January 30, 2022

A lil' help from strangers..........


This is the key ring I bought from E Bauer, over 25 years ago.  Well, not THE key ring I bought, these  were pictured online.  I love it because I can take off a key or two for whatever reason easily, and put it back on just as quick.  

When I last left you, I was freaking out because I'd left my keys in the lock of my mailbox.  We decided to buy new locks for the front and garage door.  I had to wait for him to come back from the hardware store, I was worried about leaving the house empty.   Paranoid much?  What if the person who had my keys was watching?  

When Romeo came back I took off to the post office.  I waited in line for about a minute and a half, when I realized I was standing there without my mask!!  I gasped, and went out to my car to get it.  And bless her heart, on older Hispanic lady waved me forward, she had saved my place ~ even though I didn't ask her to do so.  I was glad, because what with all the stress, I wasn't feeling all that great.  

The man at the counter called the driver that delivers to my neighborhood, and miracle of miracle ~ when he came to deliver that day, he saw my keys were still there!  So, for about 12 hours, my keys were dangling in the box and no one took them.  He put them in my box and locked it.  He met me there 15 min later and unlocked it so I could get my keys out.

I am not sure how my keys went unnoticed?  We've had car break-ins, and theft of outdoor Christmas decorations, and a myriad of other small thefts and vandalism.  I feel extremely lucky/blessed/fortunate that the keys have been returned.   

The only downside was that Romeo and already installed the front door lock, but he was able to return the one for the garage door.  Romeo made light of it, saying the front door lock needed replacing anyway.  

So, a potentially bad situation was turned into an event that turned out to boost my faith in people.  In their ability to see those keys and decide to walk on by.  In one person's decision to put them somewhere safe where I could retrieve them.  And the simple but appreciated act of saving my place in line.  

This isn't a parable, or a story that has a moral.  It's just a simple, common story ~ that shows me that there are plenty of people out there that want to do the right thing or the kind thing.  

Let's be like that.

Love, 365

January 28, 2022

The sh*t just hit the fan.....


I lost my keys.  These are the keys to my mailbox, my house, my office, and the key to my filing cabinet (of which I only have one).  

What I did was this: I was checking the mail, got my package out of the package box, then went to my car and drove home ~ not realizing I had left my key ring in the key slot of my mailbox.  

This means that whoever grabbed my keys can get into my mail (which I promptly put on hold), and worse yet, my house.  I suppose if they were so inclined, they could get into my filing cabinet, although there's not much of interest in there. 

Luckily, Romeo is home 98% of the time.  He just drove to the hardware store for a new door lock assembly.  Although ours has a keypad, it can also use a key.  And since the person who has my keys can get into my mailbox, they know our address.  

Least of all, I have lost my favorite key ring, which I've had for over 25 years.  But as I said, that is the least of my worries.  

Not my favorite day, and boy am I stupid.

Love, 365

January 20, 2022

Another year older.....

Lol, well I'm a bit past 29.....and I just spent 20 minutes looking for a good meme.  Here I am wasting my time looking for something funny, haha. 

I took a vacation day today, the first time I've taken off for my birthday, but it just gave me a reason to extend my 4 day weekend to 5 days.  I may be old, but not stupid  :-)  

Along with the birthday wishes, I was just notified that one of our dental assistants tested positive this morning.  If anyone else tests positive, we may be off for a week.  The office across the hall closed for a week because of Covid, so I guess it's likely.  And, I ordered my free testing kits this morning too.  Not sure how long it will take to get them, aren't they saying 7-10 days?  Something like that.

BTW, I have 19 weeks of work left....but who's counting?  

The consensus on the new girl has toned down a bit.  I did a bit of training with her yesterday.  I think she's shy and unsure of how things will go.  I asked her if she wanted to have a go at entering in our electronic insurance payments and she said no ~ then I handed her some and said, just go for it, I know you can do it.  I should not have asked, I should have said let's do some posting!  Poor choice of words.  One of my other co-workers said she probably was intimidated my Ms Loud, and I agree.  She is totally in your face.  If she wants to show me something, she's like so close it's uncomfortable.  

