October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Office shenanigans.....

Many years ago I worked for a pediatric dentist, and we had to dress up for Halloween every year.  I hated wearing a costume all day, because they just weren't that comfortable.  This year one of my coworkers decided to get us witches hats, and we would wear black.  I thought, great idea!  Until the darned hat gave me a headache and gave me the dreaded "hat hair".  My boss is in the batman head....  

Romeo and I quit giving out candy 5 years ago due to the dog going absolutely bonkers.  Her bark rouses the entire neighborhood.  And I didn't like having candy left over either.  So, we don't do it anymore.  I notice that we have fewer and fewer neighbors that participate every year.  Most parents probably take their kids to a party or event.  When I was a kid we lived in a huge neighborhood and brought home tons of candy.  But we didn't have to worry about drugs or razer blades either. 

I have finished my exam notes.  It can be two sided, but my printer doesn't do that.  It took me 3 tries to figure out which way to put the paper in to do both sides.  Just goes to show that being in an honor society and having a 3.9 grade point average doesn't mean everything, haha.  I also took the day off from work, which will give me a nice break of 5 days since this is my "long" weekend.  So, all I need to do is go to class & take my exam and then I'm free to do whatever.   

Maybe I'll take a nap first....

Love, 365

October 27, 2018

Slog it out......

Los Poblanos ~ organic lavender

Slogging: working hard over a period of time; a spell of difficult, tiring work or travel......yeah, I wish I were traveling.  That sounds like a better slog than working, doesn't it?  I have been working on my exam study guide all day, and have a full day of it tomorrow as well.  Oh, wait, I signed up for this and actually paid for the privilege!  Well, I think I just lost my edge on this argument.....wah wah wah

While looking for crock pot recipes that don't suck, I stumbled on chicken and dumplings recipe on FB and it actually turned out great!  I made another batch so that we could freeze some for those evenings we don't feel like cooking, or are too busy to think about it.  Do you like to cook more than you need and freeze it for busy week days?  We do it all the time ~ currently we have the aforementioned chicken & dumplings and enchiladas.  Sure beats bringing home fast food for dinner.

Lets lighten this up, shall we?

Love, 365

TGIF everybody.......

It was a beautiful day here in Albuquerque today ~mid 60s, sunny blue skies, only a small breeze.  I was wishing to be outside, but it's my work Friday (which isn't too bad, 8 to 2).  Thankfully it will be a nice weekend too!  I will have to make time to get out for walks to enjoy it even though I have an exam next Thursday.

***Has anyone watched the Netflix show "Designated Survivor"?  I watched a few episodes last night, and I must say, it's so similar to "24" to be laughable.  Correction, it was originally aired on ABC, and was to be cancelled until Netflix picked it up.  So, apparently there will be a season 3.  The real difference between 24 & DS is that Kiefer Sutherland is that he's not running around trying to avoid death's door every minute.  There was another series called Touch that was very brief, and again, Kiefer plays a man who is fighting for justice just as in 24 and DS.  It would seem he has been typecast or he wants to play the role of hero instead of the villain.  Not sure why I like Kiefer, maybe it all stems from The Lost Boys, which I found hugely entertaining ~ realizing he wasn't the star in that movie, nor was he a hero.....hmmmmm

Well, I gotta go study.  Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, 365

October 22, 2018

Monday, Monday......

White Sands, New Mexico...

After spending the entire afternoon on an assignment, I'm catching up on the readings for class & the quiz due on Wednesday.  Although I'm enjoying the class, I am tired of school.  I've been going for too many years.  I am ready to be done ~ which, if all goes well, will be done by next May.  So close, and so far away.......   I have a test on the 1st of November, so I don't see any spare time coming up soon.

This is how I spend my Monday off.  Studying and reading.  Ugh.

This is also the week I have to cut one of my lunch hours down to 30 minutes so that I can meet the minimum number of hours to maintain "full time benefits".  For pity's sake.  Really?  The OM made it very clear that there is no leeway in this requirement, although there are two hygienists and one of the front desk employees that I know for a fact do not work the minimum every week.  And she tried to convince me that they don't have "full time benefits".  The only problem is, I know it's not true.  So, I could fuss and fume, take it to the Doc, or just cut one lunch hour down 30 minutes and let it go.  I'm doing the latter because I just don't have the time or energy to fight it.  

And now for some Monday fun:

Love, 365

October 21, 2018

Trying something new......

