January 12, 2023

Battle Bots and other wacky stuff.......


How does he do it?  Romeo started watching Battle Bots a couple of years ago.  Basically teams built these robots and battle it out for 3 minutes (sometimes it's a lot less).  Each season someone wins the GIANT NUT.  

The double entendre isn't lost here...... haha

At first I just ignored it and played a game on my phone, or went to my office and watched something else.  Then I watched a few, and now I find it interesting and it's got lots of action....well, it lasts for 3 minutes (I can think of something else that is exciting for 3 minutes, but we won't go there, haha).  

I used to hate watching Forged in Fire, but he has managed to win me over on that one too.  

He isn't a sports fan, so there is that.  I like football more than he does.  

But if he labels a show as a "chic flick" he leaves.  I don't think I've ever convinced him to watch any of those.  I think I'm not a good sales person....although sometimes it's great that he leaves instead of spending the 30 min to 1 hour show being snarky.  Especially when his snark has a point.  :-(  I just hate when that happens.

Love, 365

January 10, 2023


I know they aren't pretty ~ even after the third go round ~ but these "ballpark pretzels" are really yummy.  They are a bit of a pain to make, and boy howdy the mess on the stove top is out of control.  We have to take it easy, because we could probably eat them in two days.  It's not something I want to bake every week for sure.  


I don't know why I took this photo of his paw.  But dang it!  Every bit of this puppy is just so irritatingly cute!  I call it the high 5.

We have a neighbor across the street, a single woman who retired two, maybe almost 3 years ago.  Her ex-husband passed away some years ago.  She's in a relationship, but he has his own house.  She said she really enjoyed having her own place.  This is the lady who bailed us out when our fridge died.  

When something happens she usually texts me to ask if Romeo can come over and look at it.  Which is ok, he doesn't mind.  She did that today, and when she returned home from Santa Fe, we went over to figure out was was wrong with her Bose sound system.  So we went over, and Romeo had his little black bag of tools.....it turned out that she was dusting and somehow unplugged it from the surge protector, haha.  We all had a good laugh at that.  

Love, 365

January 4, 2023

Happy New Year!


We decided to give Demitri the right start to the new year with a bath.....he was not really all that in to it.  Haha

Romeo bought this beautiful poinsettia for Christmas......I think it's the prettiest one I've ever had!  It's such a rich color.   

I have been quite occupied with baking and puppy that I haven't taken time to write.  I've started a few!  Ah, well, excuses excuses.  

I finally achieved one of my goals in sourdough bread, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it.  The one time I don't take a photo....haha.  It had a great rise in the oven and a nice open crumb.  Crusty and crunchy on the outside, pillowy soft on the inside.  A friend gave me a new starter, and it's amazing.  

There isn't much new or exciting happening here.  Day to day life ~ laudnry, walks outside with Demitri, playing racquetball at the gym, baking, etc.  Now that I am retired, I don't have any drama to report on 😁  It's super awesome!  I admit that there hasn't been one day that I regret retiring.  Oh, I miss some of the patients that I enjoyed talking to, and most of the staff, but otherwise?  Not at all......it's really fabulous.  I still get up early but not as early as I used to.  6:30-7:00 ~ sometimes even 7:30!  woo hoo!  Once the weather warms up, we will be doing some road trips, Arizona, Colorado, and around and about New Mexico.  



My best wishes for all of you in 2023.....

Love, 365

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