March 26, 2016

Anything goes...

The "Spaceship house" in Albuquerque (Bing images)
Nope, never been.  This is one end, the house extends back from this end point.

Happy Easter to you all.....although I have to admit that I find the whole "rising from the dead" just a tad bit unbelievable, although explaining my individual beliefs is not the purpose of this post.  What can I say ~ I often say things in this post that I dare not say in public, because it's really no ones business and I don't want to get into a philosophical debate with anyone either.  Mom constantly told me to never (ever) argue politics or religion ~ with good reason, because unless you are open minded and truly interested in the other persons point of view, it's an arguement.

No, the real reason for this post today is to comment on my current class, "Health in New Mexico".  Which I believe some would characterize as a left leaning, communist bunch of horse shit.  Although I do agree with the concepts of the material, it's really starting to annoy me as it makes me feel like an undeserving white piece of trash.   I can't wait for this class to end.  Here is an example:

1. Historical trauma ~ this is trauma experienced by a social, religious, or ethnic (could apply to other groups as well) groups that continues to effect the group for generations.  Example would be the Jews and the holocaust, any example of ethnic cleansing, and the relocation of Native American tribes (Trail of Tears, etc).  Historical trauma is an attempt to explain the phsychological, physical and social issues they currently experience as the result of the trauma (alcoholism, drug dependence, anxiety, PTSD).  Interestingly, one of the students described how her Grandmother would talk about how many family members were killed in a desperate struggle to escape Germany and Poland.  In fact, our professor is also Jewish and mentioned a story where her Grandmother discovered that her Granddaughter's passport had expired, and what a big deal she made of it ~ "What if you have to leave????".  
I get this one, it makes a lot of sense.  I struggle with the "why can't they get over it and move on" mentality none the less.
2. Microaggressions ~ an example would be telling an Asian professor "You speak English really well!" or "Where were you born?" when the person in question is an American, and was born in San Francisco.  Yeah, this is considered a racist issue because racism is so pervasive in our country that we don't even recognize it.  Ok, I get it.  Personally I would never say anything like that to anyone unless I knew without doubt that this person had just moved to the U.S., although I doubt that gets me off the hook.  
3. Critical race theory ~ again, this is the subject of consistent and pervasive racism by those of European descent to anyone of color.  Because racism is part and parcel of our society.  Hey, if you don't believe me, just google "critical race theory".  You'll find lots of info, some good, some really radical.  CRT is a guide for those that are researching different issues to be mindful that they need to make certain they recognize racism (being denied entrance to college based on ethnicity, same for hiring practices, treatment in hospitals and other medical facilities, etc) and to include that finding in their research so that "everyone knows" (oversimplification).  Again, unless you adhere to the whole "white supremist" bullshit, it is perfectly understandable.  

Here is where I start to feel annoyed by the knowledge that I am part of a system that puts a foot on the neck of anyone who isn't white.  

There is so much more to all of this.  Lots more.
And it's worth learning about, although it's difficult to hear.

Mostly because humans are part of our "animal planet".  And animals are pretty vicious.  If you've ever watched National Geographic, or any other of the shows that give us a glimpse of what life is like for prey and predator.  Driving around town is enough to convince me that we still exist in that philosophy! 
We're animals too.  

Until that day ~ if it ever comes ~ where we all decide not to trash the planet, never abuse another human (much less kill others in the name of religion), make sure everyone gets the education they want/deserve, make sure no one ever dies of a disease, create a world where everyone has access to food that maximizes our potential ~ we are still part of the wildness.  

I'd like to see that utopia.  Would you?  

Love, 365

March 22, 2016

It's the windy season

Typical spring weather...(bing images)

It was one of those windy days that makes you reconsider your wardrobe choice for the day.  One of our local weathermen remarked on that today ~ and it did turn into a very windy, sand blowing in your eyes, dirt floating in the air kind of days.  These are the kind of days that breath life into the tumbleweeds....

Only one?????  (bing images)

The one in the photo above is pretty small.....sometimes they are 10-12 foot in diameter, and kind of freak you out if you see them rolling across the highway.  I don't know if they would truly damage your car, but just don't want to go there.  And when the wind is big, you find this happening.....

yeeeee....(bing images)

Every spring they show us some photos on the news that show a house underneath a towering mountain of tumbleweeds.  It's no fun to get them out either.  

It wasn't quite this bad today, but close...(bing images)

These are the kind of days where you wear your sunglasses to keep the dirt and sand out of your eyes.  And you feel dirty just walking to your car at the end of the day.   I can still feel it in my hair, and stuck to my face...ugh.

