September 24, 2022

Cuteness overload, which is the only thing keeping him on this earth........


Not the best photo, but I like the sass :D

Demitri (the name we decided on) is a tiny little guy, weighs in at about 3 1/2 pounds right now.  

It's been a long time since we've had a puppy ~ probably about 13 years or so.  Romeo has already stated we won't be doing this again :-)  

The biting, oh man.  I am going to have scars.  He becomes frustrated and then will literally jump at your hand or arm and really bite hard.  I currently have 7 punctures on my right arm.  We're learning different ways to reduce the biting.  The best so far is a small spray bottle with water.  After a few squirts, he will leave your feet or arm alone.  I think we were playing a little too exuberantly and got him too excited.  So, we're trying to tone it down a bit.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes he's just in a bitey mood, so he goes into the crate for a little time-out.  Oh, yeah, he gets quite a few time outs.  Haha

House training is going ok.  I hope soon he will get the hang of it.  I told Romeo that by the time this is over, I will have hand cleaned the floors down stairs.  We have removed most of the rugs beforehand.  The one left is machine washable.

I've been so busy, mostly because of festival baking.  The annual Greek Festival at our church is on 9/30-10/2. 

That's 100 (yes!) tsoureki we baked last Saturday.  I was exhausted.  We also made baklava, kourabiedes, koulourakia, paximadia over the past 4 months.  There are probably other types of cookies baked when I was on the road trip and missed.  I think my friend, who manages the baking for the festival, is a little miffed with me about being gone so much this summer. 

Fula taught me all about tsoureki.  I tried writing the instructions down, but she does most things by how they look.  I did my best.  

We not only have a new puppy, we have a new refrigerator.   About a week before we left to go get the little holy terror, I opened the freezer on our old one to discover the ice was halfway melted.  Which prompted a flurry of transferring freezer food into the garage chest freezer, and all of our other stuff to our neighbor's garage refrigerator (which luckily was mostly empty).  This was over Labor Day Weekend.  We splurged a bit, but it is really nice.  I especially like the snack drawer, and the back wall which is lighted.   Plus this one is a lot bigger than our old one, which we really needed.  We are really glad it went out before we left town, because the compressor was still running and we thought it might catch on fire.  It wasn't a lot of fun to live out of an ice chest for 4 days though.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Love, 365

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