February 15, 2020

All you need is love...........

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!  We did not do much ~ Romeo asked if I wanted to go out to a restaurant ~ my reply ~ Are you crazy?  It's Valentine's Day and a Friday.......  So it was a quiet evening at home.  Really, the best kind.

I had taken Tuesday and Wednesday off, mostly because there was an event at the church and partly because I needed a break (ha ha, no pun intended).  What is it about having a week or two of vacation, and when you get back to work you wish the vacay had been just a few more days!  It's just never long enough, right?  And although I hear the call of retirement, I really must pay off my car first before I can consider that.  I plan to make some extra payments to hurry that along.

I received a statement from the orthopedist office for my first visit.  I could not believe that they charged $1200 for "treatment of a proximal humerus fracture" ~ they didn't do anything.  They didn't even take x-rays.  I didn't have to pay that, thankfully.  My copay was $50.  Still, it is very shocking.  My co-worker said if I hadn't had insurance they probably wouldn't have charged me that much, but I disagree.  This past week they took x-rays to check on healing, and he had me do some movements while he palpated the shoulder to check on mobility.  I shudder to see how much that bill will be.  Once again I am so thankful that all of this happened after I had insurance coverage, which I didn't have just a few days before.  :-0

But life is good, I have work, and my supportive and loving guy, and Sioux is keeping me company while I sit here and type with the sun streaming in the window. 

Have a great weekend.....Love, 365

February 8, 2020

Healing as expected......

The last breakage, 4 1/2 years ago.....

This time there is no cast.  I just have to wear a sling to keep the arm relatively immobile.  And I had my 4 week visit with the orthopedist on Thursday.  I already know I am moving it more than they are recommending, but apparently it is healing on schedule.  He asked me to do the little circles with my arm, and then freaked out because the circles were too big, haha.  I can type without having to stand up now, which is nice.  I do have to wear the sling for two more weeks though.  I really hate that thing.  In a bit over a week I will have my first physical therapy appointment, and I'm asking them to let me know when I can expect to lift my arm high enough to dry my own hair.   Romeo is doing a terrific job, but I really want to do it myself.  

Last week was a real drag at work, my co-worker was out for nearly the entire week with a terrible cold.  And my other two co-workers hardly offered to help me with the load of work that normally two of us do.  I finally mentioned I might go crazy if she was out on Thursday, and they finally helped out more then.  Honestly, must one ask for help?  Can't they just use their own common sense to realize I can't do the job of two people without a bit of stress?  It just bugs me.  I guess most people are in their own little world, and rarely peek out the windows to see what's going on.  

Maybe we should all look around a bit.  

Love, 365

February 2, 2020

Getting better.....

How I look at work on Mondays......

I've just been watching the super bowl ~ just to see if the game is a good one, which so far is fairly entertaining.  Normally I don't watch much of it.  My Mom likes the commercials.  I will not be tuning in for the half time though, I just don't enjoy it much.  Except when Bruno Mars was there, that was great.  

Otherwise the last week has been interesting.  I begged my OM (office manager) for a wireless headset so I could answer the phone and use the computer at the same time ~ I picked one out and it was awful.  So old.  I should have done a little research before ordering.  Somehow I managed to convince her that I need a newer model, and it came in last Monday.  I plug it in to charge, when one of my co-workers noticed the plugs look like they are for Europe.  So I call the company (Plantronics) and they explain that the model I have is made especially for Australia.  What???  So, I chat online with Amazon's customer service, and they agree to send another one.  I guess I should have mentioned not to send the one with the A at the end of the model number, because they sent the same one.  Really?  Stupid much?  So I returned both of those and finally received the model made for use in the U.S.  It's fabulous.  But, wow, I figured I lost some cred with the OM on this botched order.  Sheesh.  

My arm is improving,  I can use it for more things now.  I can actually reach up and touch my cheek, but not any higher than that yet.  I have an appointment on Thursday, and they will take a new x-ray to check on healing.  I hope he tells me I can ditch the sling then.  Although, while I'm home, I don't wear it anyway. :-)  Yeah, I tend to do my own thing.  If something I do gives me pain, I quit doing it for a day or two before trying again.  Not sure I will wait two more months to play racquetball again, but I will definitely wait another month before considering it.  

Have a great week, y'all.
Love, 365

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