June 25, 2018

Wandering the labyrinth.....

The Golden Ratio of a pine cone....

I always have great ideas for writing here when I'm doing something else.  Laundry, drifting off to sleep, driving.  Once I sit down in front of the computer, I struggle to remember those awesome ideas.  Sometimes I do recall them, but when I begin to write they seem uninteresting.  Or menial.  Or completely without any focus.  ~sigh~

It has been so hot here ~ the first day of summer lacked notoriety because it's felt like summer for weeks already.  Last week I noticed that the evaporative cooler (affectionately called a swamp cooler out here) was literally running all day although it was only just cool enough in the house to be comfortable ~ if you weren't doing anything.  I mentioned to Romeo that I suspect that the fancy pads he put in don't seem to be working.  (really, I know he just didn't want to get up on the roof and change them out). I mentioned that it's ridiculous that the damned thing is running all day and not cooling very well.  So, he replaced them with the traditional "aspen pads", which are woven from aspen fibers and immediately we were cool again.  What a relief.  I haven't seen the electric bill yet, but I'm preparing myself for it, lol.

This next week represents the last week of freedom from reading and writing assignments, quizzes and tests.  My communication class starts on July 2nd.  Happy enough not to have to buy a book, and figuring I will have lots of material to print out.  I very nearly lost my spot as I totally forgot to pay for the class, but caught it just in time.  This is an online class that I've considered taking in the past, so I'm looking forward to it.  Please remind me that I said that when I complain.... :-D

One of my racquetball friends ~ who doesn't really play anymore due to an illness she has.  I don't recall what the name of it is, maybe Raynaud's?  At any rate, she invited me to go to Chaco Canyon with her and her niece on July 14th.  I have agreed to go with reservations ~ it is terribly hot there this time of year and a day trip means that we will get there after 10.  There are no trees, just some shrub. Since we haven't had much rain, there likely won't be much plant life.    I am going because any opportunity to go when I don't have to drive is a plus.  The road to Chaco is awful.  Romeo prefers I not drive there anymore as he's concerned about damage to my aging vehicle...and some of the car rental companies require you sign a lease stating specifically that you won't drive to Chaco ~ yeah, that's how awful the road is.  Even with the heat and the road (not to mention my car sickness issues) I am excited, because it's just that magical.....

Have a great week!
Love, 365

June 22, 2018

Thankfully it's Friday......

Oh, how I enjoy Friday.

It's funny though, that at our morning meeting this morning we were discussing our very last patient of the day, who is "very nice" and always thanking us for our time and efforts, but drives the clinical staff crazy with her 30 minute long question and answer sessions.  That's why we schedule her an hour where anyone else would be 30 minutes.

She was our last patient of the day.

We actually could have been done early, but 20 minutes after we should have been done for the day she's asking us questions at the front desk about her insurance, which required a phone call and a fax for information before we could finish up with her.

Of course, she thanked us for our time.  And asked "Oh, I haven't kept you late have I?  Am I the last person today??".

It drives me crazy that people don't ever take the time to understand their insurance benefits.   And no, it's not the reason I have a job to do.  It's one of those things we end up doing because we need to have the patient pay for their portion.  Most insurances we're familiar with, but this lady's insurance required an explanation in her mind to let us know that her family company is in insurance.  And she's the only one who doesn't work in the family business.......and it shows.  She assumed she had this fabulous plan that pays for adult orthodontics.  Which it doesn't.  And her plan is right on par with the majority of our patients.  It's really nothing special, but of course I didn't mention that.  Why should I bust her balloon?

Medical insurance is very difficult to understand, and I get that...I barely understand ours.  I know the basics.  If something is coming up, I call and ask.  But dental is pretty straightforward, and it certainly benefits you if you understand the basics.

"Just read the booklet they gave you..........please"

Love, 365

June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day, Romeo.......

"Coffee" he groaned as I wished Romeo a Happy Father's Day......it was tough to sleep last night, as the Ring floodlight camera went off 3 times last night within 5 minutes.  He figured someone was hanging around the house, but he didn't look at the last video that showed the cat that continues to hang around at 2, 3 or 4am.  One of these days.....hahaha.   I wonder what would happen when that cat meets the huge raccoon caught on video one night?

But anyway, this is Father's Day.  Along with Romeo, I wish all the Dad's out there a wonderful day, full of love and appreciation for all that you do.  Even if you're stubbornly bull-headed about:
~wearing your new shorts to change the oil
~insist on rebuilding the deck by yourself (I still don't know how he did the framing all alone)
~wash the dishes without your glasses (requiring rewashing of 1/3 to 1/2 of them, haha)

Your quirky sense of humor never fails to crack me up.  And our son is a source of pride that never fails to show.  How he loves you......

Happy Father's Day!

Love, 365

June 15, 2018

Motley thoughts........


The diet:  I lost 2 1/2 pounds, but am already at that dreaded plateau.  Instead of feeling motivated by the weight loss I just feel.......bored with the whole thing.  But I carry on, cause that's likely my best quality ~ I don't give up, even when it's tedious.  

