January 25, 2020

It's official.........

I am officially an old fart.  This week I turned 65.  Do I feel old?  No.  Yes.  Maybe.  Absolutely not.

My arm is improving, although I have not had the ok from the Doc yet to do much with it.  I just keep doing the pendulum exercises which I assume are to prevent frozen shoulder.  I do have an appointment in 2 weeks for a follow up. 

On Thursday I called the Doc's office to ask about the pain I had that morning, and he said I could stop wearing the sling at night.  I was a tad bit nervous, but didn't roll over on it, which I'm sure would have brought me out of the deepest sleep.  So, I'm getting used to sleeping on my back, which I have never been in the habit of doing. 

I have, for the past year or so, had some issues with tennis elbow ~ of course, on the same side as the breakage.  And having that elbow bent at 45 degrees for 2 weeks made it so much worse.  The pain I have now is mostly with the elbow, which has flared up to a degree that even touching it is very unpleasant.  Now that I've taken off the sling at home and when sleeping has helped.  But when I see him, I will mention it and hopefully the physical therapy will be included. 

******Ok, this is all I can do.  If I haven't commented on your posts, it's because typing is such a pain in the ass. 

Have a great weekend!
Love 365

January 20, 2020

Broken wing.....

It has been quite the experience being one handed ~ well for the most part one handed.  I can't dress myself on top, nor can I style my hair.  I also discovered that unless the item is very soft I can't cut my food either.  When it comes to the public, most people just look right past the sling.  A few ask.  But most noticeable are the little things.  I went by Target and the person who parked next to me parked to close I very nearly couldn't get in.  I really need the door open wide to squish into the seat, reach across and grab the door with my right arm to shut the door.  I managed it, but it made me think of how we need to be courteous to each other even if we didn't see them get out of their car.  Or, if you see someone struggling to do something, would it be too much trouble to offer to help? 

And don't even talk to me about shirts with buttons.  At first my arm was so swollen I had to wear a man's dress shirt to work ~ it was not comfortable.  The sleeves were too long and it had an annoying tag that I really noticed by 10 am at work.  Now that the swelling has gone down I can wear my own button down's, so nice.  It's funny, I hardly ever wore them before, and now I'll probably wear them out. 

Sleeping is ok, but I really miss sleeping on my left side, which has been my habit for years.  And after deciding to stop reading and put the book on my nightstand requires me to practically get out of bed to do so.  (I'm on the right side if you're at the foot looking at the headboard). 

The other day I looked at Romeo in the eye and said "this is going to go on for awhile".  He said "no problem!" but he does become irritated sometimes.  As I guess we all do. 

I can't even put deodorant on by myself.  This is quite humbling.

Love, 365

January 10, 2020

Oh for Pete's sake......

First of all, this is not my x-ray!
Mine is not that bad.....I hope.
 Wednesday I went to the gym as I have for at least the past 9 years, to play ladies night racquetball.  Had a little trouble this time though.....one of our newer players ran in front of me, I tripped over her feet and fell right on my ribs, knocked the air out of me (but surprisingly didn't break any) but did end up with a proximal fracture of the humerus.  I still don't know if I will need surgery, because I couldn't get in until Monday......which seems a bit long, but what do I know?  Apparently unless the swelling gets worse, or the pain increases, I just have to hang in.  Why did I say no to the oxy?  I sure know when the advil wears off.

I'm trying hard to not harbor any ill will to the dumb ass, no I mean idiot clueless woman who caused it.  I think I'm failing though, because there will likely be months of wearing this sling, which means Romeo has to help me get ready to shower, and although we haven't tried it yet, blow dry my hair.  

So, my posts will be short, because typing one handed is also a giant pain.

Enjoy your weekend.
Love, 365

***I noticed a bit of spamming going on, may need to change settings.  

January 4, 2020

What to do?????

Sorry I do not have the name of the person who took this photo, which I believe is in White Sands New Mexico ~ which is now a National Park!  Woo Hoo!!

This is my "short" weekend....I am so incredibly spoiled, I do love my 4 day weekends, which are every other week.  This is a regular Sat-Sun weekend as I worked yesterday and will work on Monday.  I always struggle with what to do.  Start a big project?  No.  So, what to do?  One thing I plan to do today is remove the Christmas decor.  I had originally planned to do it tomorrow, but I have a lot more things to do Sunday (church, racquetball, wash car) I decided I would take down the tree today.  

Plus there is laundry.  Fun times!  Making the bed with fresh sheets.  Work on cleaning up the office a bit.  I also need to look at planning a trip to Texas to see my little cutie. 

I still have my voucher, and my eldest son (little cutie's Dad) gave me $100 Southwest Airlines gift card, which will cover any extra I might encounter.  I had hoped to go in January, but they are moving to a different house and I didn't want to get in the way ~ or be part of the confusion and chaos that moving entails.  Although I haven't moved in about 20 years, I moved often in my 20's and early 30's, and I remember that.....the good (excitement of a new place) and the bad (moving, ugh).  My next option would be to try to go in late February, overlapping my niece and her husband's visit (whom I've never met).  Which will be tricky because there won't be a bedroom while they are still there.  But I'm ok with sleeping on the sofa for a night or two.  I just don't want to overburden my sister, who always opens her house to me when I visit.  So, I'll try to iron that out. 

Off to do laundry!  Have an excellent weekend ~ and Happy New Year!!

Love, 365

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