July 7, 2022

It is NOT naked Wednesday......


The photo today brought to you by Moonfall.  Oh, my that was an awesome sci fi thriller.  I know it's not your cup of tea Peg, but maybe when it's free you should check it out.  Oh, come on and try it.  

I knew I was feeling better when I woke up at 5:30.....sort of my usual wake up call no matter if I'm working or not.  At least,  38 days into retirement it's still a habit that'll likely take a long time to ease out of.  Of course I thought it was Friday until I looked at the phone :D  I never knew how much my work schedule helped me with what ever the day of the week it is, lol.  

Mid morning I mentioned to Romeo that I was going to clean the fridge ~ not my favorite chore.  Even though I took a photo showing where I put the shelves, I still had a struggle re-fitting them back in.  Sheesh.  Romeo helped me with drying and stuff, so it was a real collaboration.  After that, we were both tired again ~ I swear it's awful doing something you would normally make part of your day, and suddenly you need lunch and a couple hours break.  So.....

We made popcorn and watched Moonfall.  Then I started tackling the filing cabinet, where I still had ALL the check stubs from the employer before my last one.......and lots of other stuff that I waited to do until retirement.  I have put aside 80% of that crap to be shredded.  I still have 2 more drawers to do.  

Last week (you know, before the barf fest) I did a total clean out of the linen closet.  Threw away so much crap, set aside unused linens to donate.  I even have empty space on a shelf!  

Maybe I am substituting cleaning and organizing for work, but it sure feels good to accomplish things I've been putting off for so long.  Those check stubs I talked about?  They were from 5 freaking years ago.  What the hell was I saving them for?  

Love y'all.....  365


  1. Sounds like this is a good opportunity for you to purge and get things organized, etc. Hubby's parents saved every card they sent each other over their 64 year marriage plus every tax return they filed in their 64 year marriage. We broke several shredders trying to shred everything that had to be shredded. Probably been cheaper if we found a service that would have done it for a fee. I haven't heard of that movie but then I'm not much into movies these days.


    1. Wow, every single card? That's cute, and I bet it was fun reading them. When my sister and I cleaned out our Mom's house, we realized that we save to much stuff, and the kids are unlikely to want any of it.
      I still can't figure out why I kept all that paperwork all these years. I will ask the office if I can dump my shredding in their bin, but if they don't have the bin anymore, I can always go to Staples. I have shredded large amounts of paper on my home one, and it takes forever since you can't run it for hours!

  2. Sounds as though you're overdoing it!! When are you going to enjoy your retirement.
    Nahhh, I can understand. Get rid of the crap and then you can relax. Well done

    1. I guess I am finding my groove. I do want to save some of the fun projects that are indoors for winter...like sewing. I have 3 or 4 projects stacked up!


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