May 19, 2017

It's all good.......

My boss (on the left) gave us a few self defense pointers.  
One of our hygienists was having a bit of fun with the big guy...
His skills are amazing...but then he is a karate master.  

We had a great time practicing self defense skills at our most recent staff meeting.  I wish we had meetings like this more often!  It certainly beats listening to the newest greatest toothpaste, floss, techniques, etc.  

The ocotillo plant ~ looks like a bunch of sticks until we have some nice showers, then leafs out and produces these delicate flowers.  
The photo would have been better if the sky had been blue.....

Some of the racquetball ladies...I'm on the right was pretty windy, our hair doesn't usually stick up like that, ha ha
Geez, that shirt makes me look like a cow.

Barb is one of my favorite sweet.  
We're in a garage playing ping pong, as explanation of the background.

This is my long weekend....I'm off today and Monday.  I have a few projects to do.......take my notes from last class and put in a binder (which will have to be HUGE to fit it all).  Maybe find a new desk lamp, as the one I have sucks.  I prefer a more diffuse light source than the harsh glaring light of my current one.  I need to clean up my desk, which I have totally ignored since class ended.  I have a framed print that I need to hang, reorganize the closet....well, there's lots to do.  I probably won't get it all done, but hope to put a nice dent in it.  

Our weather has been truly crazy....wintery temps in the morning, spring wind mid-day, with the promise of summer in the temps in the afternoon.  We've also had rain, which has greened up the west's really amazing to look across the valley to see all of that green.  

Well, gotta get busy!  
Love, 365


  1. That plant is super cool! Haven't ever heard of it before.

    You look like you're having fun in all your pictures. :)

    1. When I first moved here, I wondered why people had this odd looking plant that looked dead in their landscaping, until a friend explained what it was.
      We did have a good time! I just need a few more ping pong skills. :-)

  2. A cow? I think you look pretty darned good! (Don't tell Romeo I said that.) And I love the ocotillo trees. And I like cacti, especially when they're blooming.

    1. Well, thank you for that. Romeo will never know, ha ha ha. The ocotillo is still looking fab, but with no rain in the forecast, they will likely finish their blooming and go back to looking like a stand of sticks with thorns.


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