Mosaic in St George Greek Orthodox Church

Before I get going here, I want to say that it is not my intention to suddenly be all holy and preachy.  This is something I'm doing for me.   Romeo isn't interested, and likely won't be.   And I don't really know how to explain my interest in Orthodoxy.  It is rather the culmination of many things over years and years.  Some of the history of religion classes steered me one way, but much of it like I said, accumulated.  

I sat here for 10 minutes trying to figure out a way to explain it.  I just can't.

The service was long.  It's a good thing I took 1/2 of one of my anxiety meds.  The last thing I wanted was to feel sick or get a migraine.  I was almost late.  But apparently coming at a certain time isn't a big deal at this church. I arrived at 9am, but there was a steady stream that came in dribs and dabs until about 10 or so.  And it was long.  It ended at 11.  I didn't really notice because it was all new and unfamiliar.  

In so many ways it was mystical.  The incense, the singing....well I didn't participate much because I didn't know about the book that takes you through the service.  I met Abbey, who was standing next to me and asked if I were "new".  And I left feeling that I might be home.  

Love, 365

October 19, 2018

Happy Friday!

Northern New Mexico 

It's been a crazy week, but what's new?  It seems like every week is crazy.  

For some strange reason, I am unable to post comments if I'm using the Safari browser, but when I use the Firefox browser I can comment on your blog.  This just started a few weeks ago and is still happening.  Maybe there is a change in settings I changed without knowing, or blogger changed something .......... or something, haha.  I admit I'm not a computer nerd.  I should have taken that darn IT class.

I am currently taking a 16 week class at a Greek Orthodox church, which basically teaches us history of the church, and what it means to be Orthodox.  I think this interest is rather odd since I've spent the last 10+ years denying the existence of God.  I can't explain it properly.  It's just a feeling that I need to go.  So, I'm going.  

We had a nice taste of winter this week, with blustery winds and chilly temperatures.  It's supposed to be fall ~ my favorite season.  Romeo shut down the evaporative cooler a couple of weeks ago & turned on the furnace.  The cooler is covered during the winter for a variety of reasons.  But a few days ago we had howling winds and Romeo had to go up on the roof and tighten the straps that keep it on, and then again when he got home from work.  It was a nasty day ~ when the wind blows that hard the sand, leaves, and whatever else is laying around is swirling about getting in your eyes, mouth, ears.....there's nothing that is uncovered that escapes it.  Windy days are not my favorite.....

There was a new balloon in the Fiesta this year:
I named it "Gogh away", lol.

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend to come!
Love, 365

October 12, 2018

Maybe I'm getting in over my head......

Foggy Texas morning....

My class is moving along.  I made a 99 on my exam which surprised me, although I figured I did well, that was higher than I anticipated.  I have a rather sizable assignment due on the 21st, and as you likely guessed, I have not started on anything but the mental preparation.  Which sadly doesn't amount to much.  Thinking, thinking.  If only I had an eidetic memory.  Although it's not great for those horrible memories that time inevitably glosses over.  Still, I might be willing to chance it, haha.

Work ~ going well, there are always those crazy moments where the road becomes a little bumpy. I was having a regular conversation with "Jessica" when she mentioned she will be taking her social security benefits at 62.  She then explained that by the time she is ready to retire, she will have a savings next egg of over 50,000.  She doesn't believe in "leaving money on the table", and I have to say that it made a lot of sense.  I have been thinking of doing the same.  Romeo and I will talk about it tomorrow when we go to the Harvest Festival tomorrow.  ****Actually, she would not have that much money in her nest egg.  I did a bit of research last night and I won't be jumping on her bandwagon ~ she is not considering how much of the benefit will be deducted based on her earnings.  

The view I have at my desk.....

From a few years ago....

The Balloon Fiesta is nearly over, which means traffic will be much more reasonable.  I'm not affected by it very much, but many of my co-workers are.  We've had good weather and the balloons flew all but one morning.  I didn't go ~ I wasn't really interested in getting up at 4am!  But it is nice having the view on my way to work, and for an hour or so in the morning.  

I am starting a different sort of class this coming Monday, one that will be ongoing for about 16 weeks.  Luckily I don't have to pay for this one.  I'll discuss it more as time goes on.  Right now I feel like keeping the details to myself. 

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love, 365

October 6, 2018

Greekin' it.......

The kids were so cute at the Greek dances..
I don't know what the dollar bills were for, I assumed as a fund raiser...

I wandered around becoming hungry for a gyro, but there was literally tons of great smelling food.  I was wishing I could have a beer to go along with it, but as I drove there, I abstained.  Drat.  