I am still having trouble with posting comments ~ I have to write it on my word processor and copy/paste.  Once I've done that I can write more, but I find it really odd.  

Well, that's enough of a ramble for today!  Have an enjoyable day y'all....

Love, 365


January 15, 2022

A dog named Butters........

This past summer I met our new next door neighbors when I was searching for a bra I ordered.  They have a dog that is a beagle mix (how do I know? the howl).  I learned that day that this dog's name is Butters.  I could not figure out how they managed to name a dog Butters, until one of my co-workers said it's the name of a character on South Park.  Ah, that explains it, because I don't watch it.  

I don't know what this couple does for work.  I see his vehicle come and go at the usual 8-5 time frame.  I never see her come or go, but I assume she also works, or she hates the dog.  I say this because Butters is outside all day.  Even on weekends.  I don't have an issue with Butters being outside during the day, it's when they come home from the work day that is a problem.  

"Poor Butters!" is a phrase Romeo and I say often.  He wants to come in when they're home.  But for some reason they leave him out until 7pm or so.  How do I know this?  Because he barks constantly ~ with a howl in there every now and then ~ until they let the poor thing come in.  Sure, it annoys us, but mostly we just feel badly for Butters.  I think he's lonely.  Why have a dog then?  Who knows.

Have you ever gone over to a neighbors house to discuss an issue with their dog?  I did once.  Our neighbors dog jumped over our fence all the time.  The woman who answered the door told me to *f* off.  I filed a complaint with the city, and they retaliated by building a small cage for the dog right next to our house, so that back fired in a number of ways ~ they never did anything with the dog except when her husband went hunting, and that dog barked constantly too.  I don't think you should have a dog that only goes out with you hunting unless you have a couple of dogs so they could at least keep each other company.  That cured me, I haven't done a face to face with anyone since then about their dog (or other pet). 

So, I've written a letter that I will send anonymously.  Basically it says we sure do feel badly for Butters, and could they bring him in earlier so he doesn't bark for 2-3 hours straight?  I doubt it will change their behavior, but it's better than doing nothing.  I think.  Maybe.   

Poor Butters.

Love, 365

January 14, 2022

The highs and lows of this week..........


I picked this meme because I love little Grogu (the child on The Mandelorian).  Look at that ugly/cute face....

This week started out pretty darn good!  Even at the end of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday I was in a great mood!  That's pretty rare as usually I feel like I've escaped prison when I leave at the end of the day :-)

Thursday was OK, but I had to stay an hour late waiting for the doc to finish the fillings on a guy who has Parkinson's.  Poor guy, he can hardly hold still for the fillings to be done.  Took nearly 2 hours. 

Today I found out that there has been talk about the new girl.  And she is a girl, she's only 26.  She seems very nice, doesn't hesitate to answer the phone or greet patients.  One of the docs came up to us today to discuss it with us.  And Ms Loud immediately goes into the list of undesirable behaviors ~ she said she isn't very motivated, and she's on her phone a lot.  I mentioned that she might not feel comfortable jumping in, especially after we told her not to post any patient payments (which has to do with a complicated switch over from two docs co-owning the business, to one owner).  You know, maybe she's feeling a little less confident after Ms Loud goes to her and says "don't post any patient payments until we're able to get you up to speed on making sure we credit the right doctor".  Which sounds reasonable until you hear the tone she says it in.  I mentioned this, and also mentioned that maybe - just maybe - 4 days isn't enough to make the determination?  Ugh.  

After the doc left, I said that it was kind of the pot calling the kettle black about the phone thing, since the person who made the comment is on her phone all the time.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm just a sucker.  Maybe I'm too compassionate (yeah, it's not a good thing if you know me, I cry at commercials).  And we all are on our cell phones.  Ms Loud is on hers even more than the person who made the comment.  

