November 29, 2023

Heaven and hell........


Youngest grandson
Son #1
My beautiful daughter-in-law
 We drove to Texas and enjoyed Thanksgiving with the family, and it was great!  What was not great?  Well, they adopted a dog 4 days before we came, and surprisingly Demitri hated that dog.  The kids we always loud.  Especially the 4 year old and 7 year old.  Holy cow, I was wishing for ear plugs. Does that make me sound like an old codger?  I suppose it does, and I suppose I am!  Haha

We had a nice hotel, Tru by Hilton.  They don't put storage in these new hotels though.  They supposedly had storage under the bed, but we couldn't get it to open.  So all our crap was stacked around the room like some kind of Jackson Pollock painting.  It was cold too, windy and with some sprinkles on Thanksgiving.  The next day was pretty nice, so we went for a hike with the younger son...
                                                                          Son #2

All of this part was Heaven, to be with family during my favorite holiday!  

Unfortunately, there is the hell part.  We had a long travel day to Joplin on Sunday, and we were really worried that going through Dallas would be awful, but it wasn't too bad at all.  I hate driving through's a lot easier with gps instead of a paper map though!  

I always thought Demitri enjoyed car rides, but the longer rides made him so anxious.  He panted and whined and couldn't figure out that if he would just sleep it would be better.  He wandered and tried to jump in the front, but couldn't because he was leashed into the back seat.  Thankfully!  It drove me nuts.

The next day we drove for 12 hours.  Oh, wait I drove 12 hours.  Romeo prefers I drive because sometimes I will get car sick.  But I can't do 12 hours like I did 5 years ago.  My entire body ached.  My back, my neck, even my hands from gripping the steering wheel.  I sort of screwed up that leg of the trip.  

Making matters worse, Demitri had become a bit constipated ~ gee so it's not just people, lol ~ and he took a crap on the dog bed we had in the back seat (and smeared it around a bit, like frosting).  That got tossed.  I cleaned up as well as I could with baby wipes, and we went on.  The next day was the beginning of the 12 hour drive, and I insisted we put Demitri in the crate, which was much better.  We picked up Zòi and began the long 10 hour drive to Amarillo.  Poor things, I think she was a little car sick and threw up two or three times.  

So, the scent of dog poop, the scent of dog vomit, and everything else.  Ugh.  

We did get home from Amarillo about 10:30 am, and Romeo did unpack and washed his clothes.  I just took care of the dog and took some ibuprophen and hoped my back would feel better soon.  I slept like the dead.  But my back is still a little sore.  And I have  UTI on top of everything else.  

It was great to pick up the puppy though!  Of course, like all puppies, she is so cute.  

Well, I better go see what she"s doing now!

Love, 365


  1. OMG, that trip back does sound like Hell. Mrs. C and I don't do the super long drive anymore, prefer to stay at a motel after 5 or 6 hours and break the trip into two drives. Of course could not do that with a dog. A few years from now it will be a funny story...maybe.

    1. Lol, it will be a funny story later :-) Going out we did go about 5-6 hours, and that is really preferred. No matter, we have no reason to drive to Missouri again!

  2. So Demitri is OK with the puppy then? Great to see family even if it is an ordeal to get there and back.

    1. The only real disagreement was the first night in the hotel when giving Demitri his food, and of course Zòi wanted some too. They were playing last night, and it was hilarious. Demitri would chase after her and she would duck under a piece of furniture ~ as soon as he turned his back she would run out and jump on him. Feisty!

  3. Lovely family photo. And a wonderful thanksgiving. But OMG what a drive back. I cannot imagine driving 12 hours. That's hell even for a passenger, or a dog. Hope you recover and get rid of the UTI

    1. I am over the UTi, that was awful to have. I should have planned a 7 or 8 hour drive. Ah, well.


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