May 6, 2017

The beginning and the end.......of a semester

Coming to the end of the semester is always crazy.  There are final exams, sometimes they're compreshensive (everything from the 16 weeks), sometimes not.  I haven't had a comprehensive final in awhile.  I think the last one was statistics.  Whatever the reason, I'm glad I don't have a comprehensive final in my current class....I have 3 notebooks full of print outs, readings and notes.  In this class we also have the option of writing a final paper for extra credit.  I always take the extra credit offer unless I already KNOW I have an A.  If there's any doubt, I take it.  As I haven't taken the final exam yet ~ and probably won't until Monday ~ I will spend some time writing the extra credit option.  Hedge my bets and hope for the best.  Ha ha

My favorite part of a semester is the beginning and the end.  In the beginning, you get a feel for what the subject matter will be (and sometimes I really didn't know for sure until it starts, although some classes are obvious, like math or chemistry...anthropology classes are sometimes ambiguously worded, like my current one, like Human Behavioral Ecology), and I can decide to continue with it or drop it (like I did the history class).  The end means you've almost finished and will be rewarded after with some down time.  I have 4 weeks off between the end of this class and the start of the summer semester.  I have two classes I've registered for, but I've been doing some contemplation about taking on so much during a time when Romeo is off, although he has 3 tests he needs to complete this summer to obtain his final licensing.  Guess we'll have a little chat about that this weekend, and see what he thinks.

I also want to talk to him about the possibility of adopting another dog.  Sioux seems fairly content with being the only four legged furry member.....but that doesn't mean she wouldn't enjoy having another friend during the day when we're at work.  The only thing I need to keep in mind is that Romeo may not want to invest that much time and energy to adding another pet to the mix.  Last time we added another dog, it took about 4 weeks before everyone felt comfortable.  So, I guess I'll add that into the discussion.

Well, it's time to shower and get on with it!  Enjoy your weekend!
Love, 365


  1. I really want another dog. I miss our Maggie so much. But until they invent one that doesn't crap and doesn't require someone to care for it while we're on vacation, I don't see that happening.

    I'm glad you're going to have a little down time, and hope that your grade is a good one. :)

    I like writing. Never have seen it as a chore. If someone would give me credit for writing, I'd do it for sure.

    1. I hear you....crap pick up has to be often in our small yard, and adding another poop machine is something to think about! Romeo and I discussed how difficult it would be to take Sioux on vacation. He really doesn't care to travel much, so having a dog that isn't well suited to the usual doggy day care suits him just fine. I might have to vacation without him, ha ha.

      I know you enjoy writing, and I love reading your posts. How unfortunate that you can't transfer some of that to me. :-)

  2. Last evening with nothing on the tube we watched a "kid movie" The secret life of pets. Oh my gosh this made us laugh. It's our dog and I'm sure all others. I think they would enjoy the companionship while you're all gone but it takes awhile for them to adjust as well. Good luck!

    1. We often watch kids animated movies, and that one was pretty cute. Still haven't discussed it yet, but perhaps tonight over dinner. Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. I remember those end of semesters well, a mad rush, and then breathe....
    I'm dog-less these days, but owned by two cats, I would like another little dog.
    Good luck with the exams.

    1. Thank you....they are done now, thankfully! But I've yet to bring up the second dog, and I'm puzzled why I keep putting it off!


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