do have a class this summer, it's not terribly taxing.  Which is good, because it's summer...and I want to get out and hike & explore.  Hopefully soon.

Enjoy your week!
Love, 365

May 24, 2015

Not just another Sunday

Google images.....
Memorial Day used to be Decoration Day, to honor those that lost their lives in the Civil War.  
By 1890, our country "memorialized" all of our men and women that died in wartime.

We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.
(Moina Michael, 1915)

Moina began to wear a red poppy in honor of fallen soldiers.  She decided to sell them, with the proceeds to go to soldiers in need, and her idea spread around the world.  In 1948 the U.S. Postal service created this stamp to honor Moina for her efforts.

I don't recall ever hearing her name in our history books.....I'm sure there are many more heroes in the U.S. that have never been recognized for their efforts (men and women).

But, while we are enjoying our barbeque's and enjoying a well deserved day off, making it a 3 day weekend for us, we should take a moment to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us and for our country.  And dear Moira for creating a unique fund raiser to help soldiers in need.  

Love, 365

May 22, 2015

I am gonna totally lose my shit.......

Out it comes.....(google images)

Seriously, I need to make a big decision this summer, regarding my bachelor's degree goal.  If I want to graduate from UNM, I need a certain # of hours there.  Like 92.  This is part of the audit.....

Now, does this make sense to anyone?  On the top it says I need 26 hours.  On the bottom, unless I am not understanding (which is very likely), it says that after I've earned the 94 hours, I have to take 15 more.  WTF?????????

At UNM, you must also have a minor.  I picked history, mostly because I like ancient history, and partly because I had taken so freakin many history classes at CNM (community college) I figured that I won't need that many upper level classes.....and I really only need 15 hours.  (Notice that there is a weirdly demonic correlation between the 94 and the additional 15 hours....hmmmmm)  The issue at hand is finding upper level history classes online (none) or after work (also none).  

If I take the required history classes at another college, I won't have enough hours earned at UNM to graduate with my degree.

Slap me.....

So, all this time, I hadn't really considered this logistical problem. 

I wrote an e-mail to the Dean of Students (don't ask me why I thought this was a good idea), but I haven't (wow, surprising, right?) heard from them.  Basically I mentioned the requirements, the fact that I work full time, and that the history department doesn't offer any upper level classes online or after 5pm.  

I don't think they care......

So, I suppose I will have to schlep over to the counselors office (that don't care, and make you feel like you're a whiner), who will probably send me to someone else that doesn't care.  

I think I'm going to have to accept the fact that regardless of the $$ I've spent so far, they will be annoyed that I'd really like to finish.  Without taking this.....

"Queer History Ancient Time to Today"

Are they kidding?  Nope.  Not that I have anything against the gay/lesbian/&whatever lifestyle.  I just choose not to study it.  I'd rather take....
"Medieval & Modern Apocalypse" 
(note the time it's available)

Another issue is: if I transfer to another college that allows me the freedom to take all my classes online, I will probably face the same hours issue.  Plus, I won't be able to participate in the traditional graduation ceremony.  I was kinda looking forward to that.

So, kinda sucks.....hopefully there will be someone at UNM that will respond to this:

Not sure what else to do......

Love, 365

May 17, 2015

Ok, so I changed my mind, lol, again.

Yeah I changed my mind.....get over it (Bing images)

More on Stitch Fix....had a long conversation with my sis, and she went over the items she got in her box.  She said she loved all of the items, but did mention a sweater with dolman sleeves.  I recoiled in horror....

I truly don't have an answer as to why I detest dolman sleeves.  They were popular in the 80's (?) and I breathed a sigh of relief when they went away.  Apparently they are "back in fashion".  Then I recalled a few photos in the stitch fix reviews that did show a dolman sleeve.  Why, God, why??????

To me, dolman sleeves look like bat wings.  Now, bats are wonderful creatures.  The sheer numbers of bugs they consume each evening is nothing short of amazing.  I love bats.  But I don't want to wear anything that looks like this.  Ever.  

******Ok, enough of that rant.  My main point is I decided to give Stitch Fix a try.  I blame my sister.  :-)  Although she has received only one box, she was happy with the choices they sent her....well, with the exception of the jewelry.  She kept 2 pieces and returned the rest.  So, I will dutifully let you know how it goes...  

Bing images

We have been on the receiving end of rain!  The photo above is of Albuquerque.  When they say a 40% chance of rain, this is what they  Yesterday I was driving around and although the sight I had was not as dramatic as this one, it was similar.  Once the clouds blew away from the mountains, I could see snow.  And we had a little hail too, but the hail was really small, like baby peas, so we didn't have much damage to plants.  It has been really nice to have so much moisture, and my guess is that in a week everything will be green, and flowers will's a great time to live in the high desert!  

I hope you have a great week.
Love, 365

May 14, 2015

The semester is done! And what about Stitch Fix?

Ok, where's my beer at????

The semester is done with...and with luck & hard work, I have another "A" to add to my successes.  Honestly, I don't know why he gave me an A, because I wasn't at all happy with my research paper.  And, I should not have put it off, because I literally finished & printed it at 3:20, and left at 3:30 to go to class.  Maybe I just got lucky.  Our professor took us to dinner & we met his wife ~ who was either younger than I thought, or was exactly the age I thought, but looked young.  Yeah, it was a teeny bit awkward, but delicious.  We went to an asian street food place on Central.  If you're really really hungry, order pho.  My bowl was HUGE.  I did not finish it, although it was really good.  Plus, not really a good dish to order in awkward situations, because the noodles are about a mile long, and there's no truly graceful way to eat it, unless you have the foresight to ask for a fork and knife so you can cut the noodles into bite size pieces.  As it was, I made do with those funny weird spoons they give you & chop sticks.  How in God's name are you supposed to eat soup with chop sticks? Hmmmm.  

