November 28, 2021



I know I am late again ~ this series has been out since 2017.  Not sure why I didn't watch it then.  Not sure I'm enjoying it now.  The main character is an idiot.  Why he continues to have a romantic relationship with's just stupid and creates more risk than he already has.  Am I wrong?  I realize she is part of the Culper Ring, and they believe she was one of the few women involved.  Did you watch the show?  Romeo argued it wasn't accurate, but folks smarter than me say it is.  I suppose that I will see it through, perhaps I will enjoy it more as time goes on.  

So far my time off has been great.  I'm trying to de-clutter, which is tough to do.  You hold an item in your hand and wonder, do I really want to keep this thing?  Even though I haven't used it in over a year?  If the answer is I most likely won't use it for another year, I either donate it or throw it away.  It's easy for me to do this with clothes and shoes, but other stuff?  And why am I keeping my old high school yearbooks?  Or the two of my mother's?  And for heaven's sake, why am I worrying over it?  Mom probably never looked at hers either.  My sister has a metal container where she puts crap she's not sure she wants to get rid of.  Handy, because it's out of sight.  But I refuse to rent a storage unit for crap.  I'd rather just get rid of it.  

Usually I approach these jobs in a small way ~ I take one thing, make a decision and move on.  But contemplating a whole closet is over whelming.  Don't get me started on the filing cabinet.  It's full of old paperwork we no longer need, but I missed my opportunity to put it in the office shredding bin, as they filled it up on clean night.  

Well, I need to get busy, I plan to do a bit of sewing today.  Have a great week!

Love, 365    

November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

I am well today ~ and busy with pie and stuffing and all the other food items for today!  Thanks to all of you for wishing us well.  

Love, 365

November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!....


Yesterday one of our hygienists brought his dog's 8 puppies so we could see them....oh, they are soooo cute!  Mom is a siberian husky who is all white.  Each of these little cuties has dark blue eyes.  Truthfully there aren't many critters cuter than a 4 week old puppy!  

I sent a picture to Romeo, and he barely commented.  I would say he is not ready for a new dog, which is just as well since we are going to the Grand Canyon in June.  The North rim only allows dogs on a leash during a day trip.  Even if they had kennels, I wouldn't put my dog in one where they barely have enough people to keep things going, much less keep an eye on dogs.

We had our annual "clean night" after work yesterday.  Twice a year after work (right before Thanksgiving and Memorial Day) we do the top to bottom cleaning, and get paid for the next day in addition to the holiday.  As usual it was exhausting.  One of the items I cleaned were the huge panels of plexiglass the we have in front of our desks.  We really can't stand them.  You can barely hear other people with a mask on, and when you add the plexiglass it's even worse.  I think they'll be up at least another year ~ really, who knows??  

So today I had plans to make rolls, pie, and cranberry chutney.  I only got around to the chutney, I really wasn't feeling that great today.  So if I have Covid I'm going to be really pissed off, because I took an extra day off, haha.  I don't know if that's what it is, I guess I'll buy a rapid test if I continue to feel like crap.  Just tired with body aches.  I am concerned, because I know quite a few vaccinated people that have Covid.  And it would be a real bummer to have it now, although there's never a good time.  
Well, I hope to be super busy tomorrow, so I'll wish y'all the best now!  Enjoy your time with your families and friends....and be thankful that you have them in your lives.
Love, 365  

November 21, 2021

Hurry up.....and wait......

Hahaha, I am not doing the shopping, but I loved this meme.....Romeo said it is getting crazy out there!  

This is us every year ~ big breakfast, snacking on cookies, waiting for the bird........

In the meantime, this is Romeo....

Tacos work every.single.time.  

So!  I work Monday and Tuesday, then I'm off for a week, since putting in for one single day of PTO gives me a whole week off.  We were told on Wednesday that one of our doctors is retiring, and should be gone by the end of February.  Now, all of us think he would likely hang out a bit longer, but the office manager is planning on retiring at the end of February as well.  I don't think our doc will stay after she's gone, she and he are very close.  It's what I'm hoping, anyway.  He is ready for retirement, believe me. 

Of course, I stupidly offered to stay a little longer if there are issues, but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to staying, not that there won't be problems :D

Have a wonderful week!

Love, 365


November 15, 2021



Romeo and I have had an appointment to get our passports for a month.  Today was the day.  I gave the lady all the paperwork.....and after a minute, she tells me my Mother's name is not the same as my application.  My Mother's name is incorrect on MY birth certificate.  WHAT?  You know, I've had the birth certificate for awhile.....I never scrutinized it.  

After several phone calls, and waiting for 30 minutes on hold with vital records, it was explained to me that I need to request a certified copy of her birth certificate ~ because her death certificate won't do (why the hell not, but whatever).  Then I send that, with a copy of my ID and a check for $27.50.  At the rate governmental agencies move, I figure I'll be waiting awhile for that.  Isn't it nice they want me to pay for their mistake?  I thought so and said so.  Although I tried to be nice and told her I know it's not her fault, but wow.  

