November 27, 2018

It's really too late for this nonsense.....

Ugh, it is past my bedtime, but I'm a little too wound up to rush off to bed. 

Registration quirkyness:  my last semester is in the spring, and supposedly I will graduate in May.  However, the degree audit I did tonight shows some discrepancies that will make going to the advisor a necessity.  I hate going.  I have to take time out of my schedule to wait around ~ despite making an appointment.  It's always so vague.  I wish (and I've said this before) that the student should be able to pick and choose the classes that fit their interests.  Of course you have to take the basics, but when you start getting into your junior year, it should be up to us.  Not the stupid curriculum book.  Hmph.

Today's idiocy:  Instead of leaving at 10:20 for class from work, I wasn't really paying attention and left at 9:20.  By the time I was at a stop light and could read the text my coworker sent me, it would not have made sense to go back to work and leave 15-20 min later to go again.  So, tomorrow I will have to eat lunch at my desk ~ which I detest ~ to make up that hour.  Sheesh. 

Vegan Wednesdays: the Orthodox faith asks it's members to avoid eating meat and dairy on Wednesdays.  Although I understand the reasoning they use, it's a pain because I don't really like beans.  I don't want to eat peanut butter every Wednesday of my life to get some protein.  I made a vegan lentil soup for tomorrow.  But although I will get used to stuff like that, I don't think I'm going to enjoy it.  I asked my friend who attends the same church if she follows the restrictions, and she looked at me with a funny expression and said "no".   However, I don't like doing things half-assed, so I'm going with it.  At least on Friday I can have fish. 

Ok, now maybe I can get some sleep. 
Maybe I'll dream of hamburgers and graduation.
Love, 365

November 23, 2018

The details of humor.......

First watch this

You might have already watched's had over 11 million views :-O

I love this guy, who so effortlessly pulls off a hilarious speech at his brother's wedding.  I can say with some certainty that I couldn't do it ~ which my family must know, because no one ever asked me.  Not even son #1, who's had two weddings.  Son #2 probably won't ever get married, unless he gets himself out and about.  Mostly he works all day and then goes home to play online video games, which is his way to relax ~ which makes it tough to meet women.  Not that son #1 hasn't reminded him constantly that "he needs a girl".  Son #2 does what he does whenever anyone tries to give him advice, which is to ignore it completely after he's given you the head nod, indicating you might be right.  Then he turns his attention elsewhere, letting you know the sage advise just rolled off his back like water off a duck.  

I do love those two boys.  They are both frustrating and irritating and wonderful.  I suppose most parents have the same feelings.  Right?

That speech makes me wish I were clever and funny and spontaneous.  That I could come back with a witty remark on the fly.  I, however, always think of those like an hour later, a day later, and every once in awhile, a week later.  If I had a buck every time that happened, I could take a Hawaiian vacation.  

I would love the ability to insult someone that simultaneously shows that I love that person unconditionally.    Or, just be funny.  I have a difficult time telling jokes.  If I hear a great one, I will get halfway through and then bungle the punch line.  Or, worse yet, no one laughs.  That happens a lot.  I wonder if I'm missing the gene that provides that comedic timing that I not only lack, but probably wouldn't recognize if it bit me on the ass.  

What about you?  

Love, 365

November 21, 2018

Cleaning day bonus....

Twice yearly, our entire office staff cleans the office from top to bottom.  All the plastic toys are washed, the carpets thoroughly vacuumed, windows cleaned ~ everything is cleaned.  It takes all of us (17 in total) about 2 1/2 hours to do it.  This time of year it is always on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  In exchange, we have Wednesday off, which gives those of us who cook an extra day for baking, or preparing.  I made our pie (Romeo picked pecan) and cooked the sausage for the stuffing.  Later I'll cut up celery and onions and other little jobs I can do that will make it easier tomorrow.  It's a very nice perk that de-stresses Thanksgiving a bit. 

A few years ago we did this....I don't know where those stick on mustaches went, but it was fun to be silly.  

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love, 365

November 19, 2018

Going left & the sacrifice.......

I don't remember where I first heard this phrase....maybe in a novel I was reading, or on the radio.  No matter where, I have put it into action a few times.  The most recent is when I attended services at St. George Greek Orthodox Church for the first time.  
Where to go?  Hmmm, I think I'll go left, and so now I always take my place to the left of the isle.  My friend who also attends asked me why I sit on this side, so I had to admit it's just something I heard or read somewhere once.  
She thinks I'm a little nutty.
She might be right (haha).  Then asked if I had any problem with the right side, and I said no, why?  Apparently there's a lady who seems lonely, never comes with anyone, and would I mind keeping her company during the liturgy?  So, next Sunday I'll be taking a trip to the right side.  
One of the students in class is being christmated next Sunday, so I want to be there for that (which is sort of like being confirmed).  I am curious to see what that entails. 

