October 21, 2013

Thanksgiving comes first!!!

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Wow, it seems like I was just posting this a few months ago....it's amazing how the year will fly by!  

The first time I read Jim's posting, I thought "yeah!".  Ever since then I've posted a "Thanksgiving Comes First" every year around this time, although this is the first time on this blog.

I LOVE THANKSGIVING.  Why?  Well, it's about family and friends getting together over an awesome meal (or not, depending on the cooking skills/desire of the participants).  The meal could be awesome because you have people who enjoy cooking ~ and maybe showing off a little on their culinary skills (like me) ~ or folks who don't have any desire to cook, so order a meal from their local market.  Either way, it's enjoyable in the extreme.  Games, eating, more games, football on TV, and the all important dishwasher, which really gets a work out at my house on Thanksgiving.  No fancy decorations are required, no gift buying....it's just a relatively stress free event.  Even with those large families where squabbles break out are entertaining.  If you served turkey, at least an hour or so later, everyone is feeling so sleepy, it's hard to maintain the irritation/anger you might be feeling at so and so.  (I highly recommend turkey though, 'cause it's just so delicious, and you haven't had an entire roasted/fried turkey in nearly a year anyway).  Just to be clear, I've never fried a turkey, but I'd like to.  I've hear it's very juicy and tender, and not greasy at all.  Someday.....

So, Jim, I salute you for starting the push to give each holiday it's own time without infringement.

Boo to:
Costco, Target, Walmart, K-Mart to name a few establishments that have already stocked up on Christmas trees and decor galore.  Shame.  

Love, 365


  1. Thanks! You're one of the first to join in this year, so you'll be high on the list in the follow-up post. xxxooo

    1. Thanks, Suldog! I tried to put the badge as the photo on my facebook page, but couldn't do it. However, I did post the badge and will continue to do so every week until people say "stop! we get it already!". It's fun.....to annoy.....


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