June 5, 2023

Yeah, I'm still here!...........


Hi there!  Long time, no?  What can I say ~ we've been busy.  My computer is up in my office most of the time, and I'm not in there much the last 6 weeks.  We went hiking about 5 weeks ago and were totally surprised to find fairly large snow banks in the shady areas.  We both took a step on the partially melted snow and went to our knees in it.  Demitri just walked on it, he doesn't weigh enough to fall into it, lol.  He did enjoy the mud though.  He considered it a spa day. 😀

It was beautiful, if not a tiny bit chilly now and then.  We had such a great time.  We all took naps when we came home.

Here I am trying not to fall on my ass......

With the snow we lost our way a few times, the trails were covered and didn't look the same.  I think that ended up being over 8 miles that day.  

One of our daily hiking trails.  Demitri loves getting out.  He has a lot of fans among the dog walking community in our neighorhood, and lots of furry friends.  

Prickly pear cactus blooms...

Apache plume......


Beautiful scenery.......

I grew up in Texas, and one of my favorites has always been chicken fried steak, and in New Mexico it's not easy to find....at least that tastes good.  I had seen a recipe on Amer. Test Kitchen and made it ~ oh my, it was so delicious.  Sure made for a mess in the kitchen though.  Romeo was so appreciative he did a lot of the cleaning up for me :-)


This past Saturday, we were married ~ 44.5 years after the first time!  Since we are both now Orthodox Christians, we (or maybe I?) wanted to make it all official (not that it wasn't in the first place, haha).  

Romeo is making a silly joke about My Big Fat Greek Wedding, re: windex.  

I just love this kid's enthusiasm!

Plenty of koulourakia, and our wedding cake.

There are lots more, but I won't bore you with that!  But it was a wonderful, marvelous weekend.  Today is veg day, relieved that it's all done.  

Have a great week, y'all!   Love, 365


  1. Nice to hear from you! And congratulations on your marriage! Do you plan to have any babies? How will he support you? I can't think of more silly jokes right now... but I'm sure they're all there in my brain somewhere. :)

    1. On person I know said "you weren't married?", sigh.

  2. I wondered where you were and what youve been doing. A huge congratulations! That's so nice to see photos of an orthodox wedding in another land. May you live many more happy years together. We had our 44 year anniversary this year. You can put a few more photos on your blog as far as Im concerned, and Dimitri too. Love the windex lol

    1. I couldn't believe he did that windex thing. I laughed along with everyone, because he's not the crack a joke at your wedding reception kind of guy. It was so much fun, and better than our first one, haha (because we didn't know anyone, so 6 people).

  3. Congrats!! Are you taking another honeymoon? Ha. You and Romeo both look great. Demetri looks like he is having a blast and I can see why he is a fan favorite.

    1. We didn't have a first honeymoon, so we're keeping with that tradition, lol. However, having our anniversary in early June means we can plan anniversary trips much easier than Dec. 1.

  4. I love your pictures. They say much more than the written word. Have a life full life of happiness, as 2
    married people should have. I being married to the same lady for 57 years think "i would have it no other way".


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