Stitch fix......

Yesterday my sister posted on Facebook that she gave Stitch Fix a try.  Supposedly it's a service that sends you 5 items ~ tops, bottoms, dresses, hand bags, shoes, accessories ~ based on a questionaire you fill out that includes sizes, colors, fabrics, patterns, and how you like your clothes to fit, like tight, fitted, straight (what ever that means),  and loose.  You also have a spot to put in stuff you like, such as "I prefer to wear jeans most of the time" or "I need a cocktail outfit for a party", etc.  Of course you have to include your payment info, and pick a delivery date.  
My sister and I don't really have the same taste in clothes, so I thought I would read whatever reviews I could find online.  Oh, and I wanted to find out how much it costs as well, because my sister's clothing budget has ALWAYS been bigger than mine.  Besides the fact she has more discretionary money, she has a mind-boggling closet, and a huge shoe collection.  
Anyway, here are some pictures of the outfits I saw on their review section.  

Stitch Fix
This is a photo from one of their clients.  Now, apparently this woman really likes green, and really loved this dress.  All I could think was ugh.  I wouldn't wear that dress unless you paid me a lot of money.

Again, this is from their web site.  I don't want to be mean, but that skirt makes me want to barf.  I wouldn't wear this one even if they did pay me.  

****I cut the heads off of these photos....somehow it made me feel better.

To be fair, there were some outfits that I sorta liked, and the idea of getting a box of clothes & accessories delivered to my door once a month to try on and keep or send back.  But I realized that even though clothes shopping can sometimes be a pain in the ass, I prefer to pick out my own.  Part of the service is having a "stylist" choose for you.  Sounds glamorous until you look again at the pics I've posted, huh?  And it seems to me that it's more of a computer stylist that gives the human stylist options.  I don't think it's very economical either, although they do give you a price range to pick from.  The first one is "cheap" and the second is $50-100, and as you may have already guessed, it goes up from there.  If any of you have tried it and have a different take on it, let me know!

Oh, and if you like those clothes and I've insulted you......whoops.

Love, 365

May 10, 2015

I'm making progress due to the looming Monday deadline....


Yes, the looming deadline has made the difference.......I don't seem to be constipated anymore, lol.  This is not to say that I still have occasional writers block, but it usually "ahem" comes out.  Yeah, I know, this is why I don't make money writing.  ;-)

Happy anniversary to's been 5 years!  

It does seem like 5 years, the time didn't go by in a flash.  I was thrilled at my last mammogram when they told me I could cut my visits to them to once a year instead of 2.  Soon I will stop taking the hormone blocker, which is some cause for concern, but all I can do is trust the Dr's.  Obviously I can't take this stuff forever, so might as well be now.  I'm just glad that I'm still here, and have most of my body parts.

Happy Mother's Day!

And so, on a day devoted to Mom's everywhere....I hope you have a wonderful, enjoyable day.  Son #2 is doing the thorough room cleaning (all I could hope for) & Son #1 has taken his lovely wife to a lake house for the weekend for what is most likely a nice weekend away from the chaos that is 5 kids.  Romeo gave me a lovely boquet of flowers, and is cleaning the house.....I bought some steaks for grilling tonight, which I'm looking forward to.  It is a glorious day out there.....all blue skies and nice temp's.  The wind is trying to be bad ass, but so far it's just a little breezy.  

And now, dear friends, it is time to get busy writing.  

Love, 365

May 3, 2015

Please please drive with courtesy, and we'll all have a great commute......

It's silly for a reason!  (Google images)

If any of you regularly read my blog, you may already know that I have issues with other drivers.  Mostly just the "I'm really in a big hurry, and I'm more important than you" type.  There are others I also have issue with, like the "That's my parking spot, and to hell with you"...which I encountered a few weeks ago at one of our malls.  I was waiting for someone to pull out of their parking space, and another car zipped around the corner & snagged it (and yes, they did see I was waiting).  Instead of acting upon the devious retribution thoughts in my head, I decided it was better for me to give up on shopping that day, and go home.  Or the person who turned right in front of me to get into the parking space they thought I wanted, although I was simply leaving and had no interest whatsoever in that parking place.  Not to mention that there were lots of parking spaces around.  Was it really necessary to turn right in front of me?  I would have broadsided them, except that I had a "feeling" they were going to be ass holes.  I guess I have "ass hole radar".

The main issue I have is people who put you at risk because they are in a big ol' hurry to get.....wherever.  All ages, sexes and ethnic groups are guilty.  And, invariably you see these same ass holes at the next stop light.  I refuse to believe that most of these idiots fail to notice that the person they cut in front of are right there with them at the next light.  Perhaps its they want to be in front.  Even if that means that they aren't getting anywhere faster....they just have to "beat you" to the light.  Humans are kinda weird, so I wouldn't discount this theory.  

If I thought I could really change the world by changing my career path and teach driving skills, I would do it in a heart beat.  But I think it's not how they are taught to drive, it's more their personality that "drives" (ha ha) them.  So, if my theory is correct, people that drive like ass holes are probably ass holes all the time.  

Could you imagine a drive to work where everyone (including yourself) drives with courtesy?  It's a pipe dream of mine.  No one cuts you off, steals your parking spot, or drives right in front of you to take something you don't even want.  Pipe dream?  Nah, it's more like a fantasy.

Love, 365

I am tired.......

  See all that tsoureki?  We made the dough, waited awhile for it to rise, braided it, egg washed it, put sesame seeds on it, baked them, pu...