I don't know how I managed it, but even though I wanted the baklava sundae, I walked by without getting any.  Doesn't a baklava sundae sound delicious?

The church was beautiful, with many example of fine mosaics.  It is a small church, but very elaborate in decor.  I've never seen so many icons in one place before!

The only dark cloud on this fun outing was I went alone.  Romeo had a large chore he had already planned to do.  He is not much on things like this, so if I can't talk him into going, I go by myself because I don't want to miss the experience by refusing to go without him.  :-(  Kind of a good/bad thing.  

I also attended the church tour, as I can write a short paper about it and be rewarded with extra points in class.  I have one more extra credit opportunity, so I might attend a lecture or visit a church denomination I've never been to before.  There's a Quaker church in Albuquerque that I've heard is very interesting to visit.  

That's it!  If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Greek festival, I suggest you go hungry!

Love, 365

October 5, 2018

My sister......

Having a bit of fun.....

The majority of the time I was in Texas, I stayed with my sister on "the acres", which is the small ranch just outside of Comfort.  Mom doesn't have a spare bed, and I had no interest in sleeping on the small couch she has, and sharing a bathroom with the caregiver (who is not meticulous in cleaning that bathroom).  It's about an hour to Mom's from her place, so spur of the moment visits are rare, although we did do just that on my last Friday.  

We did some shopping of course....

Mostly we took walks, did some cooking, hung out.  When we were kids, we played together pretty well until those hormone laden teenage years, where we basically went our separate ways.  The last 20 years we alternate between having plenty of phone conversations and not.  My sis doesn't really like to talk on the phone as much as I do.  We discuss Mom's situation, and wonder if we need to find a nursing home, or if CG (care giver) can handle it for a bit longer.  And we nearly always promise each other that we will remain active so that we hopefully won't end up in the same condition.  We laughed, and talked. 

Foggy morning walk....

At one point I had made up my mind that Romeo & I would retire in Texas, somewhere close so that my sis so that we could do things together......but I remembered that when we did live close to each other we didn't see each other often (although to be fair we both had little kids then).  She has grandchildren she sees often.  I realized that my fantasy would not be the reality.  And I would miss living in Albuquerque and my friends here.  Who knows what the future holds?  I haven't dismissed the idea, but it resides on the back burner for now.  We are probably 4 - 5 years from retirement, so there's plenty of time to re-visit the idea.  

One last pic for now.....

Love, 365

October 2, 2018

There & back again.......

My Mom, me (on the left) & my sister

My flight to Austin went very well.  I lucked out and was "issued" a window seat, which I always prefer due to my motion sickness issues.  Son #2 picked me up and we headed out to Dripping Springs for lunch where my sister met us.  She had picked a real Texas joint that looked like it had once been someone's ranch, where we enjoyed great bbq.  Then I had to say goodbye to Son #2, who had work on Monday, and we headed off to Comfort.  Comfort is a small German town west of San Antonio that is very charming, small and clean.  I realize now I never saw a "tag" in Comfort.  I wonder what the teens with angst do in a place like that.  I do love the town, and if we ever do move back, would be one of my choices to live.  

I spent nearly all of Tuesday with Mom, cooking for her and her caregiver and going through old photos.  I took quite a few pictures of pictures ~ are they pics squared now?  Haha. Still, even though Mom was doing OK (likely because I was there visiting) I could see the decline, and the advancement of Parkinson's.  A slight tremor in her hands.  The vague focus of her eyes.  It makes me so sad every time I see her.  Many of her health problems are due to the lack of exercise.    The Parkinson's depression erodes the desire to do anything.  It's a very vicious cycle.  


I think I over-did the pictures because at one point she said she had enough and was exhausted.  But for awhile, I saw a glimpse of the "old" Mom.  Now I can't talk to her about anything that is stressful or could cause her anxiety.  That basically leaves weather, or the birds at the feeder, or making fun of something silly on TV.  We don't even have the same views of politics that we used to ~ her caregiver (who is also her ex-husband, but not my Dad) has truly influenced her views.  One of the things I dislike about him, but there are many of those.

Mom & Dad....

I chose this photo because they look so happy, although I don't think either one was truly happy together.  Dad waited until both of us girls had graduated from high school before divorcing Mom, who probably should have divorced him many years before.  I don't want to be maudlin here, I did have some happy childhood moments. In my opinion the children of unhappy parents have to work hard and purposely to find happiness in their own lives.  It took me years and one failed marriage to find it.  

More on the best part of the trip later....
Love, 365

I get it......

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