College: I still have 2 week of freedom left!  I very nearly was un-enrolled because I completely forgot to pay for the class.  Sheesh.  I did finally hear the final work on my parking citation from eight months ago....they dismissed it because the time ran out.  I sent off an e-mail (which will likely be sent off to the trash bin before anyone reads it, I mean it took 8 months for them to time out my citation appeal) expressing my displeasure at how it was oh, so carefully worded to avoid any blame for citing me when I had already paid for my spot.  Recall the "never give up" and add bull headed to the mix.  I realize I can be annoying. :-)

The deck:  The framing is up!  It is rather slow going, but Romeo is making progress.  It might be further along except the heat we've had means he can only work on it for a few hours in the morning. We don't usually have temperatures this hot this early ~ the evaporative cooler is only barely keeping up.  But I am thrilled ~ I've been waiting a year for this to happen.  Pic's will come when it's done.....

Work:  Well, it's work.  It's not called vacation, or a calling, or devotion.  But, it's been ok.  The scheduling is slowing down a little bit, probably due to vacations.  Some days are fun and the day flies by, other days people get on my nerves and the day drags on and on.....  I'm glad to be off for the next four days. Recharging.

Love, 365

June 10, 2018


Caught a fly of some kind looking for nectar...

Colombines in Cibola National Forest

Indian Paintbrushes...

View from the crest...there's a lot of smoke in the air.....

Romeo & Sioux....

Yours truly with Sioux...

Drove up to the mountains yesterday and hiked around, it was glorious to be OUTSIDE!!  It was much cooler, but still hot.  Lots of birdsong and saw a chipmunk, but not much else....I tried to snap a quick photo of the chipmunk but Sioux popped her head around and it took off.  

We discussed how busy we've been, but we need to take some time to get out now and then.  I would like to visit Tent Rocks, but it is too hot now ~ will have to put that trip off until fall.  

This past week I was reviewing ABQ Magazine and saw a trip to Chaco, where they were advertising "glamping" ~ they drive to Chaco, take you on a tour and that evening they set up tents and provide a gourmet meal...

I excitedly called to inquire, only to discover they want $750 per person.  So, that's a bit out of my range.  For that kind of $$, I can outfit myself, take a cooler full of food and stay for 3 days.  I just might plan that, as the OM at work expressed some interest....sort of a girl's adventure.  We'll see if that ever happens.  But I still want to go.  Chaco Canyon is magical.  

My humble tent the last time I camped at Chaco....

Corner window at Chaco....

Well, I should get ready for racquetball ~ I bought a new racquet and am anxious to play with it again. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Love, 365

June 3, 2018

Where did I come from??

99.7% European

My results from 23 & Me DNA testing arrived yesterday.  Does it surprise me?  Well, yes and no.  35.7% British/Irish: that doesn't surprise me at all, as my Mom's side of the family are mainly Welsh and Irish.  French/German: again, to be expected, as my Dad's family is mainly German, although I have no idea about my paternal Grandmother....she died when I was about 10, and my Dad's family didn't visit often.

7.9% Scandanavian?  Yeah, that surprised me.  The rest of the results are less than 1%.  Romeo and I did a comparison, and his DNA shows a lot more diversity than mine does.  I maintain that my family were mostly peasants, and likely didn't have the where with all to hop around Europe.  We laughed and decided his family were either adventurors or gypsies.  

I also had fewer Neanderthal genes than 87% of people who've had their ancestry tested by 23 & Me, but Romeo has 73% more than the average.  This confirms what I've always thought :-)

On the diet front, I made this salad last night:

Spinach, strawberries, blueberries, red onion, chicken, feta, walnuts.  It was a recipe I saw on FB, and it was delicious.  

Also from FB: 

Enjoy your Sunday!
Love, 365

June 2, 2018

Woo hoo, it's the weekend.....

It's Saturday, my favorite day ~ the weekend is just beginning, the possibilities are endless.  Right.......

This week I plan to start the "Clean 20" diet, so for 20 days you eat the foods on the list.  Basically it's an elimination of processed foods, no alcohol or soda, etc.  It shouldn't be too difficult to do, since we don't eat a lot of processed foods anyway.  AND it's not forever, it's a 20 day thing.   I'll let ya know how it goes.....

It's heating up here in New Mexico, summer is here ~ and due to our serious drought we have high fire danger and a fire in Ute Park which has reached 16,000 acres. 

We had rain two weeks ago, but it was hard and fast and ran off instead of soaking in.  As usual, all New Mexicans pray for rain.  Many of the forests and other recreational places have been closed.  I hope that the state officials ban fireworks this year for the 4th of July......

I bought some small paintbrushes for my massive painting project, and plan to give them a try today.  This kit is a nightmare, but I hope I will be able to finish it this summer.  This is another "we'll see!".  I wish I had started a quilt project instead, but I'm worried that the paints will dry up if I set it aside.

I also have my free class on the Giza plateau and I need to work on that today too.  It has been so interesting.....tomb raiding apparently started immediately and was carried out by those that built the tombs, and in some cases priests removed jewelry and other valuables before the tomb was sealed.  I am not surprised, are you?  

From: Egypt in the Age of the Pyramids

Well off and running ~ enjoy your weekend!

Love, 365

***The course has provided us with a link to a 3D rendering of the Giza complex....go here if you want to explore.

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