June 25, 2021

Party time!...


Yesterday one of our long employed hygienists retired....it was fun to go to a party after such a long dry spell!  It was fun, we all had a great time.  I was only a tiny bit jealous.  My time is  coming!  I am hoping for a year before it's my turn for a party!  

This has been a tiring week.  Spent all day Saturday (once again!) baking and preparing for the lunch after church, but it did take longer since we baked chocolate cakes for Father's Day.  Monday I went to the gym, Tuesday I went to my book club meeting, Wednesday ladies racquetball (that was fun!), Thursday the party.  In the meantime, I was diagnosed with yet another UTI.  The Rx was called in on Monday, but I didn't pick it up until yesterday.  

The pharmacy I use closes at 7 pm, and I didn't have a chance to get there before they closed.  Then yesterday morning, oh...the pain.  So I called the pharmacy and asked them to transfer it to one closer to work.  I took off at noon to pick it up, despite the fact there was a power outage.  Even though I called and they assured me the computers were still working, when I walked up to the store everyone was leaving and telling me the store was closed.  So, I had to go back an hour later.  It was the worst!  I took two, and by this morning I was doing much better.  Ugh.  I hate UTI's.  I think I will have to switch pharmacies if this crazy schedule keeps up.  

We have had patients constantly come in to the office without masks for the past two weeks.  Our state has opened up completely ~ which is great! ~ no masks at the store, or outside.  But the ADA and the CDC still want us to have patients (and ourselves) wear masks, and continue doing the screenings.  Did the same thing at the doctors office too.  And this is despite the sign on the door letting people know they still need one.  I have given out more masks than I did during the height of the pandemic.  =Sigh=

Life is slowly going back to normal.  

Love, 365

June 19, 2021

All kind of changes..........


Lol....so true, at least until I get into better shape.

I had a doctors appointment this past Monday.  I was dreading the weight-in, and for good reason(s).  #1: you can't do it naked because people are walking up and down the halls.  #2: Their scales must add pounds, it's the only believable reason.  AND THAT NUMBER WAS SHOCKING.  Oh, I know I had gained a few pounds, but, really?  To my doctor's credit she did not say to me "You need to lose weight".  Isn't that what they always say to women?  One of my blogger friends recently wrote a post about how terrible women are treated in our healthcare system.  I agreed with much of what she had written.

I talked to Romeo about re-joining the gym, any gym.  I was really reluctant to join the one I was a member of, for the sole reason of money.  I could join other gyms for a lot less money.  So, I went to a gym that is close to my work.  I didn't even go in, their parking lot was full!  And this was on a Monday around 11 am.  What?  I was shocked to see so many people at the gym at that time of day on a Monday.  I didn't even go in.  

So, I went back to the gym I previously was talking about.  I asked for (& got) the senior discount.  Then I asked if I could pay for the year and get a discount, and I got that too.  So, it was still more than I wanted to spend, but I did save some $$.  Plus I won't have to cringe at the monthly dues, since I paid up for the year.  I can also play racquetball again, and my buddies were happy to see me.  That's a plus!  So, I went home, did laundry, and went over for my first gym workout in about a year and a half.  It was painful, each and every time I went this week :D

Today was baking/food preparation day with my friend.  We were making salads for the church fellowship hour after services.  It has been 100 three times in the last week, and the daily temps have been over 95 since then.  It is too hot.  Lucky I don't live in Phoenix, when they had temps around 116 this past week.  Ugh, and ugh.  While we were at it we made two chocolate cakes for Father's Day tomorrow.  I am beat, and think I will do some relaxing this evening!

Love, 365

June 12, 2021

Lately things have felt strange......


I believe this was taken near Clayton, New Mexico.  Quite an impressive photo, but a scary storm.

I don't know why things feel weird.  They just do.  Have you ever experienced something like it?  I suppose that it's a transition following the terrifying months of Covid, when people were dying or in the hospital.  And I encountered every human experience while at work, at church, in the grocery store.  There were people who didn't believe the virus was lethal (I know, right?), simply because they knew a few people who had it and were over it in a few days.  The terrified, always double masking and unwilling to touch others, even now.  One of my friends still is double masking, even though she has had the vaccine.  Then there were those like myself, that wore a mask when it was required, but the terror of the first few months gradually wearing away because it just isn't sustainable.  Eventually we all calm down a little bit because we decide not to go anywhere or do anything.  As the months went by at work, I realized that masking and hand washing were working, because we had a number of patients that let us know they were positive after being in the office a few days before.

I think that's what it is, anyway.  Being able to go out and do stuff without a mask, resuming life that is similar to what it was all like before.

I had my bone density exam yesterday, and I meet my new gp on Monday.  Luckily my bone density is still in the osteopenia stage.  I have stepped up my calcium supplements, my Vit D3.  It's really all I can do other than weight bearing exercises.  I try to do some yoga stretches too, but I hate them and rarely do it.  I'm planning on joining a gym, but I haven't taken the time to visit any yet. 

Well, off to the races.  Have a great weekend!

Love, 365

June 7, 2021

I see Blogger made a few changes......


So, this weekend I checked in ~ and noticed that Blogger changed things again.  And I don't really have a problem with most of it ~ except for one thing.  When I go to my reading list, the actual list that used to be on the right side of the screen is no longer there.  Which is irritating.  Now, I have to scroll through all the posts to see if a certain Blogger has posted anything.  And I really dislike scrolling.  Ugh, why do they do these silly changes?  

Love, 365

June 5, 2021

Takin it in the shorts.......


Lol, it is getting hot.  When I spied this meme I knew I had to add it to today's blog post.  

I'm also watching a History channel documentary on all of the worst cult's we've seen in the US...sure, sure, it's so very uplifting.  But quite interesting.  Romeo doesn't want to watch anything that he describes as "dark".  It's the one thing I find so annoying is to hear him say "wow, that's a bit dark, isn't it?".  

I am not squeamish.  I can watch all day long ~ I just can't do anything that might cause someone pain, like give shots.  Which is how I ended up working in dentistry instead of a nice doctor's pediatric practice (he wanted me to give the babies their vaccines).  Funny how one 20 minute experience changed my life from working in medicine to dentistry instead.

We are going to have a pretty hot week here.  The a/c is running more often than it's not.  But I do love summer, and all that goes with it....like:

I love flip flops ~ not the super cheap ones that wear out in a week, but this is my footwear of choice for the entire season.  

Thanks to this luscious fruit, I always drop a pound or two eating as much as I can get.  But I am a watermelon snob.  It must be the old fashioned seeded melons, which taste better then the seedless.  Plus, it's fun to spit out the seeds, or have a competition.  


I'm sure there's a weather related reason why, but our sunrises during the summer generally start out pink and orange ~ it always reminds me of a Renaissance painting.

What's your favorite thing about summer?

Love, 365

I am tired.......

  See all that tsoureki?  We made the dough, waited awhile for it to rise, braided it, egg washed it, put sesame seeds on it, baked them, pu...