Wellll, I must continue my review for mid-term exam.  
Have a great week...
Love, 365

March 13, 2016

Spring forward.....again

Rub right there.....ahhhhhhh (Bing images)

In case you missed my Daylight Savings Time rant last year, go here.......

Wow, how time flies by....February marked my one year anniversary at work.  I am sooo happy to be there, but as I've mentioned before in previous posts, not all is flowers and rainbows ~ sadly I've never worked at "flowers and rainbows" ~ because it doesn't exist!  Because we're people, and people are weird and wonderful and exasperating and thoughtful and....well, you get the idea.  Last Tuesday a couple of our younger staff members played a little practical joke on *Violet....just moving stuff around on her desk (because she does have labels on her calculator and is very picky) and putting her chair in the lab.  It was funny, and now of course it's "game on!".  So we shall see what kind of shennanigans goes on from here.  There are 2 dentists in the practice, *Dr H and *Dr T...Dr H was in Germany this past week teaching a course on Cerec (which is a mill machine that makes crowns and inlays and such).  So although we were short one doc, the week was surprisingly busy.  I finally got the new welcome letter typed, and worked on insurance calls ~ which are terribly irritating.  Insurance calls are exactly what they sound like.  We check with your insurance to find out why they haven't processed and paid on your claim.  The responses are so predictable ~ "I don't see any claims for Todd on 2/10/16", or "That claim was denied because they didn't have coverage for that date of service" and so on.  It's slow going, especially if you have to call Blue Cross Blue Shield ~ because they don't have a web site where you can go and check have to call and wait on hold for 20 minutes (while working on something else of course) ~ and they will only let you ask about 2 different claims even though your list is 80% BCBS claims.  I wish they would develop a web site where we could check your eligibility and claims status.  Cheap bastards.

It's spring break week here at UNM, but other than not having class, it will be really busy.  We have a mid-term exam, ethnographic review, and a paper describing the research we will do that is due at the end of the semester.  Not all on the same day, but close enough.  I haven't even started reading book two yet.

We have had wonderful weather here lately, but it is spring ~ our windy season.  It was nice yesterday morning, but the wind picked up in the afternoon.  Have I ever mentioned how I hate the windy season???

Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting!

Love, 365

P.S. No, I didn't find out about the raise yet because of the Germany trip.  Guess I'll find out later this week.  Fingers crossed and all that....

March 5, 2016

How not to ask for a raise in pay.....and other nonsense

Bing images

This was the week I asked for a raise at work.  I have been there for a year, and promised myself I would not procrastinate in asking for more money.  About 8 months or so ago I was chatting with one of the hygienists, and somehow the topic of asking for a raise came up.  I knew I was in trouble when she said to make sure to have a plan, and good luck ~ apparently it is not uncommon for my co-workers to go 3 years without an increase in pay.  So, I've been keeping a list of the ideas and suggestions that I came up with during the year, and went in to the OM's office prepared to wow her with my request....only this is what I did ~ "I want a raise".  Incredible right?  She admitted it was time for it, and would speak with the Dr's and get back with me.  And the very next day, two other co-workers asked for one as well.  I suppose in a way I opened the flood gates.

I love crocuses..Bing images

I figure I will find out next week how much of a raise I will get, because I know I will get an increase.  I know what I'd like (not unreasonable), but I don't really have any idea.  The OM (office manager) has no idea what the current average pay is for those of us that work the front desk ~ because when one of my co-workers asked, she was told "you're already at the top of the pay scale", which is obviously not true.  "Patty" left for one job offer, ended up quitting that one and ended up working for another dental office that is paying her more than any of the rest of us are getting.  

Dogwood....Bing images

So, I know I will get some sort of increase, and really it won't matter how small or big it is, because I really enjoy working there.  Plus, I don't think it's a good idea to start a job search while Romeo is still looking.  Actually, Romeo is embarking on a new career path as a teacher.  He has to obtain his teaching certificate, but I know he will do well & have it in hand as soon as it is possible to finish the course work.  In the meantime, as soon as he is enrolled in the classes he can teach on a "provisional" license, once he's done the background check.  The downside is that he most likely won't have a full time position until the fall, since the school year is winding down, although summer school is coming up, so who knows?  He was actually offered a position, but the pay was dismal.  We agreed that taking a risk in turning that job down and moving forward with teaching was the best bet.  

In the meantime, I must get busy with a short paper I need to turn in on Monday!  

Enjoy your weekend....Love, 365

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