In the meantime, of my own choice of course, I'm missing Sunday morning racquetball which runs from 10 am to noonish ~ this is the sacrifice I mentioned.  I asked if anyone would be interested in moving it from 11 to 1, but no takers so far.  I am not surprised, because no one like change, and it is nice to be done in time for whatever else Sunday holds.  When I told *Frances, she recommended skipping one Sunday a month, which is a decent compromise.  I could always go to the service on Saturday night instead ~ I've never been to a vespers service, so might as well experience that too. 

In the meantime

Have a great week!
Love, 365

November 17, 2018

Beautiful beginnings.....

I looked out the window and saw this incredible sunrise....
It reminds me of the great impressionists paintings.
So, there was nothing for it but to venture out in pj's and socks to snap this picture from my back yard.  
A few minutes later, it was all white and blue, the beautiful pink, purple, orange, yellow colors were gone.  It felt like a gift given to me, although I know there were many who enjoyed it.  That is if you were up and around at 6:20ish.  It was rather inspirational.  

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Love, 365


November 13, 2018

Why don't I feel smart?

Uh, scratch that make everyone else happy part.....I've no time for that nonsense.

I just spend an hour and a half quickly doing my reading for the week ~ which I normally do on Sunday afternoon ~ and taking my reading quiz.  We get 20 minutes, and I finished it in 8.  10 out of 10.  I hate those reading quizzes, even though I understand the rationale behind them.  Remember that the majority (vast, vast majority) of my peers in class are between 19 to 25, and will skip the readings if they can.  Oh, hell, what am I saying?  I would probably skim them instead of paying close attention except for the quiz.  I have quit hand writing notes on the readings, because I realize that taking good notes in class is way better since she emphasizes the stuff she thinks is important.  So, I just highlight. 

But, the main focus of this post tonight is about my intelligence.  Which, regardless of my grade point average, doesn't seem very smart to me.  I received my test back today, and even though she wrote some criticism, I still made a 93.  No doubt that I studied hard to make sure I would do well.  But is it good enough?  I feel like I am smart enough to know that I am not as smart as my grades make me out to be.  Does that make sense?  It's like I should be able to interpret the stuff I'm reading in a more insightful way.  And yet, in some ways I feel that college itself doesn't show me how to analyze and reinterpret the stuff I'm reading.  It's more like regurgitating the salient points instead of being able to write the underlying message and what it means.  ARGHHHHHHH. 

See, I can't even adequately explain what it is I'm wanting to express.  These are the moments I think the degree is pointless.  Which kinda pisses me off ~ I mean, I've spent countless hours, energy, worry, money on obtaining it.  Perhaps it's a universal feeling that everyone has at one point, whether in college or not.  I just hope that I've not wasted my time and energy working so damn hard to get it.  

More than anything, it is a testament to my bull headedness.  There have been a few moments of weakness where I thought "this is stupid, what are you doing??", and the worst: "you're too old".  And yet I keep on.  I persevere.  No matter what.  

Love, 365

November 11, 2018

November 10, 2018

My ridiculous countdown........

Oh, I'm anticipating alright.  I have approximately seven months until I've completed this degree ~ so close, and yet sooooo far away.  I suppose that this is the natural consequence of taking one to two classes a semester for nearly 10 years.  A freaking decade.  Uggggh.  

I keep fantasizing about all the things I'll have time to do.  I could go to the gym more (although if today was any indicator, that's a stretch).  Start doing stained glass again.  Make a quilt for our new bed.  Travel more.  The list goes on and on.......

And the obvious: keep the house cleaner.  There is a definite build up of dog hair in certain places.  It must be the air flow and the traffic patterns.  

 Or brushing your teeth WITH oreos.

But the truth is, home is not home without a dog.  I would get another dog, to keep the first dog company while we are at work, but our current dog is kind of a one man show.  She doesn't like other dogs.  And she doesn't like to share her dog bed, even with Romero (she will kick him in the head eventually), who is her favorite human in the world.  

Love, 365

November 9, 2018

Silly stuff that drives us nuts.....

This isn't true at home (because Romeo and I don't share a bathroom, best thing ever...) but at work it's crazy true. 
It is silly ~ we have toilet paper holders with two rolls in it at work.  It's designed so that people can't steal the rolls ~ which is also silly because there's a basket with a bunch of rolls in it.  Anyway, for some reason the majority of the people in our office apparently don't know how to replace the paper when one runs out.  Once I went in and both were empty.  I drives me crazy.  On the other hand, if they want to pay for my time to put on new paper, well, ok.  But seriously?  All you have to do is tear off the cardboard thingy and then you can get the holder out.  Troglodytes.