Romeo's passport application is done.  I don't know how long I'll be waiting, but I am really frustrated.  Then Romeo shows me some attitude, that I guess I should have just been, Oh! No problemo, I am nothing if not happy to face any challenge.  For pete's sake.  

Ranting cause no one else cares....haha

Love, 365

PS: All in all it will cost me nearly $60 to fix their mistake.  I have to pay $30 for a certified copy of my Mom's birth certificate......I'm bleedin here 😒

November 12, 2021

28 weeks and 5 days, but who's counting?.....


Monday's person said it was possibly the most beautiful sourdough boule she's ever seen.  I say she is wrong, I've seen lots more that were more intricately scored than mine, but I appreciated the sentiment :-)  I think it's too dark, but I didn't set my timer for the first half, so there ya go.  It did prove to me that I can make bread any day of the week, I just have to get up 15-20 minutes earlier.  

I have 28 weeks left until retirement.  Every week my co-worker and I discuss how long we have left.  She's planning on retiring the same day I am. If she goes through with it, it will be the very first time I will lead a "trend", haha.  This was a tough week.  We are short handed again, with one less dental assistant and another person on vacation.  

We have one hygienist that is very popular ~ to the point that many of her patients would rather wait 2-3 months to see her rather than have their cleaning with someone else when she's on vacation.  Is that something you would do?  I always have to laugh (to myself, not out loud) when the person gives me the reason that "she knows my teeth".  What they really mean is she knows their quirks and likes/dislikes.  She just left on vacation for a week, and I dread it. She gives me a list of people to call, so that they know she will not be in.  What I have discovered is that she gives me the list of people she likes....there are plenty of others that become upset when they arrive and are informed that she isn't in.  Some begrudgingly stay and see someone else, some refuse to see another hygienist and reschedule ~ which means we've paid someone to come and take care of her patients and now they're going to be tapping their fingers for an hour.  These are the types of situations I will not miss when I am retired.  

Romeo and I are going to begin the process of obtaining our passports. Neither of us have ever had one before.  I am hoping to do some travel, but Romeo doesn't like long not sure how that is going to work.  Perhaps if he doesn't want to go to Europe I can go on a group tour.  I certainly would not want to do a trip like that by myself.  One of the main reasons we want them is because our driver license is not considered a "true ID" because some years ago our state began handing out licenses to undocumented immigrants.  So, either you put together a huge amount of paperwork to get this "real ID" (yes, that's what they call it), or just go get a passport.  That's the main reason.  If I don't do one or the other, I will not be able to fly to Texas, is that not stupid?  And if we take a few road trips up north (he was born in Ohio, and I have tons of family in Pennsylvania) we could actually go a bit further and visit Canada again. We were in Toronto years ago, and would love to go again.

I have been up since 3:30 am......stupid time change.  Even though "fall back" is an easier change to swallow, it's still annoying.  Why, oh why do we have to do this, when no one wants it?  I think over 70% of Americans don't want to deal with DST anymore.  I don't even care which one they decide to make permanent, I just want the madness to stop!!

Have a great weekend!

Love, 365

November 7, 2021

Autumn at it's best................


Yesterday Romeo and I took the majority of the day to travel on the Sandia Mountain tram to the top for a hike ~ he had said maybe we shouldn't (since it's my short weekend), but I mentioned that this is likely the last weekend in the 70s (I think the high was 74) that we will have.  Certainly next weekend's forecast is at least 10 degrees below that.  What a glorious day it was ~ in fact today was just the same, it was a beautiful day.

As you see, the skies were blue like a robin's egg...the breeze was mostly felt as you approached the edge.  An edge that is quite spincter tightening in places, lol.

One of my favorite photos from the lot.  I have so many in my collection.  But each time I go, there is something different, whether it be the season, or the weather.  

I posed as a tree-hugger :-)

I'm not sure what Romeo intended to convey.....haha

We meant to get going to see the aspen trees turn gold, but we were late for that.  They are gnarly trees once all their leaves are gone.  The grow tall in order to reach the sun, and the high winds common at the crest of the mountain create these tortured shapes.  The golden leaves were tattered and scattered on the ground.  

After the hike (nearly 6 miles of ups and downs and rocks and stairs ~ yes there are stairs cut into the rock in places), we were starving.  There is a wonderful restaurant on top, near the tram.  By the time we arrived, there was a 30-45 minute wait, so we left and drove to El Pinto which is a popular New Mexican restaurant in town.  It didn't escape my attention that it took about that long to drive there.  :D

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too!  

Less than 30 weeks to retirement....

Love, 365

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