Well, it's all over now until Tuesday, so we'll see how it goes.  In a few short months it won't matter to me anyway.  

Hurray for the weekend!

Love, 365

January 10, 2022

I love being off on Mondays.......


When you wake up late and see this in the mirror, it might be Monday.

I love the pew pew pew.....

One of my all time favorite memes.....(unfortunately the "true story" line doesn't really show up on this one.  

If you never watched Game of Thrones, you won't get this one......but accurate.  One of the most evil characters in a series.

Even in this position, there's nothing cuter than a Corgi.

I'm off today so I won't see our new hire nail it or not today.  She has experience, she should do fine, but I do have a bit of sympathy to my co-worker, who gets first shot and the newbie's first day.  

Goodbye to Sidney Poitier, and to Bob Saget.  RIP

The sun is out and the whole of the day is in front of me.....

Love, 365

January 7, 2022

2022 thoughts.....


This meme is perfect......a few years ago I gave up on making resolutions.  They are more like empty promises you make to yourself that you know you'll never make a habit of ~ if you never worked at staying active and fit, it's unlikely you ever will (although I've heard that you can make something a habit after 40 days, but I tend to think of these habits as negative ones, like drinking every day, or constantly being late for stuff).  Oh my, how I used to write down my resolutions and worked very hard to make them a reality, but unfortunately for me most of those were weight loss.  😀  Yeah, I find that funny, because there are so many more things that should be at the tops of our lists.

Mom, I do miss you.  And I am glad that you did not see that I waited until Jan 7th to remove the Christmas tree and decorations.  My Mom was always so tired of it that she usually took the tree down the day after.  Yes, I mean the 26th!  My sister and I would be so sad to see it all go.  

It is an exhausting business.  I started working on it at 8:30 and really just finished up at 1:30.  To be fair, I did re-arrange the closet where I store it, threw out a few things, vacuumed it, etc.  But it's done, and now I'm tired and unmotivated to do much of anything else.  Hence, here I am at my desk blogging :-)

Yesterday we said goodbye to an employee of 21 years at our dental practice.  I will both miss her and not.  She is fun to be around, has a great sense of humor.  Unfortunately she was awful at following up with some of her work.  If I happened to speak to a patient about their benefits, suddenly she would just assume I would be the person to speak to them every time they had a billing question or insurance issue...I could never understand how I inherited this person's problems just by talking to them once.  There are other things, but it seems senseless to bring them up now.....right?  Haha  We will miss her, regardless of her shortcomings ~ I mean we all have them!  

Well, I think I'll go make some popcorn and watch a movie!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, 365

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!


Yay!  I'm officially over ~ well, whatever that illness was ~ and am feeling good again.  Our dinner party went well.  The only glich was I burned the bacon that was part of the cajun corn maque choux.  Which turned out really good, except I put too much heavy cream in it.  Romeo and I decided it was our Christmas, since we didn't really have one on the actual day :-)

I know the gumbo was good because one (of our two) guests had thirds.  And when I offered a container of it to take home, he grabbed it out of my hand in a rather aggressive manner :D

It's one of those days that just feels like Sunday, you know?  Mostly it was because there was a church service today that we went to this morning.  At the end we had tsureki cake.  Some lucky person probably found a coin.  It wasn't us, haha.  Maybe some year one of us will get it ~ it's supposed to mean you'll have good luck in the new year.....which is kind of a funny thing as we don't believe in luck.  Conclusion: must be a Greek thing.

I left the Christmas tree up on purpose until today, thinking it would create a nice ambience for the dinner.  But there is no way I'm taking it down tomorrow.  I can start with bringing the boxes down from upstairs, and then let it go for next Friday.  In some ways I'll be glad to have the stuff put away, and I think I might miss it a little bit.  Nah, just kidding.

Well, I hope all of you have a wonderful 2022.  I only have 20 weeks of work left!!  

Love, 365


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