 This is to the guy who refused to let me merge right after I left the freeway returning to work on Thursday.  And yes, I had my turn signal on.

Like the guy behind me in class that kept coughing and sneezing, and probably no hankie (what are those????) or tissue.  The back of my head felt contaminated....

Does this habit make you crazy too?  This and the drivers that slooooow waaaay down because the light ahead is that you miss the protected left turn and have to wait through another change of traffic lights.  Love that one.....

Okie dokie then.
Love, 365

November 5, 2018


Basically, this is the crux of the matter, lol..

Most of us don't think of it this way (see above) ~ we see it not as "more time", just more time to play outside.  Last night I exclaimed "It's 6:30 and totally dark out!!".  This is what we don't like.  But really, does it make sense to ALWAYS be on daylight savings time?  I just want this madness to end ~ and based on what I hear on the radio, the majority of people (Europe included) don't want the time to change twice a year.  It's already proven that productivity declines and especially in the spring, it messes up my sleep schedule.  

The problem is no one can agree if we should return to regular time or stay on daylight savings time.  Therein lies the conundrum.  No one agrees on what we should do, well, except for the few states that don't participate at all.  I think we should just take the government out of the equation and put it to a vote and be done with it.  

The time change isn't the only change going on in our household right now.  Romeo can't renew his provisional license anymore so is forced to be demoted to substitute teaching until he takes and passes his final test before he can apply for his license.  This creates a challenge, as it will mean a reduction of pay, and the loss of insurance.  I kinda saw the handwriting on the wall a few months ago and took care of my medical appointments and had an eye exam with a new contacts lens subscription.  He is frustrated and angry, and I can't blame him for that.  But it also means that he is grumpy and isn't sleeping well.  Part of the problem is that the dept. of education called this summer and told him he was scheduled for the wrong test, so he cancelled and rescheduled ~ only to discover that he was signed up for the right one.  So he missed that test date and had to reschedule.  The test is in December.  And what do you want to bet that they will deny his benefits for the summer because of the break in licensing?  In the meantime, regardless of how this will all work out, he is going to look for another job.  

Love, 365

November 3, 2018


I was just cleaning out my UNM mailbox and ran across an article about conodonts ~ once the most common creature to be found in the oceans, now extinct since the Triassic period, and apparently ranges greatly in size from a centimeter or so up to 40cm, and resemble eels.  

I can hear it now ~ what the heck is she talking about?  This is what caught my attention:
 Photo: Geological Museum of the Polish Geological Institute in Warsaw

Conodonts, like eels, have very soft bodies.  What you are looking at here are what scientists call conodont elements apparently because they don't quite classify as bones or teeth, comprised of calcium phosphate  ~the picture above represent ONE conodont's mouth parts.  There is a cool you tube video that shows how it might work here which is really cool to watch.  

These creatures are known as "index fossils" used to identify geological periods.  They are also thought to be a distant relative of the hag fish ~ ugh.  

So, there you go.  I just had to share, in hopes that you enjoy this kind of weirdness too.....

Love, 365

November 2, 2018

Threading the needle.......

If I didn't have a university class every Tuesday and Thursday, my ventures onto the freeway would be reduced to maybe once a week.  Even then, I could get where I need to go without it on that one day.  I could get to UNM on side streets as well, but it would take forever, and I've already posted more than one rant about how this one class is a sacrifice of 2 1/2 hours of pay every week, threatening to remove me from the rolls of "full time = full benefits" (which amounts to paid time off as the other benefit is free dental care).   So, I hop onto I25 south every Tues. & Thurs. for that really fun round trip.  

To be clear, I don't have a problem with driving on the freeway.  

However, there are some really scary moments that I don't experience on the side streets that involve driving 65 mph (or 70, depending).   I am old school ~ I still recall much of the safety lessons from my days in drivers ed.  I know kids still take drivers ed., but I am beginning to believe that it's a far cry from what I was taught back in the day......

There are lots of aggressive, stupid, distracted drivers out there, and they are at their most crazy when the speeds are over 40.  

I like to maintain at least one car length between me and the car in front of me pretty much no matter what speed we're going, but most especially when we're zooming down the freeway.  Of course, this space seems to be an open invitation for anyone who isn't happy with the lane they're in.  Whatever.  I just drop my speed enough to open that space again.  Which, yeah, is a vicious cycle.  What I witness as I'm driving down the freeway is people that don't plan ahead and thread the needle of traffic across as many as 3 lanes (or more) to take that exit they somehow forgot to take.  It's stuff like that.  It really freaks me out.  

What about you? Be safe out there.....

Love, 365

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